11.5.05 - 11.7.05 - 51 images : Woman's trip to Carlsbad << back

Leslie, Vicki, Karen (mom), Heidi, Flo, Shirley, Linda and Me!
Showin some leg! (Our hotel is behind us)

My beautiful sister

My goofy sister
My carefree sister :)
My happy sister
I love the odd shots
I like the seperation in this picture
Trying to smile for the camera
Sitting at the pool deck of our hotel!
another shot of me
beautiful ocean
almost identical
The stairs we had to climb to get in and out of our hotel!
The top balcony
I loved the colors of these next few shots!
Beautiful sunset
going... going...
going... going... down.
before sunrise... I went out to enjoy the sound of the beach
I love waves.
I took a lot of pictures of the waves
I was intrigued by the birds that would hover over the water
I like this one because it's like I caught the wings on opposite movements
another bird
more waves
You can see the sun was starting to come up
I liked the reflection of the sun on the water
The ladies (l-r) Me, Leslie, Sheila, Rachel, Shirley, Linda, Flo and Karen (mom), Front: Vicki, Heidi and Miss Christina
Our photographer made us laugh... he was really cute too!
And we said the men never grew up!
There was a sign clearly posted "NO DIVING" hehe
We rule!
Flower :)
Miss Christina, Heidi, Sheila, me and Rachel
Heidi, Sheila and Christina showin some leg
Me and Rach
Sheila and Heidi
Heidi and me
The sun setting
I meant to capture the amazing colors of the sun setting but didn't capture it, I still like the shot
Me overpowering the sunset hehe
My sister looking cute as usual
Dinner - Rachel, Leslie, Vicki, Karen (mom), Flo, Heidi, Shirley, me and Linda
My mom and me (I love this shot)
Waves from a higher balcony