4.8.04 - 14 images : Our last day in Africa, saying goodbyes to the Brands << back

The Afri-can Pepsi! I sooooooo wanted to take this can home with me but couldn't fit it in my suitcase with out crushing it. It had 20% more pepsi and it was the Afri-can! How cool!
Ok first of three attempts to get everyone quickly together while I stopped the flow of huge amounts of people at the International Airport!.
Second of three tries to get everyone to quickly look at me.
I think I FINALLY got a decent shot and thanked all the people anxiously waiting to pass through the hall.
Shot of John and Debbie. I like this picture because it shows Debbies genuine smile as I remember it, it's a good picture of John too. Neither like their pictures taken.
Me taking a picture of the boys, and Matt's taking a picture of me taking a picture of the boys. :)
Lovely close up shot of me thanks to Tom or Rachel I can't remember.
Tom attempted to take a picture of Heath.

Tom succeeding at taking a picture of Heath.

And I'm starting to think the brothers like sticking their tongues out. :-P hahaha Check out Matt's shirt? Look familiar?!
Debbie and Heidi saying goodbye. They were the best of friends when it came time to go.
Matt and his girlfriend Megan! I look forward to seeing that wedding. ;)
A final picture of Heath. :)
As I walked through the corridor, I turned around and I could see the Brands laugh when they saw my camera go up to my face! It's a hard picture to really see. But thanks guys, for everything! I love you very much! And I miss you tons!