My 27th birthday - 9/4/04 << back

Me and Madison (my 2nd cousin)

We went on a shopping trip to Lane Bryant for my bday and well Megan found a couple items she liked. An adorable hate and glasses.

Isn't she cute!?
My mom and Aunt Darlene
Joey, my mom and Mike having a laugh

Aunt Darlene

Sam having a laugh
Megan and Tyler (Mike's daughter)
Megan, Madison and Tyler hanging on my bed
Brian playing guitar while we are hanging out.
Brian and Madison
Brian and Madison playing
My bday cake made by Annette! :-P yummmmmm
Me and my birthday cake.
Me and my cousin Joey
Brian being a dork ;)
Megan, Joey and Madison

Brian and me
My dad and mom
Tyler, Megan and Madison ganging up on Sam in my room
The girls all over poor Sam. :)
Mike and Tyler