9.17.05 - 36 images : Sam's 30th bday party that I threw for him at his parents house. << back

Sam jumpin on David's car to wake him up
Sam talking to david through the window

Sam's cake and decorations

Sam and his dad Chuck without a mustache!
Sam, Risa and Chuck
Chuckie bringing Sam the cake while we sing Happy Birthday
Alex, Kristen, Chuck, Karen, Kristen and Chuckie
Steve, Doug and Sasha
Some flowers :)
Sam and Sasha and Robert in the background
Carlos and Nancy
Erin and Lillian
Robin, Delores and Doug
Kids playing
Great shot of the kids :)
Kristen and Robin
Steve, Doug and Sam
Jana, Kristen and Alex
Kristen with the kids - Jana, Alex and Ozzy
Sam and his presents
Doug, Sasha, Sam and Robin
David, Steve, Nancy and Carlos
more presents
Doug and Sasha hiding behind yellow balloons :)
Cute picture but the strings are in the way
Awh... How sweet
Doug and Sasha (strings out of the way)
Playing with focus
Playing with helium
Mike and Heather playing around