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Friday, April 30, 2004

As I was driving to work I got stuck in traffic. I was only 5 miles away from work but it took me an extra 45 minutes because a semi's engine had caught on fire and the entire cab was blackened! It looked intense so I wasn't so frustrated about coming into work 45 minutes late! I get into work with all sorts of paperwork put on my desk and I was NOT in a good mood. I bit a co-workers head off and ended up apologizing to him.

Once I settled into work I realized that I could chose to keep my attitude bad or change it. I chose to change it. And I'm happier because of it.

Yesterday was a blast! I went to California Adventures with my parents, sister and her two kids. I have a season pass so it didn't cost me anything but time away from work which I will have to make up on Saturday but oh well. I've been to California Adventures one time before, when my ex and I had season passes for DisneyLand they let us sneak preview California Adventures before it opened to the public. The Soaring over California ride was sold out for the entire day *for Fast Passes* and the line was 4 hours wait, so I never got to experience that ride. Yesterday after letting my niece and nephew get autographs of Lilo and Stitch we chose that as our first ride. A half an hour wait tops and it was a very cool ride! I was definitely impressed. We mainly walked around and did things for the kids but it was still fun. I experienced some fun kid shows that I normally wouldn't have gone to, like A Bug's Life 3D show, which was the best 3D I'd ever seen!

When we missed the Aladdin show we saw the Tower of Terror was actually running even though it doesn't open till May 5th. So my dad and I walked over to check it out, before I knew it I was walking through a very cool old hotel into the library where we saw the intro movie (which was the Twilight Zone show beginner whatever you call it) and then led into the 'service elevator'. My dad and I got lucky and were placed in the front row first shot! I was standing there talking to the girl next to me about the ride when I hear my sister yelling my name back in the line. The guy was cool enough to let her go with our group and people were cool enough to move around so she could be next to us. We got on the ride and it was an absolute BLAST! They even have a story behind it and you're in pitch black, then you see the ghosts, and then just stars and then you're at the top of the building and they open the elevator doors and you see outside and then they drop you! It was just incredible! It just keeps going. You think it's going to end but then it takes you back up only to drop you again! I LOVED IT! So much that I bought the hilarious picture of the three of us with huge smiles on our faces screaming at the top of our lungs! I mean I couldn't pass up proof that I was actually on the ride before it opened. ;) And I haven't gone on any scary rides with my dad ever! He never comes with me to Magic Mountain. But it was totally awesome and made my day! I will definitely recommend this ride to ANYONE!

We only stayed till about 4pm because I had a candle party that night. I got home and my party started and I ended up doing better then I did earlier this year and I even had less people there! I haven't closed my party but I will be sitting pretty. I finally got everyone out of my house at 10 and then I spent my time reading and journaling and then crashed hard by about 10:45pm.

Well sadly I think my 10 minute break is up, I'll have to write more later.


Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Some of my favorite Africa pictures :)

Click here to see them all

A guy on back of TruckCool FlowerLeaning
Adorable KidsLesotho CowboyCarrying Wood
The Rock throwing partyMe and my favorite hut and riverCool Tree
BuckOver-exposed picture of a lionThe Team with John and Debbie Brand
My Favorite Family in Africa Ever!At the airport saying goodbye

I'm at work, and should be working but I just have to get some things off my chest... I had a rough night last night and I'm still feeling the affects of it this morning. I had a break down last night, or break through, whatever you want to call it. I don't like where I'm going and know that there is a lot that needs to change. I feel the need to explain that when I say I had a breakdown it doesn't mean in the literal sense. I mean that I just had an emotional night and cried, not that I'm seriously having a dictionary definition of a breakdown. With that said...

On Sunday at church I felt God calling me to a 40 day commitment. Commitment of what? Well a lot of things, but mostly committing to spend time seeking Him in the evenings. I want to pick up the challenge of reading "A Purpose Driven Life" which is a 40 day process. I want to journal my thoughts and things that God is telling me. I also want to worship and spend time with Him and seeking His will for my life. And I believe that I need to start as soon as possible.

Last night was just a realization that it needs to take place sooner then later. My priorities are out of whack and I need a change. I cried and it felt good to cry out and get support. Sam encouraged me to start the 40 day process right away. He wouldn't let any of my excuses get in the way. He had a come back for all of them. I appreciate his support in this because it will mean that we won't get to hang out as much.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

I finally have my africa pictures! Click Here for my pictures of AFRICA!

And I worked long and hard over them for those of you who have been anxious to see them! You know who you are! I did it just for you! Enjoy! And feel free to email me with any comments or questions regarding them! :) I didn't write everything just cause I knew it would be a novel.

I'll have to post more once I get the ones from my video but this is a good chunk of my trip.

I'm tired... Goodnight!

Saturday, April 24, 2004

My paradigm is shot! I just got done watching a recently purchased DVD and as I sat there with the feel-good sensations flowing through me over this adorably cute Ďchick-flickí I all the sudden realize that the ending is the exact same song and ending of my ultimate life-changing favorite movie of all time ďBridget Jonesís DiaryĒ! For some strange reason I became obsessed to find out which came out first, ďBridget Jonesís DiaryĒ or ďSomeone Like YouĒÖ I searched the backs of the cases and found 2001 on one but had to go online for the other. After a few minutes online I was trying to figure out what would be worse, if ďSomeone Like YouĒ copied ďBridget Jonesís DiaryĒ or the other way around. And I realized in the end that I would much prefer my ultimate life-changing all-time favorite movie be the most original. After some searching on the internet, I found that Bridget Jonesís Diary was released April 2001, and Someone Like You released March 2001! This for some reason REALLY bothers me! WHY!?!?!?! Iím psycho thatís why. But deep down inside I wonder how creepy is this? That two cute movies end with the exact same song and ending!? Just a tad bit creepy. I still have yet to look through and see who the director of the soundtrack was. They HAD to have been the same person. And yet Iím laughing at myself in the fact that this bothers me so much. I donít get it. Itís ironic how just because ďBridget Jonesís DiaryĒ happens to be my ultimate life-changing all-time favorite movie I canít let another movie take a great ending first! Like itís my choice! Like it really matters? Hahaha Iím hilarious! But gladly I can laugh at myself.

*oh and I checked, there was no one person involved with both films that could have brought the song into each, Iíve checked* ;)

Ok onto my picturesÖ

Again I'm on my lunch break, and its Saturday... yup that's right... I'm at work on a Saturday! Ugh!

Well letís see, my last post was Wednesday and that night I brought back most of what I overspent at Walmart and Target. I felt really good about it when I was done so I know it was the right thing to do. So Thursday I thought I'd have a chance to work on my pictures well that didn't happen because I was at work until 11pm that night! I got to work at 7am and then at 6:30 went to dinner with Sam for a break, it ended up being a 2 hour lunch/dinner because Applebees was extremely slow and well we had lots to talk about! I got back at 8:30 and worked till 11pm and didn't get to bed that night till 2am! I hate driving up the hill when I'm exhausted like that!

Friday I didnít get to work till 10am but I still didnít feel like I got enough sleep, when 3:30 in the afternoon rolled around I was ready to go take a nap. I was starting to get a migraine, and that usually happens with lack of sleep. That night though I just relaxed and hung out and watched a movie (A Beautiful Mind, which was rather good!) and went through some old boxes of memories with Sam. It was funny because he is a packrat like me, keeping old receipts and pieces of paper that hold memories for us in our lives. I had to laugh at a lot of the stuff and some of it I totally understood and havenít met another person that has kept as much of the same stuff as meÖ

This morning I woke up and got to work and Rita was late but once she got there we started tearing down our desks and reorganizing everything. Sam came in to help us along with her husband. Sam helped set our computers back up and then headed up to his auntís house. Rita and I are now just going through our files and reorganizing them. I really like the way it looks and the functionality is going to be a nice change. Iím closer to the techs so they won't keep going over to Rita with questions, so now theyíll come to me.

And tonightÖ yes tonight should be some time for myself. I plan on working on my pictures first and then cleaning! Iím having yet another candle party at my place this Thursday and I need to have my room straightened so everyone can see all that Iíve done with it and all my new stuff up looking all nice and pretty. So hopefully tomorrow if you look at my blog I will actually have my Africa pictures posted!

Well gotta get back to workÖ

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I'm on my lunch break, and well I'm in a funky mood. PMS strikes again! I'm not in a bad mood, or a sad mood, I'm just *in* a mood. :) So I'm sure you've all noticed that I haven't completed my pictures yet. I'm sorry, I REALLY am... I have them uploaded but it's been a busy week. I will hopefully get time on Thursday to work on them. But right now the billing department has mandatory overtime which makes my already busy lifestyle even busier!

Yesterday I went to Target and Walmart. Out of the two I canít stand Walmart and rarely go but sadly Target didnít have what I was looking for, which is rare! But I overspent. I am even thinking about taking some stuff back, just because since my Africa trip I donít have all sorts of free money to throw around. Not that I do normally but itís been my habit to buy little things here and there that I need or want, but for now I have to hold off on doing that.

I havenít been getting enough sleep. For some reason Iím staying awake till 11 pm or 12 am and then waking up at 5 am. I usually try to get to bed by 10 for sure but it just hasnít been happening. I think thatís part of the reason for my mood.

Well my lunch is over and Iím not rejuvenated to get back to work AT ALL but alas I must get back to work.

Until next postÖ

Sunday, April 18, 2004

I've spent the evening doing nothing that I intended but I am thoroughly delighted with what took up my time! First things first though... ;) I have to set the stage...

My friend Rachel and I decided to go shopping today and just spend some time together. She knew of a place a bit away that had all of our favorite shopping places in one spot! So we drove down (about an hour and a half drive) to Costa Mesa, first to the IKEA. I love that store! So we spent a good two hours there. Then we went to lunch at Red Robin, another favorite of ours. After we were energized we started out again and went into Pottery Barn, then to Crate & Barrel (which Iíd seen the catalog to but never been to an actual store, and Iíd have to say if I was rich Iíd spend most of my money there!). We also went to the Container Store and Linens N Things. Linens N Things was my least favorite stop because itís basically a Bed Bath & Beyond which Iíve been to loads of times. But I had a lot of fun going through the Container Store. I love storage for some reason.

Now what do all these stores have in common? Well theyíre all about a womanís God given talent: To make a house a home! I had so much fun daydreaming about all the things I could do if I had a house. I told my parents that if I didnít move out with my brother I would have to have another room to keep my office/entertainment things. They agreed so I was already preparing what I could do with the extra space! I bought a comforter for my bed cover, I wanted a down comforter but they were too pricey so I went with synthetic, which was and is VERY comfortable and similar and will work for now since it was only $40.00! So when I got home I put that on and looked around my room and was disgusted with the piles of PartyLite boxes of beautiful wall sconces and candle holders that werenít being used because I didnít have the room. I finally got so fed up that I took everything off the walls and replaced it with a new item and boxed the old stuff and moved a book shelf here and there and amazingly Iím IN LOVE with the outcome! I had so much fun! And my African items really tied everything together! I was quite amazed! My parents saw my room and really liked it as well. My dad walked out and said "well now I understand why you want a house, you definitely have fun!" Iím far from done but thereís already a HUGE difference, enough to bring a smile on my face.

Well itís late and I need to get to bed for church in the morning.


Thursday, April 15, 2004

Last night we shared with the church about our experiences in Africa/Lesotho. I didn't realize I was going to be emotional all over again. But explaining my experience climbing up Thaba Bosiu really got to me and I of course cried as I explained how much God did for me and showed his love and concern for me through the people around me. I will hopefully explain that when I post pictures I'm not sure. At this rate the DVD Sam and I are putting together is going to take AT LEAST a month if we work on it every chance we get.

It was a lot of fun hearing my team members view of our trip. I would have to say I got people to cry, Tom and Jerret got people to cry as well but it was because they were laughing so hard. I seriously felt like I was at a comedy show! It was great!

I got to show a couple clips of Pastor Thomas in Ty, where we did most of our work and will continue to work with his church. I showed a clip of the village kids saying "Dumela The Place" and I turned the viewer around so they could see themselves on the video and they freaked! It was too cute.

Also a lady from the church was working at the college across the street and she loaned us a laptop and projector so we could view the pictures I had brought for the team members on CD. That's what we ended the night with. It wasn't very organized because I wasn't prepared to show them. But it worked out well in the end. :)

We were sharing from 6:30 to 10pm last night! People just wanted to hear and see more and more. I kept saying well we can stop and share more later. I finally had to tell everyone that it was late and I needed to get going. The group died down quite a bit but I was just glad to get home and go to bed.

Now today's Tax day so I need to finish filling out my forms and send it off in the mail. Nothing like waiting till last minute huh? ;)

Well I gotta get to work.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

So a particular person has been complaining that I haven't updated my blog. ;) You know who you are (cough*marc*)! It's been crazy since I've been back from Africa. Sam and I have been working on getting my video footage captured so I can edit it and make a movie out of it. I am even hoping to make a slideshow but I will need everyone's pictures to start that. I'm anxious to get my pictures up and I've been trying but there are just so many and they all have stories behind them. Maybe I should just post them with nothing, but what fun is that? :)

Well on top of trying to get back into my normal schedule there have been a lot of things in my personal life to deal with. My ex called me today and left a message that he has a terminal heart disease and would like prayer. And of course I called him back and found out the particulars. He has Primary pulmonary Hypertension, it's something I haven't even researched yet. But apparently some school is doing studies on it and if he gets picked for study they will pay for all the treatments. This is what we're praying for. Otherwise it's $170,000 a year for the treatments to stop the progression of this disease. It felt good to talk to him again. He's married and seems quite a settled person. I can imagine this causing a lot of fear and his wife must be a strong woman to stand by him. It seems weird to say his wife... But I have to say that I was genuinely happy for him and quite relieved to hear that he was married and that things outside of his health were going so well.

And well I have to say that I'm glad to be home, I'm wanting to be in my routine already but that'll take a week or so... I am desperate to get my pictures ready to post. I'm still working on that. So please have "saint-like" patience with me. (wink, wink Marc). Gosh I miss ya Marc! I'm so glad you're able to chat with me daily online or I don't know what I'd do. And thanks for your listening ear. You really have helped me make sense out of some things that I was having a hard time understanding.

Sadly my 15 min break is over and I must get back to work. :) Tonight's youthgroup, I can't wait. I've missed my youth kids! Tomorrow night is our Share-a-dish where the team can share our experiences in Africa! Then Thursday Sam and I are gonna continue working on the video footage. Friday we're having a party for Tony who passed his GED! Go Tony! And Saturday I think Rach and I are going out shopping. So gosh I have no idea when I can work on pictures. Maybe in the evenings before bed. Hopefully by Sunday I'll be able to post them :) But I'll try to keep writing in my blog.


Saturday, April 10, 2004

Dumelang bo-Me' le bo-Ntate! (Hello both woman and men!)
Lephela Joang? (how are you all?)
Kephela hantley! (I am fine)

Sesotho Conversation
Dumelang bo-Me' le bo-Ntate! (Hello both woman and men!)
Dumela Me' (hello to a woman)
Dumela Ntate' (hello to a man)

Ophela Joang? (how are you?)
kephela hantley luna lephela joang (I'm fine how are you all?)
ronarephela hantley kah allie boha (we're fine thank you)
tsamaeang hantley (go well)

I'm HOME! There's no place like home that's for sure! But Africa was a blast! I can't wait to share my photos! I'm not sure how long it will take me. I feel completely blessed to have gone on this trip and will for sure go again in the next couple years! Africa is an incredible place! I would have never thought I'd feel so comfortable there!

I got off the plane around 1:30 yesterday afternoon! It was good to see all the familiar faces and places and after a 20 hour plane trip you're thankful to be on the ground! Even being in LA made me feel good just knowing I was only hours away from my home! When I finally got all my luggage inside I broke out the gifts for everyone! I can't wait to check out the video footage with the family or go over my pictures again. It'll take me a while to post them. I might do it by day to day basis! :)

Either way I'm glad to be home! And I know I will be returning to Africa!