4.2.04 - 12 images : Planting trees in Butha Buthe, pictures around the conference center and people we met on the way << back

Me and John in Butha Buthe. This is where we planted about 20 or so trees to help stop the erosion.
John knew Mimi was anxious to ride horses so he brought a horse to her. John is amazing.
Blackmail! Though now I've kind of wasted it, it's up whether they like it or not. :) hehe
MY SCHOOL! Charity English Medium School. This is actually not the true sign, but letting you know that it's moved or something. My sister too a picture of the actual sign and I hope to post it in another few weeks.
This is back at the Morija Conference Center. .
I liked this tree but you can't get the detail so I took the shot below.
I liked the way the needles were on the tree.
In the woods there was just a cross standing. I thought it was cool and creepy at the same time so I took a picture.

Another picture of the needles of the interesting tree.

Two kids we ran across on our walk outside the Conference Center.
We didn't get far before we met Joe Mokoko who taught us an entire conversation in sesotho. He was very cool.
We met Dennis on our way back to camp and it ended up being a good aquaintence for John to make and they will hook up for future perpetual gardens..