5.11.05 - 43 images : Wave of Worship 05 at the Maveric Stadium. A 24 hour day of worship. There wasn't a lot of people there but it was an awesome time. << back

Our worship team played an hour at 7am. This is the prayer time prior to that.
One of my favorite shots. Wes praying
Guy praying
The worship team walking
Our church has never used flags in worship so I enjoyed taking shots of the worshipers using the flags.
Another shot of flags

So many colors!

More Flags
Worship team praying before they played
Becky waving flags
I had no idea this flag had a lion on it until I got home to look at the pictures.
Laura and Karen :)
Someone is grumpy at 7 in the morning ;) hehe
The early risers
Intersting shot of the back of the speakers

The back of the worship team playing

Tom and Leslerlie :)
We had more singers then musicians :)
Nice Silouette of the guitar players
Another shot from behind
The supporters
More supporters from The Place

Bree waving flags

Yet another shot from the back of the stage
Good shot of the tshirt the worship team wore
I always enjoy playing with focus and abstract shots
another focus
My dad speaking
My dad being animated while he spoke to the crowd
Pretty woman... Bree
Gotta love nephews :)
Pictures of Tawnay ... cause she let me... :)
Tawnay in green
I think I like this one best
My mom and dad


Lauren and Tawnay
Mindy and me
Jerret and Eric
Katie and group waving flags
My neice Megan being as cute as ever