3.29.04 - 19 images : Our drive out to Lesotho, shows the roadside, street signs and our 5 1/2 hour drive to Lesotho << back

These cool birds outside of the Brands backyard
They had fields of Cosmos growing wild on the side of the road
I was intrigued by the different signs. This is a sign of an approaching robot = signal light
This is a Taxi, they were all full like this and ruled the road.
Just pretty :)
My brother-in-law Jeff pretending to eat a dead moth, it was rather gross
Debbie Brand's Mother's House. She is the one who donated the seedlings for our first day of planting. She actually owns a hair salon out of her home.
I saw the school crosswalk sign with the school behind it and just had to take a picture.
A robot (signal light)
Freeway sign for Johannesburg
Weg is like saying Road or Way. Actually they say 'Way' just because the actual pronunciation is so weird. It sounds like a cross between Russion and Klingon. It's pronounce "vegh" with the g sounded like your gagging. I just thought it was interesting.
I thought this was a classic picture. I didn't catch him looking back at us.
The city of Johannesburg
Just like Cosmos, Sunflower fields line the roadside! Though these were planted for the purpose of income.
Back Row - Eric, Buzz and Jerret
Front - Rach, Tom and Mimi
My sister Heidi, Rachel and myself looking goofy in hats.
Eric, Buzz and Jerret stuffed in the back seat.
The Border - Billy (in tan) the first person we met from Lesotho and his quiet friend (didn't even catch his name). He taught us 'lebitso la hu u umang?' which means 'what is your name?'.
Welcome to Lesotho sign which is blurry because of the bumpy road.