NC Landscape - 31 images : The landscape may be repetitive, but I enjoyed all the shots and didn't want to chose between them. << back

On a foggy crisp morning near Jackson's school
I found this house very beautiful.
The fog didn't give as much depth as I would have liked.
Just caught my eye on one of my nature walks
I fell in love with the orange colors.

This is a path I took on one of my nature walks.

Lake Cornelius (1 of 3) Left
Lake Cornelius (2 of 3) Middle
Lake Cornelius (3 of 3) Right
The amazing colors!
Peaking through the trees at Lake Cornelius.
Just like the concept of the reflection mimicing the beauty.
This tangle of roots and leaves were very creepy and cool at the same time.
I loved the fact that these leaves were still so close to the surface of the water.
After the rain the lake started to steam.
I like the closer shot of the steam because my camera picked up the colors and made them pop!
I just thought that was a nice shot.
Ok so I really liked the reflection concept. ;)
Another angle of the picnic table
As I looked back to make sure I had every last shot i wanted I saw this final one.
I just liked how the piece of wood was sticking out of the water
I took this one thinking only of my friend Rachel who loved mushrooms, but when I looked and saw the coloring I really enjoyed the mixture.
I thought the striking red sticking out through green was beautiful.
Shawn and Brenda's neighborhood.
Loving the colors
Shawn's house
Yes, yet another shot at Lake Cornelius with the picnic table. I wanted to see if I liked the rain or a clear day.
Clear and calm.
I just wanted the clear view with a reflection and the bright red mud at the bottom of this shot.
The sun was setting, the 2/3-1/3 concept was prominent in my mind.
I personally think the overcast day or rain made the colors even brighter then a clear day.