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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Today we had our 1 day Parking Lot Sale for the very first Lesotho fundraiser! It turned out miraculously! We had so much stuff donated to us. And all week we've been bringing order to something that looked completely unorganized. I guess I shouldn't put the credit on us but to God. It's truly hard to fathom what He has done with this event.

Iíve been at the church every night this week but Thursday, sorting, pricing, organizing all the items, dealing with tempers flaring, egos colliding, you name it. But God brought order to chaos and it ended up being such an incredible event. I even rushed to bake for the Bake Sale going along with the garage/parking lot sale. I wish I would have taken pictures!

We raised over $2,900 for our trip!!!! I still canít believe it. We were hoping for 2,000 at first, then it went to 2,500, and then we just realized that setting our goal to 3,000 wasnít too unattainable and we were only a few dollars shy of that! Thank you Lord!!!

It was a very draining experience. I felt overwhelmed and stressed but excited all at once. And all the hard work was worth it! God is definitely in this trip. I can feel the strength from God and the attack from the enemy tearing me up inside. Thatís when you know youíre doing a good work, when Satan goes overtime on messing with your brain. But this has reminded me of Gods sovereign power. He is truly awesome!

I bought a dresser that Iím going to take on as a fun project. I have no clue where itíll fit in my room mind you, but itíll be fun sanding it and making it my own. Iíve needed a dresser for quite some time.

Tomorrowís our 3rd annual SuperBowl party at my house. I donít really like the superbowl but itís something the youth like and it gives us an excuse to have an event. But Rachel and I are going to pretty much be sanding in the backyard while the game is on and peak our heads in on the commercials. ;) hehehe

Well my fingers are frozen and my back aches and my nice warm bed sounds extremely inviting. Iím going to crash early tonight.


Wednesday, January 28, 2004

So I haven't started my promotion yet. I am anxious to. Right now I feel like I'm being split in two! Yesterday at work I finally just had to break down and cry. I've had a rough couple weeks. I know it wasn't just the stress of work that got to me. That was just the straw that broke the camels back.

I have been trying so hard to get everything organized for my trip to Lesotho. I have only 30 letters out which I should be cool with. But oh well. I want at least 75. I have tried for 3 going on 4 days in a row to get my passport ordered. I have everything now except the checks to pay them which I will drop off on my lunch break today. I called yesterday about my immunizations and found that my insurance won't cover it and the other place I can get them would be $70 a piece and I believe I need 5!

Well work is crazy. I'll post more when I can.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

My week started out incredibly! On Monday morning I walk into work like it was any other day. It's the first day my manager is back from being out sick since Tuesday the week before so I was giving him the rundown on what took place and what I felt he needed to take care of. Now mind you, I wasnít being a snot, this is my job being basically 2nd in command and being shoved into responsibility while he was sick. It was not a very easy week on me.

So my day continues, stressful as usual. I tell my manager that I think it would be good to have a meeting with him to discuss some things in the department. He agrees that itís needed. At 12:30 we meet and by 1:30 heís telling me heís late for a meeting with the CEO that I might have to be apart of. I have no clue what this is all about, so I ask him if he really wants me in the meeting and he states not at the moment but most likely later. I go start my surprisingly large deposit for the day and then get called back to discuss what we as Tech Support can do to alleviate the stress in the billing department. This is where I get defensive because I donít feel the company sees how much stress is already on the tech support team. But either way Iím stuck listening to what they think would be good ideas while in my head thinking they must be out of their mind to add another task on us especially when the support department is in such disarray. And at one point feel the embarrassment of feeling like I crossed the line with the CEO of the company when I spoke for my manager instead of letting him speak for himself. At this point I just shut my mouth. The meeting ended and my manager was requested to stay behind. Then the billing manager was pulled into the office. I took the opportunity to apologize to my manager and state that I was out of line. He disagreed with my fear of being out of line and appreciated my input.

Then it happensÖThe whole course of my life changes. The CEO calls me into his office and here Iím thinking Iím in trouble for talking out of line. But it was quite the opposite actually. I was given a business proposition. I was actually offered a substantial promotion! The promotion included a fairly large increase in income as well. The increase will be starting with an additional $1.50 more an hour, and after the first 90 days going up another $2.00 an hour. This was a huge opportunity! I would be working full time in the billing department. I would give up tech support all together and work in the position the current billing manager is, without that title though, and do her job while she did partial management and book keeping.

So here I am thrilled and scared at the same time. This is a huge step for me. Itís in a direction that I never knew I would take. I didnít answer him right away. I told him Iíd like a day to pray about it. I prayed and felt comfortable that it would be helpful to my career but hadnít realized I would take this step. I talked it over with everyone that is important in my life. I wanted to know if they had any reservations about it, and no one did, they only had very positive things to say about it. I especially wanted to talk with my brother Brian. I wanted to make sure he was ok because I know my involvement in Scidco is something that he wants. I told him this could benefit Scidco in the long run. I could learn and when heís actually able to hire me on full time I could take care of office management and books. Iím very excited about this new direction. I have that natural fear of failure but also realize that this is what I believe to be from God. I know I can do this!

Anyways, this is a novel as it is. Iím going to stop writing so I can go crashÖ Iím exhausted!


Sunday, January 11, 2004

So I know it's been a while... But life has been eventful as usual.

I'm sitting here contemplating life. I'm in one of those moods: thoughtful, reminiscence, reflective. I think I'm finally contented with where my life is and where I'm going, at least for the moment. For a while now my heart has been apprehensive. I'm listening to The Cure which always makes me feel nostalgic. I was driving with my brother Brian to Best Buy tonight and on the way home I just stared out at the stars and wasnít thinking of anything and felt completely peaceful and had a smile on my face. Maybe it brought me back to the times that I drove with my brother in the past. I always enjoyed that time. Listening to good music and driving are the two best combinations.

Iíve also started getting my life headed in the right direction. Iíve been working on my diet this whole week. I have not had any Dr. Pepper since Sunday January 4th, or any soda for that matter! Iíve also not had any chocolate since then either! I had 1 frappuccino from Starbucks today. I allowed myself that one splurge after getting on the scale this morning and seeing that Iíve lost 10 pounds! I understand that itís usually easiest to lose the first 10 pounds but Iím still excited. Iíve made it to the gym twice this week when my hope was 3 - 4 times. But twice it better then before, which wasnít making the time for the gym at all. Iím more resolute then I have been in a long time. Iím going to lose weight, and gain a closer relationship with God.

Sam gave me a leather-bound New American Standard Bible with my name printed on the cover for Christmas. I love it! I never knew how nice it is to have a leather-bound bible. I have been eager to make the time to read and study it. Itís somewhat like that concept that you can run faster with new shoes; you can be more enthusiastic to read the bible when you have a new leather-bound New American Standard. ;) I also have quite a few books that I need to start reading and studying as well.

I had a PartyLite Party at my house yesterday which caused me to do some necessary cleaning in my room and bathroom. Iíve been enjoying my room ever since. Iíve even lit one of my new candles and enjoyed the aroma and ambiance while Iíve been writing. It fits my frame of mind.

And Iím sure youíve noticed that Iím also working on my grammar and speech. Iíve found that lately I have a hard time formulating my words. Iíve started reading more to try to work on it but my dad informs me that the best way is to write and contemplate what Iím attempting to say. So here it is; all thought out and long-winded. ;) hehe

Thursday, January 01, 2004