7.10.05 - 26 images : I had a BBQ when my parents were out of town. :) It was a lot of fun. Here are some of the pics from that day << back

I thought this was a precious moment. They were watching Labyrinth on my computer and Megan was afraid and Bailey was being the sweet protective older brother.
Me and little Rosie (I miss her!)
Sam at the kitchen sink preparing the meat for the bbq
Rosie reaching out to touch the camera
Rosie and Rachel
Derek - enjoying himself :)

A blury shot of the girls - Brandie, Rachel and my sis Heidi

Dave and Tom
Lillian, Megan and Sam chillin outside
David and his son Kyle
David's daughter Reesa (?sp)
Bailey lookin cute in his "vote for pedro" tshirt
David's son Nathan
Little Meg
Buttercup under the kid slide - I thought this was a cute shot

David and Brandie teaching the kids some poker! ;)

David is coaching Bailey on the game
Erin and Reesa
Blury shot of Mike
Bailey attempting not to smile.
One team playing "Scene It"

The other team - the WINNING team ;) hehe

Reesa, Sam and Megan (who's always aware of the camera)
The girls always seem to flock to Sam ;)
Little Rosie chewing on Tom's shoe laces...