3.30.04 - 44 images : Lesotho, where we stayed (Morija Conference Center) Ty and planting, and drive back << back

The ladies that made us breakfast and dinner for our stay at the Morija Conference Center.
This was painted on the wall at the foyer of the Conference Center.
A really pretty flower outside the back of the main hall.
I REALLY love this picture.
Eric, Rach and Heidi being goofy.
Everyone loaded up in our impressive Kia van that couldn't go any faster then 50 kilometers an hour up hill! That's like 30 mph... It was pretty pathetic. Thank God we were on African time!
Some of the units at the conference center. We did not stay in places like these. I have pictures of where we stayed later on.

We always joked that we should have gotten this unit so we could all be together and make as much noise as we wanted to. :)

One thing I learned is that the kids are NOT afraid to be in front of a camera! In fact the boy on the left wanted me wait to take the picture till he could run into the shot.
The entire group at the palace with our first meeting of Morena(Chief) Nkuebe.
This is a building that has been in the process of being built for 12 years and is only this far!
Morena Nkuebe, John, Heidi, Tom, Pastor Thomas, and Eric. First meeting Pastor Thomas.
This guy I swear was really just standing there like that. I just asked if I could take his picture and he let me. It was a cool shot I thought.
Some of the housing.
More housing. I love the thatch roofs.
Kids, two are Pastor Thomas' but I'm not sure which.
The school of cuties! They were shouting bible verses.
Group Shot.
I says something about God is love or something. I thought I'd remember but forgot. I only know Molimo is God.
This is my absolute favorite pictures of the kids. The one with her hand in front of her face waving melted my heart!
Tom, Jeff, Mimi, Buss, Eric and Jerret in their rain gear.
The property overlooking this valley is one day going to have a church building on it.
Pastor Thomas was explaing his vision and this shot was taken before we prayed over the property.
Me and Buzz - I hate this picture of me but it was only moments before the picture below. I swear the weather changed so rapidly.
I had to have proof that I actually was working. Though I know it looks posed. But I really was working.
Someone called my name.
Ok so this is a pose. :) But it's my best friend and I... I had to get that picture.
The boys getting their proof of working
Heidi posing - I might as well warn you that the rest of the shots are posed for proof. Everyone wanted to show that they worked.
Jeff's Proof
Eric's proof
My proof
In case you didn't catch the others.
These are NOT posed. :) I just wanted an excuse NOT to work. ;) heheh just kidding.
Finishing up
Morena Nkuebe finished planting the rest of the seedlings in a pile to keep them moist so Pastor Thomas' church could finish up.
A shy pig. :)
A group shot - I know we will be back to Pastor Thomas's place. Maybe to build so they don't have to have church in the tent in the background.
Another Classic shot that I fell in love with.
I like the other shot better but I couldn't delete this shot for some reason.
A church. Lesotho is predominantly Roman Catholic. So much so that when the Pope visited Africa he went to Lesotho.
Again a classic shot. I love it!
Another picture I hate, but this is Lesotho art, and right when the picture was being taken it started to rain hard!