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Jack excited about getting into disneyland
Disneyland Parking structure. Guess where we parked? :)

Gabriel,Shawn, Sierrah, Brian, Amber, Brenda and Jack

Gabriel Chillin
Shawn doing what he did best the whole day! ;)
My mom in my hat which looks cuter on her then me :-D
Gabriel and Nana... Gabriel just woke up.
The lineup - Shawn and Jack in the red car, Brenda and Sierrah in the brown car, and in the back Brian and Amber in the silver car.

Jack and Shawn

Sierrah and Brenda
Brian and Amber - She's not too happy because Brian kept pushing the gas so she'd bump the car in front which was against the rules.
Amber, Jackson and Sierrah
My two big/buff/tuff older brothers, Shawn and Brian...
Peter Pan and Captain Hook played a skit in the trees while we waited in line for the Matterhorn
In line for the Matterhorn
Dad, Shawn and Sierrah on the Matterhorn
In the LONG line for Splash Mountain
In line for Splash Mountain
Splash mountain - Me, Sierrha (hidden), Brenda, Amber (hidden), and Shawn
Amber, Nana, Papa and Sierrah
The Fam (minus Brenda) and Minnie
The Fam with Minnie
The fam with Mickey
Me and Mickey
Gabriel, Shawn, Brenda, Amber, Sierrah and Jackson with the Chipmunks
The chipmunks and us
The end of our experience at Disneyland

Brenda's Pictures
Gabriel and Shawn
Shawn, me and Amber
Brian, Brenda, Amber and Sierrah
Waiting in line to get into Disneyland
Waiting in line for the Matterhorn
Waiting in line for Splash Mountain
Gabriel looking cute
Sierrah, Papa and Amber
Brian playing around with the hats