11.24.05 - 11.28.05 - 105 images : Road trip with my brother, sister and her two kids to Montana for my cousin's wedding << back

Rehersal Dinner
Kerri and soon to be hubby Kenny
Cousin Clint, Aunt Darlen and Brian

Tough guys

Me, my cousin Joey and her hubby Nate
Cousin Kerri and Aunt Darlene
Aunt Cheryl, Grandpa and Uncle Tom, Dad, Mom and Aunt Darlene
The cousins - Clint, Heidi, Brian, Joey and Nate
The girls - Me, Joey, Kerri and Heidi
Sisters - me and Heidi
Daughters and Pops - Cheryl, Karen (mom), Grandpa, Darlene
Sisters - Karen (mom), Darlene and Cheryl
another sister shot
Brian and Grandpa (Brian is wearing Grandpa's signature hat!)
me and Grandpa
Cousins - a very blury image but the only one of all of us together...
l-r Brian, me, Joey, Nate, Clint, Heidi, Kenny and Kerri
Mom and Dad
Another one
Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Tom (He makes jewelry like the type that is on his tie)
Brother and sister - Client and Joey
Sister and Brother - Heidi and Brian
Awh... I love this shot of Joey and her hubby Nate
Singing their heart out! Joey, Darlene and Kerri
The cool guys - Brian, Clint and Nate
Kerri's bridesmaid (I feel bad I can't remember her name)
Dancing ON the bar ... at the bar
The boys engrossed in their own stories
still dancing on the bar
getting down
havin a good ol' time at the Bear Trap - The owner is the one next to my cousin Kerri
Clapping and line dancing the best they can on a bar
And back to singing their hearts out
having a lot of fun
Cousins - Heidi and Kerri
Cousins - Kerri and me
What's her name and Kerri hehe
Cousins - Heidi, Kerri and me
Cousins - Heidi, Clint, Brian and Nate (thouroughly enjoying themselves)
My cousin Kerri's Wedding
Me at my cousins wedding
Me and my cousin Joey
Me in the snow
Megan and Bailey playin in the snow
lots of white stuff
Megan in the back seat of the truck
being adorable
Bailey pretending to be sleeping
Me in the front seat
Heidi in the backseat
Bailey looking out of it
Megan daydreamin
Brian in the review mirror
Brian from the side
My battery died on my camera so my cousin let me use his camera. These are the shots from his camera the day of the wedding.

My beautiful MOM!

Cousins - Me and Clint
Megan dancin with the cutest boy in the room
Being dragged to the alter! So appropriate in my cousins case hehe
Aren't they cute?
Kenny and Kerri
Brian showing something to Clint, Bailey and Madison
Father/daughter dance changed to grandfather/daughter dance since my uncle passed away. They are dancing to my grandparents wedding song. Very sweet moment!
My mom and sister Heidi
Clint and Aunt Cheryl
Madison and Brian
Kenny and Kerri cutting the cake
Bailey talking to his dad on my phone
Mackenzie (?sp)
I like this shot of my cousin Clint and sister Heidi
Good looking family! Clint with Grandpa
Bailey holding Mackenzie
Megan again
Heidi holding Mackenzie
The family we went to see - Grandpa, Aunt Darlene, Kerri, Kenny, Joey, Nate (holding Mackenzie), and Clint and Madison are down front
My mom, dad and me
My mom with her sister and two friends from HIGHSCHOOL!
Hammin it up in front of the camera
GQ Clint
My beautiful mom!
Clint looking good with a beer in his hand... hmmm ok he's looking good aside from the beer in his hand hehe
The cake
Kerri and her new hubby Kenny
My Aunt Cheryl, a friend of my moms from highschool, my mom and another friend of my moms from highschool
Me and my brother Brian
Kerri feeding Kenny
The head table
Heidi and Mackenzie
Megan and her crush
Siblings - Me, Heidi and Brian
My good looking Grandpa
Grandpa with Megan his great granddaughter
My cousin Joey's Family - Joey, Madison, Mackenzie and Nate
Mackenzie and her grandma (my Aunt Darlene)
Brian, Clint and Heidi
Brian and Clint chillin
Clint and Grandpa!
Heidi and Bailey dancing... how sweet!
Mackenzie and Grandma! I love this shot!
Nate is an awesome dad!
Clint, Grandpa and Brian
Madison and Brian
Clint and me :)
Mackenzie! She's a doll!