NC Outer Banks - 32 images : We drove 7 hours to get to the Outer Banks, stayed about 5 hours and drove 7 hours back home! << back

Kitty Hawk Memorial
The Wright Brothers Museum

I had to take a picture of this rug of the place we went out to eat at... Dirty Dick's...

On the road south to Cape Hatteras
I think they call this wind surfing.
My mom with Gabriel with Cape Hatteras light house in the background.

Sierrah and Jackson

Sierrah, Amber and Jackson
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, if you look closely you'll see that I'm standing at the base of the lighthouse
Series of different framing of the lighthouse (1 of 8)
(2 of 8)
(3 of 8)
(4 of 8)
(5 of 8)
(6 of 8)
(7 of 8)
(8 of 8)
A view when walking away.
Wanted a shot with the lighthouse behind me.
My adorable neices and nephews hanging on the entrance sign
Shawn, Bren and Co
Me and proof that I was actually at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Me and my mom
Me with the Atlantic ocean behind me!
A very "Anne of Green Gable's" shot. If you've never seen this movie, you should! Beautiful scenery in the film.
another "anne of green gables" shot
Brenda's "anne of green gables" shot
Jackson and Rachel
Brenda and Gabriel
Me with my feet in the water.
Amber Ring was here!