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Saturday, March 26, 2005

So things around here have been hectic... So tomorrow's Easter. I went shopping today to get my outfit. Nothing jumped out at me but I still found stuff non-the-less. I'm planning on spending my evening cleaning up my room. I'm hoping to have it more put together for my family when they all come over. I think I might put on a long movie to help pass the time cleaning. I'm trying to keep a certain stress off my mind.

Work has been kicking my butt. I was worn out by Wednesday but still had a rough week ahead. Sometimes I just don't know how to keep going with all the work that's on my plate. But you keep moving forward even though you repeatedly get behind and the game is just a game of catch up. Anyways, if you couldn't tell I had a discouraging week at work.

As far as life though I have a lot going on. A lot of good things. I'm getting closer to God daily through crying out to Him for strength and guidance. My youthgroup teens are awesome and have been a blessing lately in encouragement. I have been on myspace a lot in the last couple weeks, but the last few days it's been rough due to work.

I'm looking forward to the family coming over tomorrow. It's been a while since we've all sat down together. Actually I believe it was at the old house! And it will be even more cool in a couple days!

Anyways, I'm gonna get a movie started and start cleaning.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Ok so I've found a new addiction!! (If you're on here's my link: I've spent a good portion of my spare time finding old friends, meeting new ones, and chatting with the teens in my youth. Things have been hectic. I've had a lot of fun the last couple weeks. I got my train tickets in the mail this week! I have them in my bathroom so that I can keep reminding myself that soon I will have some time to myself!

Here are the pictures of my brothers place in Oxnard

You can see Mike walking to his rental car in front of their place.

Looking out from their balcony

Brian walking up to the beach (which is only 5 minutes away!)

A cool picture of Brian on the pier

This picture reminds me of a Soundgarden video

Ventura Pier

It was a great trip! Really relaxing and enjoyable. I miss my brother but when we do get together we usually end up having a great time. And he's always so sweet to me when I go down there. He makes sure his house is clean, the sheets washed, etc.

Anyways, that's it for now.

So last week I went to my neice's bday party and my brothers place in Oxnard for the weekend.

Megan's 5th Birthday/Slumber Party - 3/4/05

Erin, Katie, Megan, Alyssa and Brenley

My sister Heidi and I with all the girls.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

It's been a wonderful week! Yesterday especially! I couldn't believe how overwhelming it all was... I found out that my commissions check was coming in. I decided to use it on my ex's credit card debt. I have only been able to pay slightly more then minimum and well he hasn't paid me any of it since we broke up a couple years ago. Either way the commissions check will be a chunk... Not a big chunk but better then minimum! So I'm excited about that. I do wish my ex would pay me and when I asked him he said he would see what he could do but I haven't heard from him since. I know he's not doing so good, health-wise, so I'm trying to have grace for him and realize that even if it's his debt, it's under my name and I made the mistake of letting him even use one of my credit cards to begin with. God has blessed me with the extra money to start paying it off! So you live and learn...

Yesterday was friday, which always makes it a good day at work. ;) And on top of that it was payday friday! And then getting my commissions check I was feeling pretty good about the day. I had been working on some reports of profit and losses and the information I've collected since November 04 was considered valuable information! I got kudos, it was a great feeling! Then I get a messenge that I'm sworn to secrecy about! :-x But it was sooooo exciting and I can't wait! My only hope is that I can keep the secret as long as I need to. Of course once I know I can tell people I'll make sure to update on my blog. :) So I was all smiles yesterday afternoon! Actually all this took place before noon!

For the rest of the day I was in a great mood. I got home and went to grab my neice's bday present out of the trunk of my moms car and happened to see something out of the corner of my eye. It was a $100.00 bill!!!! Laying in the grass and soaking wet! (It had been raining all day) So I pick it up and slowly glance around the rest of the grass for more! I mean come on... It's not every day you see a hundred dollar bill on the ground! I asked my mom if she had dropped any money. She asked if I found some and immediately smiled and said that she had dropped some money. I could tell she was joking so I asked how much she dropped and she said a dollar. I started laughing... um mom that's not how much I found. I couldn't believe my luck! it's not like you can go to the neighbors and ask who lost a hundred dollar bill!!! So there you have it. I'm a hundred dollars richer! I felt like it was a total blessing from God!

I mean I've been struggling for so long and God's lifted me up out of my funk and it's like all these great things are happening. My whole outlook on life has changed. I'm just genuinely happy which I haven't felt till maybe just this last month. And as I've stated before I felt I was in a depression. The end of last year and the beginning of this year brought a lot of changes that were hard to take all at once. It wasn't impossible to take, but hard to take. Change is good.

Last night I went to my neice's slumber party! I had a lot of fun. I'll have to post the pictures here soon. They were all cuties. I stayed at my sisters till about 1am and then realized I needed to get home and sleep since I was getting up today and driving down to Oxnard to spend the night at my brothers place. And here it is 10:42am and I haven't left yet. :) But the point is relaxation. No rushing, no deadlines, or time restraints. So this is where I leave...