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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

It's 11:30 at night and I have yet to shave my legs or finish packing my carry-on. Sheesh! I'm feeling rather stressed at the moment. I'm having sharp stomach pains which means I'm stressed. I can't stretch my tummy enough to make it feel better. I had a breakdown earlier this evening as I came crashing from all the pressure of having VERY little time to finish everything. But now I'm much better and feel rather relaxed considering I have a good hour before I can go to sleep.

Here's the team.

I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to write. I'm hoping since we know they have internet cafe's we can get online and I can update my blog maybe once or twice. But I'm not holding my breath. I'll try to email everyone with hi's and stuff. I'm really excited about my photography opportunities on this trip. I just wish I knew there was a way to upload pictures to my site and then clear my memory sticks that way. But we'll have to wait and see. I've brought everything to do it just in case. ;)

This trip to Africa is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I'm feeling very blessed to be going! I can't wait to explain all my experiences! We're flying out of LAX. We have to be down there by 11:30 pm tomorrow evening, our flight leaves at 1am Thursday morning and we will arrive in Johannesburg Africa on Friday morning! We stay at the Brands for a day to recoop and then head up to Lesotho where we plan on staying at a community center for the main part of our trip, while we work in the gardens, building a greenhouse, visiting aids children, and/or going to the highlands to witness to the villagers, or all of the above! We really won't know until we get there. And we will be traveling back to the states on Friday April 9th! Please pray for me!

Well it's late and I got a lot to do. Goodnight and I hope I'll be able to write soon. Feel free to email me!


Saturday, March 20, 2004

Ok so I FINALLY have pictures of the Benefit Dinner we had last weekend! Unfortunately since I was in charge of photographing couples I didn't get much of the dinner but got some great shots of the couples :) So here's what I got...

The Raffle TableDinner TableMe testing the shot
The Raffle TableDinner Table. I loved the masks!Me checking how the shot would turn out.
Rachel and TomSam and IRachel and I
My Best Friend Rachel and her husband TomMy OTHER Best Friend Sam and I. I would consider him more my 'special' friend. ;)Rachel and I
My Mom and DadShawn and BrendaHeidi and Jeff
My Mom and DadMy Brother Shawn and his wife Brenda. I am so glad they got to make it out here for the dinner!My Sister Heidi and her husband Jeff
Dave and BrandieDiane and SteveMelissa and Mindy
My good friends Brandie and Dave ManchaMy friend Diane and her hubby Steve, she and I met in school and have been good friends ever since. Turns out she's Sam's cousin!Missy and Mindy, two sisters that I absolutely love!
Drew and HeatherJerret and KathrynHollyann and Lauren
Drew and HeatherJerret and KathrynHollyann and Lauren

Ok it's late and I've spent a lot of time on this. :) I gotta get up and hit the ground running tomorrow.


Friday, March 19, 2004

Dory - 'ESSS-CA-PE'! I wonder what that means? It's funny, it's spelled just like the word 'escape'.

hahahahaha I love that line!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

So yesterday was the week mark! I'm leaving for Africa less than a week from now! I'm so excited! I have all the money I need for the trip, tomorrow I get paid and am going shopping for all the necessities, and I'll be grateful for the time that we're on the plane on our way down there. I can't wait to journal everything. I am kinda bummed that I won't have a computer, I type much faster then I write and my fingers get lessed cramped. :) hehe Oh well.

The dinner went amazingly! There was no major issues, it went smoothly and we raise $3,400 profit as money to seperate for the trip! I get almost $800 from our fundraisers ALONE! :) That's awesome! I have pictures but of course I can't post them yet. I will when I get a chance. I plan on getting that stuff done over the weekend... We'll see. ;)

So I am all excited about going to Africa but a big part of me is still in denial that it's actually going to take place. My mind can't comprehend it because I've never been out of the country. I have no idea what to expect. But God is truly amazing. So much has taken place in regards to the team. Just last night the last person in the team to get filled with the Holy Spirit spoke it last night! So now we've had 4 of the 9 get spirit filled within the last couple weeks! God is awesome! It's exciting because it means to me that God is at work. I know my heart towards God and what He wants for my life isn't where it should be. I'm still kind of living my life for myself. I know that. He knows that. But I'm still being blessed. I am excited to see what God is going to do in my life. Will this be a life change? Will this be a turning point? I already feel that God has changed my heart a lot since I was obedient to His call to go to Lesotho. But I know there could be so much more!

Sam might be getting a Saturn ION Quad Coupe ( in electric blue. I think its a cute car... He was thinking about getting a PT Cruiser and for some reason I very much so didn't like that idea but kept my mouth shut because I knew he liked it. Turns out ya never want to go to Chrysler dealerships EVER! Seeing the difference in how Chrysler and Saturn treat their customers I'm leaning myself on Saturns but I haven't ever really liked the cars. But Sam swears by his 97 Saturn. It's been a good car to him. So I'm glad he will be getting his new car. I can't wait to see it in person. Now mind you it's not his yet. There could still be issues but I doubt it would be anything like the issues Chrysler had with the PT Cruiser he wanted.

Well I should get going. I'm needing to get to work.

Bye (P.S. I'll post pics of the dinner as soon as possible!)

Friday, March 12, 2004

So on January 3rd, 2004 I went along shooting with Sam, David, Tony, Greg and Davids two sons. I had a blast and here are some pictures of that day. Of course someone pointed out that I'm not in any of them so I can't prove that I actually did pick up the gun. But oh well. :P I had fun anyways, whether I have proof or not.
David throwing the clay platesTony being a goof Greg & Tony
Tony & DavidBetter one of Tony & DavidNice shot of all the guys while Sam is throwing targets
Probably one of my favorite pictures of this trip. David, Sam and Greg all shooting at the engine in the shot. At one point there were sparks that looked like it caused actual flamesGregDavid showing his sons how to shoot
DavidFun playful shotMy favorite playful shot. The catch of the day! ;)
David's adorable sonsDavid showing Tony how to poseTony acting insane with the gun
Sam and David as the catch. hmm? I'd say that's a pretty good catchTony & GregSam & David throwing the targets
I of course had to take pictures of the scenery too. I love the fading hills in the backgroundOther side later in the dayI loved the moon in this shot. That and the stark blue sky with brown layers.

Hope you enjoy!

Gotta finish up some more tonight for the benefit dinner tonight. And I gotta call the guys and let them know I posted the pics FINALLY. :) *sorry guys*


Thursday, March 11, 2004

I'm finally getting out of my weight slump. My weight gain has been bringing me down to the point that when I talk to people I wonder if they walk away and comment about it. That's pretty bad that my insecurities are that high. So I'm going to do something about it. First of all I'm going to try eating right. Second and the most important is that I've requested to not work 7-8 in tech support anymore and ask that they find someone else to take my place. I will still wake up that early if not even 15 minutes earlier and go to the gym first thing in the morning. This way I'll have a good hour to work out and I'll be able to get home shower and go to work. I'll feel more energy throughtout the day and I'll be more alert when I walk into work. Of course with me going to Africa they aren't going to be able to work it out until after I come back. They have to have it covered when I leave and they'll just keep it that way when I get back.

Speaking of going to Africa, I'm sooo excited about Saturday nights benefit dinner! I so can't wait! It's going to look GREAT! Also I went yesterday and got a couple of my immunization shots. They did the MMR and Tetnes (?sp) shots but didn't have Hepititus A & B, but she recommended that I just get a Gamma Globulin (?sp) shot which I have to go to the Health Department to get on Friday which means another day of leaving work early. Oh well. It'll all be done and over soon enough.

Well I gotta get to work. I'll try to write more later.


Monday, March 08, 2004

I am at lunch on a Monday afternoon. I'm kind of bummed that my weekend is over and am having a hard time focusing on work. I was fairly busy this weekend. I finally slept in Saturday though which was nice. I went shopping with my mom for a semi-formal outfit for the benefit dinner this Saturday. She is letting me put it on her Lane Bryant card so I took her out to lunch. I ran into a couple friends, one being Tambi who used to be my manager at Lane Bryant and she invited me to come by Lane Bryant Sunday because it was friends and family day and I could get 25% off! So she said to go and find what I wanted but to come back Sunday to buy it. I was so surprised!

I also ran into Matt Bodell! It was soo cool. I miss his friendship so much. I used to take pictures of his band ALL the time! I'll have to see if I can dig some up. Either way he got married and he and his wife taught in China! But they came back for Christmas but I thought I missed them, but I guess she's having some back problems so they decided to stay in the United States temporarily until they had her surgery. But then she found out that she's pregnant so they are staying here indefinitely! That's sooo awesome! I guess the sucky part though is that they won't be able to do the surgery till the baby is born. But it was great to see him again.

Anyways, I went to Lane Bryant and the first thing I picked up and tried on it what I bought! I love it! It's a black pant suit and under the jacket I have a hot pink tank top! With a cool necklace I'm totally stylin! ;) I'll have to take pics cause my sister is doing my hair and I'm getting my makeup done :) I am REALLY looking forward to our dinner!

So that night I ended up going to hang out with Sam for a bit. I got home before midnight.

Sunday I went to church and afterwards had a long meeting about our dinner. Last minute details. Then went out to eat with my mom, sister and her family and ended up at Lane Bryant to pick up my clothes. My old manager got my sister to apply for a card to get me even more money off and then I decided to pick up a couple more pants for the trip since it was going to be cheaper then if I waited till closer to the time for me to leave. I got everything for 40% off! It was great. But I was depressed with my weight. I have gone up in size and it was depressing to me. Even my sister mentioned it and of course I am already insecure and ended up crying about it. I got home to have a misunderstanding with my dad that made me literally bawl! I had to wash my face and redo my makeup before going to see the Passion with the youthgroup. But looking back I kinda wonder why I did. I knew I was going to cry seeing the movie!

I get to the theater an hour and a half early and there is already a line. We sent someone right after church to pick up the tickets and it was sold out till the 7:20 showing and I showed up around 6pm. Either way I got there at a good time. I watched the movie and practically started crying during the opening scene. But of course I was in tears for practically the whole movie. I got home and talked with my mom about all the different moments. And since my break is almost over I can't really break it down. But it was an overwhelming movie. I get to see it again with Sam. I'll be praying for him throughout this week so that maybe his heart will be open to what he's watching. Either way at first I wasn't sure if I could stand watching the movie again but now I know I can. And it will be good. This has definitely been an impacting moment in my life.

My break is over. :( Gotta get going. I'll write more later if I get a chance. The other thing I was going to say was when I woke up this morning my eyes were ALL puffy! It was pathetic. I realize now that I'm getting old. My body doesn't bounce back so easily after a rough night, emotional or physical. But my eyes have finally mellowed out but when I close my eyes it still stings and they are still red and tender. I cried A LOT yesterday.

Well gotta go. Bye

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I have this huge horrendous headache right now. :( I can barely move my head. It started last night but I figured it was stress of the benefit dinner and getting everyone together for the decorations and calling everyone, I was hoping it would go away if I just went to sleep. Big mistake! I woke up with it! So all the way down to work I could barely move. It's in the base of my head where my neck and head connect. I've been told that location is a stress related headache. I have no clue. But I'm not too terribly stressed. Unless I am and just don't know it but my body does. There is a lot to do for this dinner. And I'm getting nervous about the trip. I don't feel ready at all. If anything I think that's possibly overwhelming me.

So yesterday I had to turn in all my money for the plane ticket. I needed $386.00 but God totally came through! I was given $25.00 from Carlos at work, another $20 from my grandma, and then a huge blessing of a $500.00 donation!!!! Given to me of course by Sam! He's truly amazing! He got his tax return back and gave me over half of it!!!! He's truly the most giving person I know! And he bought a ticket for our benefit dinner too. My brother promised to give me $200.00 but was unable to give me the check until sometime later this week. But now that puts me over the edge! I might even be covered for the trip out there. We are going to need cash while in Lesotho. But we're not sure how much yet. I'm figuring $500-$700 so I'll be close! :)

I gotta get back to work. My headache is finally subsiding... I took 4 ibuprofin! I would hope it would finally die down.