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Monday, February 28, 2005

So I'm finishing up a long day at work. I'm doing the month-end reports after I've finished entering all the money I can add for the month of February. I'm listening to the Killers and I am in a hyper/smiley mood! :D

I've been here since 7am and will be leaving probably at 7pm when the reports are done printing... It's a huge relief to have finished the project today. This means I'm completely 100% caught up on my work. Now we'll see how long it takes me to get bogged down again. I've spent too much time working. I asked if I could at least come in at 8am tomorrow morning. :) I think they realized I was getting loopy from being at work so long and they felt pity on me. ;) hehe

Tonight I was supposed to go to our first support meeting at the church for weight loss. I missed it. :( I guess the only thing was going to be discussed was when to meet. So I didn't miss much. I only have two days available.

On my lunch break today I calculated how many hours I'm awake in a day and what I do from hour to hour... i.e. 5am-6am: get ready. 6am-7am: drive to work. 7am-5pm: work. 5pm-6pm: drive home. And depending on the particular evening, Tuesdays 6:30pm-9:00pm: youthgroup. Wednesday, 7pm-9pm: class. And so on. I found that Thursdays are the most free evenings I have with 5 hours of free time for myself or whatnot. Mondays are a close second with 3 1/2 hours available. This was all to find out if I had enough time to fit the gym in a couple nights a week. I'm starting to think that I need to get something to do cardio at home... maybe fill up some air in my bicycle tires and ride around the neighborhood? hmmm that's an idea. But my knee gives out rather quickly with the bike. that's why I enjoy the crosstrainers and stuff. Easier on the joints.

I went to lunch with my dear friend Leserlie yesterday after church and she was telling me about her Gazelle. So I was thinking it might be nice to not have to take the extra time to drive to the gym. But I enjoy the diversity of the equipment at the gym. So who knows what I'm going to do?

Well I'm still here, waiting on these reports. :-\ I was hoping to be out of here by 7pm but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. But I guess I've said enough for tonight.


Sunday, February 27, 2005

I am excited about the changes in my life. It took me long enough to snap out of whatever that was earlier this year. The feeling of independence is starting to take over the feeling of loneliness. I was chatting with my long time friend Joe last night, I found that I have set goals, goals that are realistic and healthy for me! I sent him links of different things on my blog and then found myself reading through from the beginning of the blog. It's interesting to see where I've come in the last two years! February 28th, 2003 was my first post! It's incredible to imagine that was just 2 years ago! How far I've come, and how much I've changed! I think at times I changed for the worse, but in most aspects I can see a positive change, growth and maturity.

So it's set. My sister Heidi and I will be leaving the Irvine train station May 13th at 1:40pm and will be on a train until 8:30 that evening when we arrive in San Luis Obispo. We have a room at an Inn 4 miles away from the station. And we're only 10 miles away from the beach. The grounds at the inn are really pretty and have been praised in the reviews. Unfortunately you get what you pay for and the rooms are said to be less elegant. I personally don't mind. I wouldn't need to spend the night except the train doesn't just turn right back around and head home. So we've decided to enjoy a day in San Luis Obispo. Heidi will bring her paints, I will have my camera and we'll enjoy our surroundings. We will wake up early Sunday morning to get on the train back home at 6:45 am and will return back to Irvine at 1:30pm. I'm really looking forward to the time away. Something unique and different. Though I'm still dissapointed I'm not able to make the trip alone I'm grateful for my first time doing something like this I will have my sister with me. Maybe once I've done it I will be able to convince everyone that it is safe to travel on my own.

Well I'm ready to veg and watch a movie... Cast Away.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Isn't it weird how sometimes you have dreams and you're not even sure why they showed up in your brain!?! Well last night I had a dream ... and one of the only two things I can remember about it was that Ryan Seacrest was in it! In all his pompous glory! I don't even like Ryan Seacrest!! Why did he show up in my dream!? And the second thing I remember is someone in my work complex was in my dream as well. But that seems more reasonable. This is a person I see every day across the way as I'm coming in and out of the office. Either way I just thought that was weird.

Also I decided to share some of my addictions... Links that I find myself browsing daily...

Someone's secret blog -
Minnesolong - I love her photography
Shawn Hogan's blog - a link I ran across while looking for billing software
Mopmonsters LiveJournal - my friend Jame's journal
Pops Bucket - a recent addition and find myself giggling/laughing heartily while reading
Marc N Jess - not updated regularly but I still check it daily

Wow I ran across an old post that never got uploaded... back on Jan 29th, 2005

Ok so here's some interesting links that I've had saved for the next chance I had to post
Funny Soda Commercial
Controversial VW Polo Commercial
Sam's" New Nephew - Alex David - Jan 13, 2005
Sam's" New Glock 17 C

Well that's enough for now...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

It's been a week of painful truths. I have had to come to grips with a lot of things in my life. It seems that when it rains it pours. I have been struggling for more then a month with every aspect of my life. I would use the excuse that I was just pmsing and was overly emotional. Well two cycles have passed and it doesn't seem that life has lightened its grip around my neck! Melodramatic, I know. But proof that it couldn't just be pms! hehe It does seem that when God starts doing his work, whether it's challenging or encouraging it comes all at once or in waves. So far I would say this has been the longest I've experienced emotional stress in a while. I could say I'm lucky. Here I am talking about months, but my first sentence is talking about this week. Well I would hope, I can't guarantee, that whatever it was that I desperately needed to get through my thick skull is finally starting to penetrate! God can do infinitely more then I could ever dare to ask or hope for in my life. I need to keep focused on that truth.

I finally got the pictures of our "girls night out" done.

Rachel, Andie, me and Heidi at Applebees 2.5.05

Heidi and Rachel

Rachel and Andie

Andie and me

Me and my sister Heidi

Andie and Heidi

Me and Rachel

I'm blessed with friends like these!

I'm listening to my U2 collection and sadly I have not listened to all 400+ tracks I bought on iTunes for my iPod. I'm trying now to make it a point to listen to every song. It's odd to think back at how long I've loved this band! It brings back memories of my awkwardness growing up. Realizing I could like my own music and not *just* what my brother brought home. Though I would say my brother Brian introduced me to most of my favorite bands, even to this day.

So with all the changes that have taken place in my life I'm surprised that I have not been more committed to making new changes considering I usually get inspired in the new year! I think because there has been so many things happening I haven't had time to sit down and think about what I want in this year for my life. I'm starting to make a list of things I would like to accomplish, whether its done in a year or longer I don't care. I finally feel something changing inside of me. Sometimes it's painful to realize that change is necessary, and other times it can be exciting to face the new possibilities.

Well I guess I'm done...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ok so I haven't been writing... as some of you have mentioned.... (SupaJ!) ;) So here I am.

Things have been hectic. Work has been extremely stressful and when I get home I've been so desperate for relax time that I haven't even turned on my computer unless absolutely necessary. Last weekend was wonderful! I took Friday off for my sanity and it couldn't have been a better day! I woke up late to a VERY wet, miserable day. One that you wouldn't want to be driving in. I also started my monthly bill and well I just laid in bed most of the day! It was great! I was supposed to go shooting with Sam and the guys but I just didn't feel up to it. I only got up at one point to go pay some bills, and then laid around watching more tv. Saturday I did basically the same. I also went shopping with my mom for my dad for Valentines day, I helped her pick out clothes for him. I also went shopping for my friend Rachel who's bday was the 11th. I got home and took a 2 hour nap and then watched more tv, set up more nicknacks in my room. It was great! I was loving every lazy minute of it. I took my time doing everything! I had no schedules! Sunday was about the same. I just had to go to church and afterwards I just relaxed.

When I got back to work Monday it was like I had been rejuvinated. I was happy again. The stress didn't seem to get to me so much. All my projects didn't make me feel overwhelmed. I was able to laugh and enjoy working again!

I went out with "the girls" a couple weekends ago for my best friends birthday. We went out to dinner and then to the movies. It was my sister, Rachel, Andie and myself. I wanted to get the pictures of that night up so I have been delaying any posts until I could, but I'll post them when I have the time. It's the first time Rachel, Andie and I have been together for a birthday for a long time. It was a lot of fun!

I'm planning a train trip up the coast for May. My sister is going with me. Everyone I told that I was planning on going on my own freaked. And not just family either! So I was telling my sister about it and I think it will be a fun time for us. We're probably leaving the Irvine station to go to San Luis Obispo, we'll stay two nights and head back home. It takes 6+ hours to ride up there. I think it would be really pretty! So I'm really looking forward to it and am having a lot of fun arranging everything.

Well I need to get back to work.

My nephew Gabriel earlier this month

My nephew Gabriel as of yesterday 2/4/05

This was an old post that I never posted... My nephew had influenza, a pretty bad strain as well as a couple secondary infections in his throat. He was amazingly off the breathing machine 3 days faster then the doctors expected. He'd been on the prayer chain for our church and our family of churches across the continent. He's out of the hospital now. Still not back to his normal self. He's not been eating and my sister-in-law has to feed him with a dropper. It was a pretty dramatic time for the family. And during the hospital stay my nephew Jackson fell from the top of a long staircase and ended up in the hospital at the same time! He had a pretty bad cut on his head that required 13 staples! Poor guy! He's fine now but with everything going on with Gabriel, Brenda started to lose it! Both of her boys in the hospital at the same time! I could only imagine how hard that was on her. But they are hanging in there now with both boys out of the hospital and Jackson's injury is doing fine now. They only had him in the hospital for observations. Gabriel will slowly regain his strength and hopefully will start eating and doing better.

That's it for this post since it's an older one.