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A bamboon Spider that we saw outside our rooms.
The Palace's guest quarters. Prince Harry stayed here and we do know that in fact those really are his chonies hanging from the line. :)
I had to get a better shot. Pretty pathetic huh!?
A really awesome picture of Tom reaching the top of Thaba Bosiu.
There is a long story behind these two pictures below. Maybe I'll explain at the bottom of the page. Us with a plant in our nose that Morena Nkuebe gave me when I was having a hard time breathing and we all used it.
Me and Morena Nkuebe.
The founder of Lesotho's grave.
Moshoeshoe one of the most admired kings of Lesotho. If you couldn't tell my his grave.

Heidi picked wild flowers for his grave to show respect.

You can't really read it but Heidi wrote, "Heidi was here".
I took a panaramic series that I have yet to print and see how it turned out but isn't it beautiful!? I'm not sure how many of the series I'm actually going to use.
1 of 13.
2 of 13
3 of 13
4 of 13
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13 of 13
Me with a pretty shot in the background
Tom, Rach, Jerret and Eric
Group shot with Heidi taking the photo.
Group shot with John taking the photo.
Me sitting in the seat of the king of old. The king would sit where I am and his army would lay flat around him, making the enemy think he was alone. He'd look off into the distance at a cave to make sure the woman and children made it safe before starting the attack.
Eric in the same spot.
My sister being official and really looking off at the cave. This was a great honor for us because only few people were shown this part of Thaba Bosiu.
I corrected my shot and looked off at the cave as well.
Morena Nkuebe in the King's spot.
Me in the tall grass.
A lady walking with a bunch of stuff on her head. It was amazing to watch them carry paint buckets filled with water balanced on their heads. I'm still not sure how they did it.
At the bottom of Thaba Bosiu we ran into a group of kids getting out of school. I gave them some candy and I was their best friend.
Heidi's favorite flower is a sunflower so I had to get a picture of her in a field of them..
And well I thought it was rather pretty too so I wanted my picture in them.
And Heidi wanted one of her and Jeff with a sunflower in the shot..
John slept outside with the boys the only night it didn't rain.