4.6.04 - 24 images : Krugersdorp Game Reserve, lots of cool animal shots << back

We actually saw monkeys! I here it's rather rare to catch em, but these were bold.
Another monkey.
I can't remember what kind of buck this was.
It may look like the same one but I know I took one of each of the dow.
Giraffe! I got some great video of these guys. I'm still anxious to capture some pictures from the video.
As we passed back by the bucks it almost posed for me. I love this shot!

I thought these birds were rather interesting.

I loved these birds, so colorful!
A roadrunner of some sort..
The ONLY picture that turned out of my lion pictures. I accidentally set my camera to night shot and overexposed all the lion pictures :( boohoo
Sable - John's favorite buck
another shot
I was hoping they'd stand, I finally got one to but it's on the video.
Wildebeest - which I tasted at Carnivores the next day.
ZEEBRAS! Or as Africans would say... Zehbras!
More Zebras
Spring Buck
It was so cute to see the family! The baby was trying to get closer but the mom kept pushing him back. These were the most intriguing of the animals I saw.
Grey Duiker - they are hard to see but there are 4 of them.
Hippos! We waited almost an hour to see the tips of there heads. But it was still cool.
A funky car on the way home.