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Saturday, September 27, 2003

So today has been a completely productive day. I was able to sleep in till 9:45 which was wonderful! And I had my friend Rachel come over to help me organize my room. We had a full day so we planned on getting most of it done. We worked from 1pm to 8pm and I'm not kidding, it's amazing! I love it! I can actually walk into my closet! I have so much space! I never knew how much of a packrat I was. I took out 5 bags to the trash of things I didn't want and were old and not something I could give away. But I still have a good full day left. The room itself will be done in another 4 hours of work. But I still have to do paperwork. I have to go through and organize all my bills. But it feels good. It feels REALLY good!.

Tomorrow we're having my nephews birthday party. It's a dress up so I will make sure to take some pictures and post them. I love my new camera. I have just posted some pictures below. Lately I've even taken shots while on the road. I never knew how much I'd use a camera, but since it's all mine I take my camera EVERYWHERE I go. I take shots of the sunrises on my way to work. I take pictures of my drive home. I have captured a couple *really* nice shots that I will try to post soon.

And here they are. Long overdue but these are the first pictures taken with my *new* camera! I went out September 5th, the day after my birthday with a bunch of my friends. We went to Dave & Busters and here are the images of that night. :)

1st photo - a picture of our entire table. A couple people's faces were covered. But from left to right at the table it was... Sam, Carlos, Erin, David, Tom H, Tom F, Melissa, Brian, Laurie, Jeff, Heidi, Rachel, me, Tim, and Annette.

2nd photo - My big sis(Heidi), my best friend(Rachel), and me.

3rd photo - Tom and Melissa Friedhoff, me, Brian and Laurie Webb.

4th photo - Heidi, Rach, me and Tom.

5th photo - Me, my manager Tim, his fiance' Annette. No joke I'm standing straight. My manager is 6'10"!

6th photo - Jeff and Heidi Doss, me, Rachel and Tom Hodkinson.

7th photo - Sam, me, David and Erin Berry.

Monday, September 22, 2003

I am at work, thinking of how hectic things are in life, but when I look back at all my entries, that's all my life ever is... Chaos. There are times when I know chaos is fun. But your body and mind can only handle choas for so long before having a breakdown and then I start it all over again.

My brother Brian has been in the hospital for a week and a half and will hopefully be going home this week sometime. His disease has taken him out and he's lost all energy. He takes walks after every meal now to build up his strength and even then he's exhausted after walking only a few feet.

I'm trying to figure out how to schedule my life. I now have to create a web page for one of our network clients and I'm nervous that I just don't have the motivation or creativity to make a website right now. But I am going to try. I have decided that for the time being I will not be able to take any overtime at linkLINE. I have to learn to say 'no' more often. I have someone coming over tonight to check out my computer because I'm running out of space on my pathetic 10 gig hard drive. So that will be getting replaced tonight. Yay! I think I need to use my palm pilot more for reminders on calling clients, and daily activities. I'm hoping that will help me remember everything I need to do on a daily basis.

Well I'm zoning cause I'm tired. So I will write more when I have the time. I've got a bunch of new pictures from my new camera that I'm hoping to post soon. So look for those. :)


Friday, September 05, 2003

Ok so I HAVE to show you my birthday present! Look at how awesome this is! I'm in love! ;)

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday dear meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Happy Birthday to me!

Monday, September 01, 2003

So let's see... Gosh life is so chaotic I don't know where to begin. I've started my new shift, 7am - 3:30pm which means I'm up by 5am every morning. But work has also approved overtime in the production side, so after work I go over and help build computers! In two weeks time I have gotten 17 hours overtime! I'm gonna love my next check that's for sure! ;) But how perfect is this, my next check comes on the day that I'm planning my birthday party, so I'll have plenty of money to spend on my night out! woohoo

Also my brother went to the hospital August 18th because he wasn't doing well at all! He ended up getting admitted and having a blood transfusion because his blood levels were so low (7.2) so they gave him a pint of blood and that didn't help so they gave him two more. He's A- so it's not a common blood type. Either way we were worried because they had him in the ICU section but once I got to the hospital I found that he was actually in DOU (Direct Observation Unit) which eased some of the concern. But he stayed in the hospital for a few days and was finally released Thursday. On Saturday he was feeling pretty poorly and wanted me to take him back to the hospital after a good nights sleep. So Sunday morning I got ready to take him and his fever (102 degrees) made him so weak he didn't want to go right away. I finally got him to the ER and they were concerned enough to get him a bed as soon as we checked in. He stayed in the hospital until 2:30 Monday morning. He got tests done, and even a catscan but nothing showed up. They aren't sure why he's getting such high fevers but I can only guess that rest and relaxation will help him get better. But I have been very concerned about my brother for the last week. I just wish he was feeling better.

So I feel that my life has consisted of work and the hospital. And it pretty much has. But the days that I haven't been at work... well I went to my friend Dian's wedding! It was a lot of fun! I ended up being the designated amature photographer. ;) And if I wasn't shooting pictures I was sitting with my co-workers' family. It turns out that two of the guys I currently work with at linkLINE are her (the bride's) cousins and I knew her for a few years and just found out recently that they were related! Either way the wedding was a lot of fun! The music, the dancing, the food :-P, and just everything! I caught the bouquet! I've never caught it! And it turns out that my friend Sam caught the garder!!!! So we were teased mercilessly! And were humiliated by having Sam place the caught garder on my leg while he was blindfolded, but as they blindfolded him I got up and let the groom take my place!!!! Believe me it was comedy and if I get pictures I'll have to post them! Anyways, it was great fun!

Well I just took this test and I thought it was cute, considering I work with computers.

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