4.1.04 - 20 images : Mohale Dam, and small village in the highlands << back

Mohale Dam. There was a sign that said "Photography Prohibited" but Morena Nkuebe had been around me long enough to know that I have a camera attached to my wrist so he told the guy I would collapse if I couldn't take pictures! I had to laugh but was very glad to have Morena Nkuebe's authority with me.
We were allowed in places that most people weren't. It was rather interesting, even though I felt more like a tourist this day. One of the resevoirs that went down to the water that was climbed down.
Group Shot with the Dam on the left side and a beautiful background on the other. Unfortunately Morena wanted to photo with the Dam in the background. I have the other on video that I haven't captured yet.
What Rachel and Heidi did during the tour of Mohale Dam.
I can't remember the terms but this is the water that was release at the bottom of the dam to control the normal river flow of the river that ran through before the Dam was built..
I tried to get an angle where it looked like Tom was holdin up the stream but that didn't work too well.
Me and Morena Nkuebe.
The boys decided to take a bathroom break in the bushes so I figured it was a good photo opportunity for me to get the beautiful surroundings.

I like this shot of us girls. I plan on printing it and getting it framed.

Jeff and Tom.
Me, Rachel and Tom standing in front of a mud hut.
Rach and I standing in front of the mud hut. I wanted to try and get the bright green door but the shadow is too overpowering.
They were cool with me being a complete tourist and asking for a photo. I wanted to buy one of the baskets that this guy is making, they're incredible, but I didn't have the opportunity even though I saw them around.
These guys were building a house and it was considered a rock throwing party. They were drunk and giddy.
And big hams
REALLY big hams :)
I saw this hut and river on the road and I kept wanting a picture and finally chose to get in the shot. And I'm glad I did. This is probably the only picture of myself that I like from Lesotho. :)
This girl was near the people building the house but she wasn't drinking and I saw these adorable kids. The girl became good friends with my sister. She is actually wanting us to write to her and send her pictures. One thing, if you promise you have to stick with it.
A field of Cosmos that we girls couldn't pass up.
After a long day we decided to go to Steers the local fast food joint. The food wasn't bad but the service sucked!