Train Trip to San Luis Obispo - 90 images

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May 13th - 15th 2005 I took a train trip up the coast of California from Irvine to San Luis Obispo. These pictures are of my trip out, there and back. I used this opportunity to play with my camera. You will notice that I am addicted to depth, texture, lines, and angles. There are repetitive images but I couldn't come to the decision of which I liked best. If you have any feedback, comments or questions about my pictures feel free to email me at
Train Ride up from Irvine to San Luis Obispo - 5/13/05
One of our many stops waiting for stations to rearrange


My sister, Heidi
How bumpy the train was

Grover Beach - 5/14/05

My new hat and the beach
Close up
A scene my sister was going to paint. I was showing her how to crop the image in her imagination.


I loved this piece of drift wood as you can tell
I just liked this lone flower in with the greenery
Another pretty sand flower
Brother and sister playing in the water. I really liked how this one turned out.
Level to the waves
Shallow rippling water
shallow still water
I might have to edit this in adobe. Allowing the railing to be larger to give the impression that 1/2 is blue and the other half is tan without the greenery in the middle breaking it up. hmmm...
Looks edited to me. But hey it was worth a shot :)
Not sure which one I liked
Liked the focus on this one
This is a different setting on my digital camera. I am intrigued by the coloring difference.
Ok so this is one of my favorites!
I loved this winding path. I took two shots but this ones composition turned out the best. It gives more distance then the other shot.
lines and focus :)
Not sure if I like the way this turned out. But I liked the concept I was trying for.
A bird singing
Golf course on the east side of my path with the beach on the other! What a way to golf!
The coloring on some of my pictures is really unnatural. I didn't want to mess with the original images too much so I left them.
The picture my sister was painting while I was exploring the beach taking pictures. She couldn't finish so I had to take the picture so she could go home and finish it up.
more flowers
I liked how the seaweed broke up the texture
laying on the ground. Not sure that I was able to capture the depth.

Trip back to the Rose Garden Inn - 5/14/05

A cool farm
And since I had the cowgirl hat on we figured I'd have to get a picture with it in the background.
A very cool tree on a side road we took
Another very cool tree

At the Rose Garden Inn - 5/14/05

Me and the willow tree in front of the inn.
My sister Heidi standing next to the MANY Roses
Myself standing next to some of the many roses the inn was named for.

Train Trip back home - 5/15/05

Some of the scenery along the way
I loved the Santa Barbara Station
Our train
Another beautiful station that I can't seem to remember the city
smoke break

People and things on the train - 5/15/05

My sister looking up from her book
Emergency Exit :)
Close up focus
distant focus
Checking tickets - I decided I should take a picture of him working "Doing a real man's job" as he put it.
This guy loved his job! He would randomly go onto the intercom and start singing made up songs. :)
My only picture taken with different color settings. I normally feel to take all my pictures in color and I can modify the coloring in photoshop later.
An interesting display at the snack bar.