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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Dumelang bo-Me' le bo-Ntate! (Hello both woman and men!)
Lephela Joang? (how are you all?)
Kephela hantley! (I am fine)

Sesotho Conversation
Dumelang bo-Me' le bo-Ntate! (Hello both woman and men!)
Dumela Me' (hello to a woman)
Dumela Ntate' (hello to a man)

Ophela Joang? (how are you?)
kephela hantley luna lephela joang (I'm fine how are you all?)
ronarephela hantley kah allie boha (we're fine thank you)
tsamaeang hantley (go well)

I'm HOME! There's no place like home that's for sure! But Africa was a blast! I can't wait to share my photos! I'm not sure how long it will take me. I feel completely blessed to have gone on this trip and will for sure go again in the next couple years! Africa is an incredible place! I would have never thought I'd feel so comfortable there!

I got off the plane around 1:30 yesterday afternoon! It was good to see all the familiar faces and places and after a 20 hour plane trip you're thankful to be on the ground! Even being in LA made me feel good just knowing I was only hours away from my home! When I finally got all my luggage inside I broke out the gifts for everyone! I can't wait to check out the video footage with the family or go over my pictures again. It'll take me a while to post them. I might do it by day to day basis! :)

Either way I'm glad to be home! And I know I will be returning to Africa!


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