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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I've made it to work, but I want to turn right back around and head home except I don't ever want to deal with the stress of driving in this horrendous weather again! My drive to work was tense, I had rain coming from above, below and on the sides plus dense fog. (insert sarcasm here) Yup, it was a great drive to work. :-D (end sarcasm) I saw four accidents on the way in. I kept thinking if I can only get down the hill I'm sure the rain will mellow out... No such luck. The rain was just as hard, the only good thing about getting to the bottom of the hill was the fog was behind me. Now that I'm at work I'm moody and frustrated. Part of me wants to pack up and just drive back up the hill but then I'd have to deal with it all over again. There's barely anyone here at work so that makes it twice as hard to have to stay.

I'm also on edge because my family is packing and having a moving party on the 8th but we have no place to move to. :( So we may just be moving it to a storage unit. My parents have two places they are looking into today and I'm feeling extremely anxious. I have plenty of offers to stay with people but it would only be temporary and frustrating to have to live out of a suitcase until we found a place. I would deal if I had to, but I desperately don't want to have to. My hope and fervent prayer is that one of the houses they look at today will be the answer. I know God is in control but sometimes it's hard to let him take control of these types of things. Things that may make my life uncomfortable. But God won't give me anything I can't handle, but he will stretch me... This might be a stretching time, and well I should be grateful because as my favorite book of the bible, James, says "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." Ok so Jesus is testing my faith to develop perseverance. Ok Lord, I hear ya... I'll keep my hope in You.

So ok sorry about that. God was speaking to me as I wrote that. I know "in all things give thanks", so thank you Lord for this trial, it is meant to bring me closer to you.

Well I should get to work.

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Link of the Day: The Bible Gateway - where I look up the scriptures when I need to reference them.

Friday, December 24, 2004


It's the eve before Christmas and I have been totally overwhelmed at how blessed I feel this year! I got sooo many wonderful gifts I'm not sure how to take it all! My family's tradition is to open all our gifts on Christmas Eve and wake up late on Christmas morning. There has been a vast change in my feelings about Christmas. I have for the last few years (as I've stated before) felt a little distant towards this season, but this year it has been quite different! I was really looking forward to everything; hanging out with the family, Christmas pageants, and the presents I bought for people, just everything! I sometimes wonder if my change in feelings towards Christmas is because I didn't have high expectations. But in regards to gifts alone, even if I were to name everything off that I got for Christmas I think anyone would think that it was a lot of great gifts! I almost feel bad. And I don't believe that I've justly expressed what I even feel.

Lets see..

- Sam bought me a car stereo which I absolutely love! And David played a huge part in getting it installed. :)
- My best friend Rachel got me a plate of goodies and included 3 gift certificates! Bath & Body Works, Barnes & Noble and Best Buy! :D And also a really cute book mark.
- Dick from work got me some candles and a cute address book, journal box set.
- The youth even got me a blue glass vase (which I have collected for a while) and also a gift certificate for Barnes & Noble!
Oh and I received $100.00 from my boss at our work party!

Tonight I opened up what my family got me...
- My parents bought me the Anne of Green Gables DVD Trilogy! A movie which was a HUGE part of my childhood! I can't wait to watch it tomorrow! :D
- Grandparents got me This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness.
- My sister got me these adorable pink slippers! They are soooooo comfy! I love em!
- My brother bought me the biggest shock! An iPod! And not just any iPod but a U2 Special Edition iPod!!!!

Oh and Carlos at work drew me a picture of an image that has a lot of meaning for me. And he's going to complete it in a series of three images so I can get them framed! Here is a scan of the picture below. Isn't he an awesome artist!?

Christmas has been an enormous blessing. And my family loved what I got them so it was even better! I am just so appreciative of everything that I've been given. It's more then I could have ever even hoped for!

So I say goodnight and wish you all the very best this Christmas!

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Link of the Day: MinneSoLong - Interesting blog I ran across in surfing the web. It was her photography that caught my attention.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm sitting here at work on David's machine waiting for our pizza to arrive. I'm getting a lot accomplished today which is a nice change. The last few days have been hard to concentrate due to the holidays. I'm looking forward to my time off work because my Anne of Green Gables Trilogy came in today so I'll get to watch it on my time off! And then my mom got me the book series "This Present Darkness" and "Piercing the Darkness" that I will be able to sit down and read. :) So I have plenty to keep me busy on my time off.

oooh pizza's here... Gotta go!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Yesterday I had the bestest best Christmas present/prank played on me!!!

Sam bought me a car stereo for my Christmas present and I'd been asking him when he'd get a chance to install it. Well Friday was no exception. I had hoped that I could come over today (Saturday) and get it installed. But no such luck, both Sam and David were going to be busy. I told Sam I would have to give them both the puppy dog eyes. Well as we all went to lunch I pulled the puppy dog eyes and sadly it didn't work. Both were talking about how they had things to do. They said it was possible to install it Thursday of next week. I was totally bummed, but realized I couldn't expect them to do it and I'd have to be patient because it really was on their time schedule.

I went about my day... About an hour after lunch David calls me and tells me his wife Erin was broken down and she had Lilly and that he just tried his jeep and it wasn't working and Sam was gone or he'd ask him but he needed a car. Before he could ask I offered mine. He came by and picked up the keys. Tim was there so he and I had a long conversation so I was quite occupied. Jason had come up to me a little later and asked if I had heard from David and how his wife was doing, I of course said no.

At about 2 hours after David had come to pick up my keys I went to the bathroom and for some reason it hit me just then, David has a brand new car! How could it have broken down? So I started putting two and two together. I started to wonder, did he take my car to get my stereo installed!? But I didn't want to get my hopes up. I had told Ronda at work about David taking my car and his reasons, then went up to her and told her my suspicions, she agreed. So I went about my day, luckily I was VERY busy and didn't even have time to call and see if I could get any information out of them...

So at 4:30 I call Sam and he tells me he's wrapping up at a customers site and he'd be back in the office in plenty of time for us to leave at 5pm. But he didn't mention david. So I called back and told him David had my car, he asked why all surprised, I told him that Erin had broken down. He acted all shocked and then said he'd call david. At this point I'm smiling ear to ear playing along with it. I mean if it's my car I could easily call David myself. So Sam "calls" david and then calls me back to tell me that david was on his way back to the office and should be there in 5 minutes. When I asked what happened with Erin, he said david didn't go into detail and he sounded stressed. So I chuckled and left it at that. So David calls me almost exactly 5 minutes later thanking me for the use of my car and then proceeds to tell me this elaborate story of how Erin was emotionally distraught over possibly ruining his new car, and how it was something to do with wiring and everything froze up and she lost steering and everything. At this point I'm starting to second guess my theory of the install. I mean this was pretty elaborate, almost too elaborate that it might actually be true. So I told him I was glad I could help and then hung up the phone still not knowing whether or not it was true...

So I get asked to take the deposit to the bank, Ronda having known my car was gone apologized and asked if I'd still be able to do it, I told her David had been back and I just needed to grab my keys. So Steve asks me how David's wife was doing, and if I'd heard from them. So at this point I couldn't imagine that David would lie to Steve so I started to believe that it was a valid story. But just the same I told Sam I had to leave and needed my keys, he made a big issue about meeting outside with them because they were about ready to be done anyways and they'd meet me outside with my keys. So I went outside and they were still at the office door closing up so I took a peek inside my car as I walked by... Sure enough! I stereo I didn't recognize!!!! I grinned, relishing the moment and wondering how I was to approach this. So I go up to Sam and tell him to hurry his butt up because I think I've waited long enough to see it. He of course acts sheepish, "why Charity, what on earth do you mean?" hahahaha I told him I knew they installed it and we had a good hearty laugh about their elaborate scheme!

I couldn't help but feel utterly special that they had gone through so much trouble to make up the story! And that they got Jason and Steve in on it! I'm still in shock about having a car stereo. I'm not sure though what was the better gift, the actual stereo, or the effort they went through to install it without my knowledge! It meant a lot to me. And this had been planned since Tuesday and I've been buggin Sam all week! And he knew! hehe I love those guys! Talk about great friends!

So I've been enjoying my new stereo! It's been great driving and being able to listen without the static any everything else. It's a nice looking stereo and hearing all the work they put into it, it wasn't just a simple basic install. They soddered everything instead of the quick crimping, etc...

This has been a novel I know. And there's way more I'd like to share but I think this is enough for one entry.

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Link of the Day: Another Mopmonster Link. He's been working on a covers project and I have to say I am impressed and amused so I thought I'd share it. Good job James!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

It's my last morning at Sam's place. It's been a nice time away from the stress of having to move. Though I fear having to go back home and having reality slap me in the face. I've enjoyed my time here.

I have had a pretty eventful week at work. I've been apart of a lot of co-workers happiness, and frustration. I rather feel like I haven't been working. Carlos and I are still putting together the goals charts. He got some good news himself, he's receiving a raise and is being allotted a dollar amount that he can divide amongst his staff! Both of those were excellent news to hear as we went to lunch. I'm sooo happy for him. He's well worth it! Then Renato has been training me in sales. He's a really cool guy and very driven and full of charisma which makes him great for sales. He's accomplished a lot at such a young age. He's completed his BA and moving onto his Masters and I admire people that have completed their education. I guess it's because I want to do that as well. I know of two people that are graduating today with their BA's and I have to say congratulations! Then there was a 2 1/2 hour lunch with my friend David. David and I had a lot to talk about and it's been needed but never done. It was a good talk. A little hard to take at moments but in the end I believe only good can come from it.

So it's almost Christmas and I have more then half my list to still shop for. Luckily I know what I want to give everyone, and luckily the majority of them are gift certificates. :) Hey it's the easiest way to go to make sure you get someone something they want. I know they are a bit impersonal but I'd rather get them a gift certificate so that they can pick what they want instead of having to return it.

Last night my church had a progressive dinner. It's where you start at one house for the soup and salad, go to the next for the main course, and the next for the desert. The cool part was we had to go in groups, get to the next house as quick as possible and couldn't come in without singing the entry song, which was different at every place. I have to admit I was lucky I had a group of good singers with me. ;) hehe So it was a lot of fun, and fast paced! Though in the end I don't think my stomach liked being so rushed and on the go... And back at the final house which ended up being my place we had a gift exchange. Instead of buying things we just took things we had around the house that were either new and never used or in good condition that we had to give away. We actually read a story and moved the gifts from left to right until the story ended, at the end of the story we were allowed to trade with others but only before opening the gift. I have to admit I cheated because I knew what my brother-in-law brought and I wanted it... It was a shop vac! :D A mini shop vac never opened! I figured it would be good for my car or what not. Either way it was a lot of fun and I'm really glad I went.

Well it's getting late. I need to get going. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Bye!

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Monday, December 06, 2004

So it's now my sister Heidi's birthday! Happy Birthday my sister! I love my sister so much! I'm chatting online with my sister now.

Well I'm still at Sam's place. Getting ready to do the billing for drivenIT. I'm anxious for Sam to get back not only because I miss him but he's also not available for me to talk to whenever I need or want to... But I have been enjoying his place. It's been hectic having to drive between work, here and up the hill. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be insane. I have to get up, drive to work, after work drive up the hill for youthgroup (Tuesday) and class (Wednesday) and then back down to Sam's place to sleep.

Right now I've actually finished everything that I needed to a lot sooner then I expected. So now I'm just relaxing and listening to some of the music I can find in Sam's computer that I actually like. ;) hehe

Oh and my best friend Rachel has her hope of being a mom either temporarily or permanently fulfilled! A friend of her family was watching a little girl who's mom was in prison for a year. Well she's pregnant and started spotting and is forced into bedrest and can no longer watch the little girl. So they called Rachel to watch her for the year. This was all brought to her this morning and they had to decide right then! Well when they decided to do it, the mother was called to find out if she would be willing to give legal guardianship over to Rachel and Tom and the mother said she didn't care what they wanted, even if they wanted to give the kids to CPS! So obviously the mother doesn't really care about the kids. So at this point who knows what's going to happen. But for now Rachel has a 2 month old little girl to take care of for a year. I already went to Target to buy her stuff since she has nothing and they dropped the little girl (Rosey) off tonight already! So I went shopping and had all sorts of stuff in my basket and finally decided the best thing to do was to get a gift card. :) So Rachel and I can go shopping for her together. I'm excited for Rachel but also nervous about all the drama that could come out of this with the mom in the future. But for now it's a blessing for Rachel so I'm happy.

Well that's all for now. Goodnight.

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Link of the Day: Anne of Green Gables: Trilogy Box Set
What I'm hopefully getting for Christmas. Even a longer epic then my other favorite movie Pride & Prejudice!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

So it's my brother-in-laws birthday today. Happy Birthday Jeff! I called but he must be out partying it up. hehe

Well I'm sitting at Sam's computer at his apartment. I fed the cats so they are happy and I'm chatting with Sam online. He's in Rhinelander, WI visiting our old manager/good friends Marc and Jess. I wish I was out there with him. But I just got back from North Carolina and well Sam desperately needed a vacation. I'm happy for him. Though its kind of lonely without him.

Work has been really exciting as of late. Carlos and I are working closely on setting goals for the tech department. Well at this point it might become a company wide procedure. But Steve's totally liking the ideas and he's supporting giving out cool awards! He even commented on possibly getting iPods or Nintendo DS's! I am looking forward to it. He's also stated that the Christmas party is going to be downsized to an office event and the money he saves he's going to hand out bonus's! Let's just hope these aren't empty promises.

I was at work from 8:30am to 8:00pm!!! It wasn't too bad, I was so tired I became loopy and pretty much everything was funny. And I'm still struggling to get over this cold! It's sooo frustrating. My voice is all raspy, I sound like a 75 year old smoker... real sexy. ;) hehe And well I'm just not up to par... And tomorrow night I'll be at the youthgroup Lock-In which means we won't sleep all night! So I'm planning on leaving work as early as possible, head up the hill to get ready for the lock-in to start at 7pm and stay up ALL night and watch the sunrise and send the teens packin'! But it should be fun. I'll just need to stay high on caffeine and sugar! When I crash, just build it up again! No sleeping is allowed and if you do fall asleep people get to draw scary things on your face! hehe If I get tired enough I may just chance to scary drawings though. :D

Well goodnight. I'm tired.

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