4.1.05 - 39 images : California Adventures << back

Amber and Nana
Lil Cinderella - her outfit was perfect!

Megan and Jackson

The fam ( my dad was still out at the car trying to work with the parking attendance to get the keys out from the inside of the trunk!)
Bailey and Sierrah
Megan posing
Gabriel doing a cute face
Lil Cinderella and me :)

Me and my sis Heidi

"C" for Charity ;)
Amber, myself, Sierrah, Jackson, Megan and Bailey
"A" for Amber :)
Hercules, Bailey and Megan
Hercules, Sierrah and Amber
Sierrah, Snow White, Amber, Bailey, Bell and Megan (Bell taught her how to hold her hand out like that)
Snow White, Jackson and Bell (this was a precious moment. Jackson was so shy and he had the whole line applauding him as he left! There is something magical about Jack!)
Brian with the boys, Jackson and Bailey
Myself with the girls, Amber and Sierrah
Amber, myself and Sierrah workin the camera ;) HAHAHA
In line for the Aladdin show. Amber, Gabriel, Jack and Sierrah. Gabriel's not too happy.
Jeff and Gabriel - this is a little disturbing but Gabriel was having fun :)
Shawn and Brian swinging Jackson
The Family walking towards A Bugs Life
Sierrah, Bailey and Amber hamin it up... They were afraid to walk into the dark cave of the 3D bug show.
The family wearing their special sexy 3D glasses for the A Bugs Life 3D show.
Shawn, Jackson, Megan and Brenda flyin
Jeff and Heidi
Brian, Amber, Bailey, Shawn, Jackson, Brenda, Me and Sierrah in line for Soarin Over California
Our Tower of Terror shot!
Cinderella - who made a special wave to Megan the Lil Cinderella!
I thought this was a cool one.
Greetings from California sign!

Brenda's Pictures
Brian and the kids, Megan, Jackson, Sierrah and Amber
Hangin out after lunch
Sierrah, me, Bailey and Amber getting ready to fly!
Sierrah and Jackson
Brenda and Jack - who loved his goofy hat.