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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Today has been a great! It's been really relaxed. It's been a productive week for me with work and everything else. I finally got my thank-you cards written out and ready to send. Now I have to find out if I'm going to be able to send their gifts along with the cards. That would be my hope. I think I can do it.

Tonight I'm going over to Sam's to finish the second half of "The Stand". So I'm looking forward to that. I'm kind of zoning right now and really wished it was already 4:30 so I could go to the bank and be done with work. It hasn't been a rough day. I'm just tired.

Tomorrow night I'm driving w/ Sam to take his brother Doug and his girlfriend Sasha to the airport. It's all the way to LAX so it'll be a late night. Saturday my manager is having her anniversary party, which will basically be a wedding. She's renewing her vows. I'm looking forward to going. My brother wants me to post his pictures of Mount Rainier so I'll probably have that as a link soon.

So I got flowers yesterday! :) I'll have to post a picture soon. The funny thing is it was because Sam felt bad for me having a bad day. And I felt bad for taking out my frustrations so I sent flowers as a "thank you for putting up with me" and it was the same day I got mine! I couldn't believe the irony! He'll get his today. They're already at his place. But I had to laugh!

Well it's time to get back to work.

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Link of the Day: Colour & I. One of my friends, Brandie, always sends me those fun/interesting/annoying forwards. This one was one of the interesting ones. ;)


Monday, July 26, 2004

I rushed to get my work done and now I have 5 minutes to spare. I have so much to say but I'll start with my adorable nephew Gabriel. Brenda sent me these two pictures just today. Isn't he a doll!?! ;)

He's soooooooo sweet! I'm in love! I can't wait to go visit him. I'm hoping they'll be moved by the Fall. I'm anxious to get out there.

Well my weekend was hectic but it was a good one. Sam and I watched the first part of the Stephen King movie "The Stand". I had seen it a while ago, but it's basically like watching it over again. I barely remember what it was about. So that was a late night because work ended up being late as well. I think we got to Sam's around 8 and then started dinner and then started the movie. I think I got home and in bed by 2:30am! It was crazy.

Saturday I slept in but only a little. I had things to do. I went shopping with my mom. We went out to eat and then to get her bday present. She hadn't decided whether or not she wanted perfume, Bath & Body Works or just the money so she could get this charm bracelet she was going to look for. We ended up getting Divine fromVictoria's Secret that she likes. I stopped in Lane Bryant and ended up buying a couple shirts and a pair of pants for work. I'm tired of old frumpy tshirts and jeans. I'll shock them all once a week with a new one. I can't unveil them all at once! What fun would that be? ;)  hehe Then we went to Target and bought some toiletries, but I picked up some Crest White Strips too. I've been wanting to try them and my friend Rachel said they worked the best. It was pricey but worth the money! I so far have noticed a big difference!

Well it's time to head out. I'll try to write more later. Have a good one.


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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I'm sitting in my brothers room. I just finished billing the clients for the work Steve has done in the last couple days while Brian was out of town. I am anxious to get into this role full time! But I know that God has his timing which might not match my own. And though it may not make sense now it will someday.

Right now work has been A LOT better! It's incredible! Now my concern is my weight. I got my results back from my doctors appointment. Everything was normal except my cholesteral levels. :( I have high cholesteral. So they want me to take my dieting more seriously. I have already been going to the gym in the mornings with my sister, so that was a good start. I have also stopped Frappaccino's a while ago which ended up being easier then expected. But since I found out my results I've taken out soda. So far... it's not that bad. And I have started CortiSlim. My manager is big time into vitamins and she read the ingredients and says that it seems ok, all the ingredients are natural and good for you. She is going to take the nutritional facts to her nutritionist and see what they have to say. She's also recommended that before I start any diet that I should go through a natural detox. So this paycheck I'm going to have her get me some. So I think this was the final motivation to get me serious about it. I've never done more research about weight loss in my life. But I want to look and feel better about myself.

Well I'm gonna go shave my legs and head to bed. Tomorrow I get to pick up my brother from the airport which means I can leave work earlier but it also means I have to get to work earlier. Then Sam and I are gonna get together and do our bi-monthly budget. It's been helpful to work together and encourage eachother to pay off our debts. It helps me to have someone to be accountable to. He knows how much money I have to spend throughout that pay period and he'll help remind me if I don't have the money for something. And I do the same for him.

Sam's ex gave him some boxes of stuff that she took by accident while cleaning out his appartment of her things. It's a bummer she still hasn't realized that "Finding Nemo" was his. ;) But oh well. I guess we can just buy a new copy. hehe 

So I get to go take pictures at Tim and Annette's rehersal / dinner! I'm really looking forward to their wedding. It's going to be gorgeous and the surroundings alone will keep me busy with my camera. ;) hehe I now just need to save up some money for a nice outfit for the event! It's been a while because of my weight, I don't like shopping for clothes, but I need to. I'm hoping I can find something.

And my supervisor Rita is having her 25th Anniversary party at the end of this month and she'll be renewing their vows, it was their anniversary today. She's going to have a wedding gown and the whole nine yards! I'm looking forward to that as well!

My moms bday is tomorrow. Sadly she's not even in town. :( But she will be having fun. She's with another lady at the church that has the same birthday. They are going to some castle or something. But she'll be back Friday. But Sunday we're doing the family birthday. She wants to go to the drive in. I've never been so it'll be interesting to see how it is.

Well I've babbled long enough. Goodnight.

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Link of the Day: The Lord of the Peeps Sam sent me this link at work and I had to laugh!


Monday, July 19, 2004

Well they did it again... ;) Changed my blogger editing window and it screws me all up. :) It looks good though. It lets me edit more so that's cool.
Anyways when I went to my blog this morning I was shocked to see how long it's been since my last post! Normally I'm very aware of how long it's been because I usually mean to write in my blog daily. But this time, days slipped past with me unaware.
A lot has happened. Of course. :) I can't really remember how last week was at work. I believe it's been productive because I now have someone helping me by opening the checks and writing account numbers on them so I can post and balance the deposit, once that's done they take and photocopy and stamp the checks. It's been a HUGE help. Now all I need is someone to drive to the post office for me and then to the bank. The bank isn't a huge issue because it's on my way home, but without airconditioning the extra time in the car is a killer!
Sam spoke with our CEO about what everyone has been feeling. I'm not too sure how the CEO will respond. I've barely seen him today. But I'm thankful and proud of Sam for having to courage to talk to him. I hope things will get better. Of course the CEO had no clue that he was making people feel like that. And I believe it. People get so caught up in their lives and work that they may say something they don't mean or if they say it, they don't know what kind of tone they're saying with. I hope it will help in the long run.
Saturday was a totally relaxed day for me! I love those. I slept in, watched tv, read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5), watched tv some more. It was great!

Sunday after church and finishing up with hospitality (I'm glad I only have one more sunday left!), I drove down to Sam's parents house and enjoyed a nice family gathering. Sasha got a new car so she had to show it off, rightfully so! It's a gorgeous Volvo! I wish I knew the model. Well I just did a search and think I got it, it's a Volvo R S60. Sam's uncle Scott was in town with his kids Andy and Cory who ended up being cool kids. And his parents just got back from Cancun Mexico. It was a nice time. We hung out and ate good food and finally Sam said something that reminded me that he hadn't seen SpiderMan 2 yet. So we left and went to see the movie. He loved it and it was good enough for me to enjoy seeing it again.
Sometimes commuting has it's negative moments. As I was making the trek back home after the movie I was stopped suddenly by a wall of traffic and inched forward until passing a 5 car pileup. Luckily there were no fatalities. So I get past that and get home go to bed wake up and go to work only to hit another wall of traffic but this time it was a 5 car pileup and a big rig! Luckily the bulk of the accident had been pushed aside. I saw an ambulance driving through but I still don't know if there were any fatalities. But driving the freeway every day you really get tired of seeing accidents. It's hard on the emotions as well as the drive itself.
Well anyways, my brother is up in Washington and will be back on Thursday. He needs me to pick him up but isn't sure what time yet. My mom's bday is also Thursday. Gosh don't ask me how old. I think she'll be 58. She is going to be out of town so we will have the family birthday party this Sunday.
My lunch break is almost over so I should probably get going. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I did! Bye 
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Link of the Day: The Meaning of a Flower A girl at work got white roses so I looked up what it meant. It was sweet and fits for her. I thought this was a great link for future reference. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Well I'm on my lunch break. Today has been a whirlwind! Yesterday after work I went with my brother to see King Arthur. It wasn't the greatest movie, and I have to admit I'm glad he payed for it. ;) So when I got home it was late but I ended up staying later because he asked if he could use my camera, my baby. I had a hard time letting go of it, but I did and told him I have free reign over the pictures he takes with it. ;) He's got a good eye like myself and enjoys abstract things. I'm hoping he'll take some cool ones on his trip.

I finally got to bed around midnight. Which of course 4:30am came WAY too fast! I woke up with a horendous headache and decided against going to the gym. I called the gym and told them to let my sister know. The cool thing is he recognized us! We've been going long enough that the guy working recognized our names. YAY! :) So I slept for another hour but the headache didn't go away. :-/

I get to work only to find that my supervisor is out and I have to do the bank reconciliation on top of deactivations! It was non-stop, I did the bank rec in about an hour (I'm still not too sure of myself when doing it), and the deactivations took up to the very minute I had to go to the post office.

So I get back and have emails from my sister-in-law!!!! More pics of my adorable neices and nephews out in Mississippi!

Aren't they cute!?! I can't wait to go see them in the fall if it still works out. But I will make it out there within the next year!

Well my lunch break is about up. I should get going.

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Alas my weekend is coming swiftly to an end. How depressing. I can't say that I haven't had a good one. It's been rather relaxing and finally uneventful.

My neice and nephew stayed with us because my sister and her hubby went to CHEA (Christian Home Educators Assocation) where they could get their homeschool supplies for their kids.

I helped my brother create a tri-fold for drivenIT which turned out rather well. We're going to get them printed while he goes on his hiking trip to Mount Rainier. He leaves Tuesday and we're all excited for him as well as nervous. First of all this is a great testiment to his determination to build up his strength after his Crohn's Disease. And secondly this is a dangerous hike for anyone. But I know he will do great! When he gets back though he'll have a couple days to recoop and then head out to Africa with my dad on another mission. Once returning back from that he has to move to Thousand Oaks. Well he doesn't HAVE to. But he has made the decision to move out there. His friend starts his new job on the 3rd of August so he technically has to be moved in by then. But he'll have enough time to get his stuff there and catch the flight to Africa. hehe I don't envy him for his next month and a half that's for sure. hehe

Well it's late and 4:30 comes quickly! I'll try to write more soon.


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Friday, July 09, 2004

I'm hoping this will be a short blog entry. My hope is that I will finally get out of the office for the weekend! So this week dispite the frustrations has been a fairly good week. I have been running around at work trying to catch up from the holiday and the day off for doctors appointments. Luckily I went to the acting controller and asked him if there was something I could do to better allot my time and he wants me to write out a list of my duties and we'll go over it Monday. Now I've been trying to come up with a list of my duties for 3 weeks now. But today I finally made the time for it. So Monday should be good. He already sees I have a lot on my plate and says there's really nothing more he could see that I can do to get all that I need to done. He wants to have other people take over the smaller tasks so I can focus. Which is nice. :)

Anyways, Sam is FINALLY done! YAY! I can go away from the office now! woohoo! Have a great weekend!

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Link of the Day: Marc N Jess's Blog! They just went to New York! I'm so jealous!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

It's been a busy day. For some reason I'm really moody today. I have even gotten a lot accomplished.

I worked yesterday and after the holiday only had time to do deactivations and the deposit.

Today I didn't work because I had a doctors appointment as well as eye exam. So I woke up at 4:30 like normal to go to the gym, worked out with my sister. Went home and took a short nap and shaved my legs and got ready for my doctors appointment. Got there and she did the physical and the pap. I had never had one and was told if I wasn't sexually active I didn't need to have one. But one of my friends told me it's best to at least have a norm to go by if something does happen in the future. So I did it for that. It was rather uncomfortable but rather quick! It was time for more blood work and luckily I hadn't eaten anything so I could get it done, it was the fasting kind of blood work.

After that I headed home and worked with my brother on the drivenIT site until I had to go to my eye exam. That went well and my perscription hasn't changed much, but it's time for me to get a new pair of glasses anyways. I found out it will cost me about $280.00 for my new glasses.

At this point I got in a bad mood. I guess just a little overwhelmed because I've been doing really good about getting my finances in order but I can't afford 280.00 for glasses and I should be able to. But I will work it out somehow. It is just frustrating.

Well I gotta go. Oops never posted this, just saved it as a draft. So it's a couple days behind schedule.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th of July! Click Here

Friday, July 02, 2004

Well I'm sitting in Sam's office waiting for the pictures I'm printing for my "thank you" cards to be done. He's over talking to Tim.

Today has been an interesting day. I found a website on low cost recognition ideas for my work. I am really excited to start my ideas! I was so excited in fact that I decided to ask the CEO if he would be willing to let me buy pizza and goodies for lunch and expense it. He was cool with that and said that we had plenty to celebrate.

So this weekend I plan on taking tomorrow to completely relax. I plan on sleeping in and whenever I wake up start cleaning my room. Then work on my "Thank You" personalizing my "thank you" cards.

Sunday after church I plan on going down to Oceanside and watching the fireworks at the beach. I've never done that and I figured it would be kind of fun. :)

Monday I guess a group of us are going to go see Spider Man. I know it's gonna be crazy busy but we have the whole day. So that's my weekend in a nutshell. So bye for now. I'm sure I'll blogger later in the weekend.

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

I got some more pics of my nephew! :)

Isn't he cute!?! Little grumpy face.

My brother Shawn with his new son Gabriel

Big brother Jackson giving Gabriel a kiss... awh...

My brothers four kids. Amber with baby Gabriel. Sierrah holding Jackson.

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