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Me and the greeter. I thought he was cool so I took my picture with him.
Eating Dinner at Carnivores:
Me, Lou, Dave, Jeff, Heidi, Megan, Matt, Buzz, Jerret, Eric, Rachel, Tom, John, Debbie, Mimi
The served the meet this way. The memorable meats were Crocodile, Sable, Wildebeest, Ostrich, Chicken liver (the worst thing I ate!), pork ribs and some standard meets.
Ironic that both pictures I got were of Jeff eating.
John and Debbie Brand but the picture also contains a flag of Carnivores, they will keep serving meet until you place to flag down on the table in surrender.
The entire table again including Heath who ran late because he had a church meeting to go to.
The Brand Family : Heath, John, Debbie, Matt and Megan. What a good looking family aren't they? I love and miss them all soo much!
Buzz reclining on a hippo chair

The team with the Brands

Heath being funny.
Another nice family picture. I wish Africa wasn't so far away.