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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Well I actually got pictures posted! This is a bunch of them that's for sure! So I put the family photos on top and the artsy photos at the bottom. I'll give lists of what each image is from left to right top to bottom. :)

Top Row - Left to Right
Grandpa Krieger (looking adorable)
Grandma Krieger (looking so cute when she tried on my cousin Joey's hat)
Aunt Cheryl, Aunt Darlene, and my mom (you can't tell their sisters at all huh?) ;)
The whole family - me, Heidi, Grandpa, Grandma, Clint, Kari, Joey, my mom, Nathan
Kari, me and Heidi (at the Beanery bar the first night)

2nd Row - Left to Right
Kari and Heidi (Heidi wasn't feeling too hot)
Joey and Me (we had the exact same style of shirt on just different colors and different brands)
Madison ( my cousin Joey's little girl)
Aunt Darlene with her only granddaughter (so far) Maddy
Clint (my cousin) and his niece Maddy

3rd Row - Left to Right
Nathan (my cousin Joey's husband)
Clint ( I NEVER got a shot with his eyes open!
Clint taking a picture of something (my grandpa is in the background)
Heidi (my sis, posing in the snow)
Me (also posing in the snow!)

Top Row - Left to Right
In front of my Aunt Darlene's house
A horse in their backyard, it's not their's but they allow they're neighbor to keep it there
Pretty shot of the horse running - it was nervous of me standing there
A beautiful yellow rose from the larger bouquet
The full bouqet

2nd Row - Left to Right
Sunset in front of my grandparents house
Cool shed in the bad of the house
another shot of the sunset
and the last shot of the evening of the sunset

3rd Row - Left to Right
Windmill and tree
Side door of that shed from the night before
Just liked the shot
This looked like an eye (and I thought of the Lord of the Rings)
Had to have proof of the weather... too bad I didn't get it when it was below 0

4th Row - Left to Right
At the airport on our way out
Another shot with a plane in it
Up in the air above Billings


Well goodnight. I hope you enjoy the pictures. It's late and tomorrow's my first day back to work and I want to make sure to give myself plenty of time to get my morning started.


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Friday, November 28, 2003

YAY! I'm sooo home! I love my home! I'm thankful for my home! I'm thankful for my computer. Though I hated sorting through the 300+ emails that I received this week while I've been gone. But I am going to download my images from my trip and hopefully post only a few! If I can narrow it down. :) I'm soooo happy to be home!

Bye !

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Well again it's 11:30. I slept all through the night and woke up at 5 feeling (for once) refreshed! I went to work and chaos ensued. I found that towards the end of my day though it mellowed out and I had my next two days planned out. If anything fell through then all I would need to do is just do it Friday... NOT!

So I got a raise!!! I won't know officially how much. I was told it would be an additional $1.50 but I'm just not positive till I see my first pay stub with that amount on it! I was sooo excited I wanted to give my manager a hug! I was calling my mom and telling her that they were going to give me an official quarterly review and explain what a good job I've done and give me the raise officially then. At this point she told me that our flight leaves at 8am that day! I freaked. My dad had said that the tickets were for Saturday through Friday! But he said it wrong and I hadn't had the shift covered! I panicked and still feel awful! But luckily my manager understood. Everything I had planned to do won't get done and the things that had to be done I only had about an hour to do them in because it was almost 5! It was so crazy but I was on such an adrenaline rush since i found out I was getting a raise that I just laughed at every issue that shoved itself in front of my face. I would say I probably sounded insane! ;)

And now it's 11:30 and I'm half packed, and it looks like things are going smoothly. I'm sure I'll forget something, if not more then one thing. My flight leaves tomorrow at 12:45 and I won't be returning till the next Friday evening, the day after Thanksgiving. SO HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Well I should get going. I doubt I'll have internet. I know... what am I gonna do without the internet for a week!?! AHHHH! Well goodnight, it's time for me to go.


Wednesday, November 19, 2003

It's 11:30 at night and I have a horrible headache. I came home from work today and crashed at 5:30 and haven't gotten up till now when I realized I needed water in my system and probably a piece of bread so I could take something for this headache. Oh at 8:30 I did get up and get my pjs on and wash my makeup off.

Talk about a pressure filled day. I wouldn't call it stressful, and I finally realize that it was just a lot of pressure. My new position has brought me a lot of decision making along with it. My manager leans on me for advise which feels really good but can also make you humble, "who am I to be helping make these kinds of decisions?". Then we had a meeting in which all chats, personal calls, watching movies, playing games and downloading is prohibited while on the clock anymore because work isn't getting done. This didn't go over too well with a few individuals. So that was pressure. And out of the blue I got asked to be a witness for someone being let go!!!! Just let me say that I hope I'm never in the position to have to fire someone! I was sooooo uncomfortable just even being in the room. It was a horrible feeling. Especially since I knew the girl fairly well and considered her a friend. I even asked why they had to have me, and they wanted a female present just for safety reasons, they need a witness, and well the other female worker was her really close friend so they didn't want to make her do it. So she cried, I cried, and Jason said he needed something (stiff) to drink. It was not a fun experience.

So after all that I'm having a rough day and I find out that my grandpa has taken a turn for the worse and now they want my mom their ASAP, but they don't want her driving but flying and I have to make a decision whether or not I can afford it, and even if I can't will I regret passing up the oportunity on seeing my grandpa for very possibly the last time! Gosh can't life be a little less complicated and pressured?

Well I need to attempt to get back to sleep. 5 am comes early even though I will have slept 12 hours when all is said and done. Man I hope I can kick whatever it is that's trying to get me sick.

Good night.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

So wow... ok today I was given the position Support Lead. So one step under the manager. Which is cool... It's really only just a title. I am doing the same job but with more authority. That works. Luckily for me there is a possible pay raise but not much of one. But my managers manager realizes that he hired me on lower then he should have and feels kind of guilty for making that choice and I think he'll be more apt to pushing for a raise. [crossing fingers] ;) But he said maybe in a couple weeks. I'll have to remember to ask him!

Also my grandpa is in the hospital so now more then ever do I want to go out to Montana but now my grandma is saying she doesn't want us to come out because she's already going to be stressed and worn out because grandpa is in the hospital. I truly understand but am completely bummed! So it's all up in the air till Thursday the day before we're supposed to leave. Ack! I hate that!

Let's see... oh and my drivers license expired and if I go to Montana now I'll have to make sure that's taken care of before/*IF* I leave. But I've been so busy this week trying to make sure everything is accomplished before I might be going out of town that the only day I may have to do it is Friday either on the way out of town or the day before.

The thing I'm thinking is that I need a vacation. Whether or not I am going to Montana I may keep my week off and go somewhere... Anywhere for some alone time. Time for myself and time to think, write, and READ! I have 3 books that I've been trying to read, and a couple side books that I want to get to eventually. I just never have the time to read!

Well it's late and I gotta get up at 5am so I need to stop babbling and get to bed.


Rovi from work showed me this while I was working overtime on Saturday. It's a cool link: Sand Art

Monday, November 17, 2003

So it's been a while since I've posted I know. Well survival wears one out. But I'm doing ok now.

(My friendship was only momentarily lost, she's decided to start talking to me again)

Let's see... About a week after the fires got under control I went to go see Joyce Meyer in San Diego. I needed the short break. Right before I left though I felt like God was asking me to make a tough decision. I realized that there was something I needed to give up in my life. I had a really hard time because I didn't want to give it up. But when I made the final decision to do what is right, there was a bunch of confirmations throughout the weekend. I spent my weekend getting completely convicted on how I handle a lot in my life. Joyce Meyer is an amazing teacher! She truly talks on your level. She's not high and mighty and she makes it seem possible to strive for holiness. So I left San Diego refreshed and renewed.

I came back and my life changed. I stuck with my decision and feel really good about doing that. It's not always easy to stick to it, but I know it's best in the end. No guilt because I'm not living in what I know to be sin. I mean I live in sin on a daily basis, but most of it is my own ignorance. Living in sin (to me) is when you know it's sin but you continue because it's what you want to do. My life is not my own. I was created to praise and serve Jesus who died on the cross which was the ultimate sacrifice.

So last week Thursday my mom tells me she's come up with this wonderful plan of having me, my brother Brian, my sister Heidi and her two kids, Megan and Bailey, and my mom driving 20 hours to Montana!!! And not only that but she wants this to happen at the end of this week! Knowing that we are completely understaffed, and how short of notice I just humored my mom and said I would check. But then it overwhelmed me that this is important and I needed to stress on getting it worked out. I looked at the calendar and it hit me... Thursday (Thanksgiving) is a paid holiday and the day after is too! So I actually only needed to ask off for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! So not to write a huge story... I got the time off and I leave this Friday! So I'll be gone from November 21st to November 30th! I can't wait! A 9 day vacation for only taking 3 vacation days off!

And I'm going to South Africa in the end of February or March for a mission trip to Lesotho (lesutu) to plant perpetual gardens. Pretty shocking huh? It'll be a pretty intense trip. I'll be roughing it all the way. Flying in a small 6 seater plane, hiking up for about a day, sleeping overnight and riding horseback into the village! And then staying in huts... actual huts!!! Well it'll definitely be fun!

Well work is over and I'm gonna post this cause it's a novel as is.