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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Ok so I have to share this! I just went to Union Bank of California in Ontario for the billing department. As I stood in the merchant line I happened to glance at the customer line and saw a very stressed out woman come into the line. She impatiently switched legs that she was leaning on and finally got so frustrated that she walked around the line to the first teller and seemed to ask for a manager of somesort. Either way very frustrating. I thought to myself "wow, I can't believe this lady thinks that her problem is much more important then the other people in line. How selfish of her." Now this is only important due to the fact of what I saw as I walked out of the bank. So either way, she was complaining that a bank wire she made over the phone last night didn't post on the account or even show as transferred but she no longer had the funds in the original account... yada yada yada...

So as I'm standing in my line I'm waiting and get to the merchant teller who's worried about the dirty looks she's getting for helping the merchant line before the customer line. I made some jokes about the attitudes I've had to deal with in my line of work (tech support) and told her to have a great day and walked out to see the aggressive lady walking to her car. Now here's where I had to laugh out loud! She had a nice bmw all shiny and pretty parked in a handicapped space (she by no means was handicapped!), and on her license plate it said (*heart*slf1st)! how fitting is that?!?! Love Self First! I couldn't help but walk by and voice my opinion on the subject out loud. Maybe she heard, maybe she didn't. Either way I still can't believe there are people out there like that. Miserable, self-focused and never at ease. I would hate to live like that.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

How do I explain this beautiful rose? Or the person that gave them to me? (Click on the rose and you will see the other 11 that came along with it on my desk at work.) This is the very first time in my life that I have ever received 1 dozen long stem roses. They are amazing and the person that gave them to me is even more amazing! I was only told on the card "from somebody special" but within moments I knew, deep down, I knew there was only *one* person that could have or would have sent these to me. He treats me better then any man in my life has ever treated me. And the moment that these arrived for me at work made me feel totally special. And I will always be grateful to him for that. He is my best friend who knew the night before I was having a hard night and wanted to lift my spirits. And he did.


Tuesday, August 12, 2003

So I just dropped my two classes for the fall semester. I was all prepared to go to school though something just wasn't feeling quite right. I knew what that was this morning an hour before my first class was to start. I sat and had a meeting for my business (scidco) and realized at that moment that not only am I working 50 hours a week at linkline (including the drive) I'm going to attempt to go to school on top of that? How will I ever do anything for scidco??? And then it hit me, I wouldn't ever do anything for scidco and the whole semester I'd feel guilty about not getting anything done to help the business get off the ground. So within 15 minutes I realized all that was against me going to school. First my attitude, I wouldn't enjoy school, it would be a dread in my week. Financially I am still not stable enough to afford it. And of course one of the main reasons, I would never have time for scidco. Then during the meeting a flood of ideas of how I could help scidco came into my mind. Calling all our customers on monday and checking on their networks, asking if there is anything we can drop by to fix, it's not only great customer service, but it will help us be more efficient and professional. :) Also I have been doing billing for linkline and it's been giving me a lot of training to do the paperwork for scidco. Then there's the aspect that I needed 3 transferable classes before transfering to cal state san bernardino and I haven't gotten to talk to the counselors there to confirm if I can petition the other classes and still transfer in as a junior. So I feel pretty good about and confident in my decision.

So I'm making some pretty drastic changes and I feel good about it. I am having my friend Rachel come over to help me organize my life better. Organizing my life means organizing bills, closets, drawers, etc. She's *really* good at it and I think if I can train myself to stay organized then it will help me deal with my finances better, to organize the billing and paperwork for scidco more efficiently, and will even help me when/if I ever get married! ;) hehehe So I'm excited.

And also I have a hair consultation at 12:00pm with the girl that normally does my hair. I am going to see what she thinks will look good on my hair no matter how drastic and maybe allow myself to get that done as a birthday present to myself. But I may keep it boring and stick with layers and faint highlights.

I also just got paid for housesitting and believe me I was in shock when I got the check! I got a total of $200.00! Now mind you it was 11 days, but still, I'm used to getting paid $40.00 for checking on someone's animals for 10 days. This was a bit different because I had to sleep there the whole time, but I had no clue that I'd be getting that much and that will help me afford organizer boxes and such! It was a major blessing! And they are wanting me to housesit closer to Labor Day for a few days. And knowing how much they will pay I am much more willing to deal with the inconveniences of it. :) hehehe

Well I guess I gotta get busy. Bye

Monday, August 04, 2003

I'm finally I'm able to sit here at work and write in my blog. I'm housesitting right now and am barely online these days. And at work I've been in the billing department for most of my day so even at work I'm rarely online anymore.

So today is my brother's birthday, he's 31 and spent the day at the hospital in Washington. Man what a sucky birthday! His Crohn's Disease is acting up. Luckily they put him on a new medication that's not steriods. But when I called him for the 3rd time today he seemed in good spirits.

And exactly a month from today I will be turning 26! I still feel like a child. I feel like I'm only 20. Now mind you when I talk to 20 year olds I see a slight difference but I can't be sure that's just age or just me. :)

Life is crazy right now. I get up at the place I'm housesitting, get ready, and then head down to my place to work on my business stuff. My brother is out of town and needs me to run the invoices and deposit the checks and such. Then I head to work at least an hour early because I'm training to take over the deposits while the billing manager is out of town. The overtime is great but I'm running non-stop and can't seem to get a hold of my reigns. Then to top it off school starts next week! ACK! Craziness! I'm glad to be going back to school but man, how am I gonna have a life? I still need to figure out how to fit the gym into my schedule. I've started slimfast but am realizing the importance of excersize to my diet plan.

Well I will have no social life, and at this point in time, that's a good thing. Right now I'm realizing that my social life is going to be changing in the next few weeks. Any form of dating I just don't see happening anymore. I mean I've tried to work it out in my head but even my prospects are starting to wonder if I'll have time for them. And to be honest I just don't see how I will. So maybe this is a good thing. Being so busy I can't think straight will keep me out of trouble, right? ;) Cause believe me the last couple months I've sure felt in trouble A LOT!

I've been reading the Harry Potter series. They have been a lot of fun. I actually sat down to watch the first movie this last weekend and found it to be fairly close to the book, they only left out (what I believed to be) a few key parts of the book. But all in all, *VERY* well done! I am on the last couple chapters of the second book and will finally get to watch that movie next. I have my friend David at work bringing me the 3rd book in the series since I can't seem to find my brothers copy of that book.

That's the best update I can give at the moment. Things just got busy at work.