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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Here are some of my favorites of the photoshoot I did this weekend with Nancy! This is a different way to post images. It's a bit thrown together. I don't have actual thumbnails of the images but just resized the link... So the thumbnails look sketchy.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

I had a REALLY fun weekend!

Friday night I went to see two movies with Sam. Serenity, which was a pretty good flick actually... I was rather impressed. I wasn't sure what to expect but I left glad that I went to see it. And we went to Wallace and Gromit... :) It was pretty cute.

Saturday I woke up fairly early for a day off and waited to confirm meeting my friend Russ in Burbank to pick up some games. He never got back to me so I called. I was rushed to get down to his place then make my way to Perris, Ca. for the photoshoot I was doing for my friend Nancy.

Friday, after work, I had noticed my tire was low rather quickly and I must have a slow leak. With all that driving Sam suggested that I get it fixed before I make the trips. I was already on a tight schedule but when I found out that American Tire would take an hour I decided to not go to Burbank but to fix the tire and reschedule the Burbank trip for Sunday...

So I get my tire fixed, drove down to Perris, Ca. I went to Nancy's place and hung out chatting while she finished getting ready and we walked down to the City Hall and took pictures from about 4:30 to 6:00. The pictures turned out AWESOME! I can't wait to post them! She was happy with them and well she was an easy person to take pictures of... Naturally photogenic and model ready. She knew how to work for the camera. I had sooo much fun! It makes me want to be a full time photographer. So she and her hubby took me out to dinner for taking the pictures and then I made my way back up the hill. On my way home I stopped by Sam's for a quick visit. I wanted to show him the pictures and he had been having a rough night and I felt he needed a friendly face. As I drove home I noticed it started to sprinkle in spots but as I got further into the Cajon pass it got pretty scary! The rain was coming down so hard! But I made it home safely and at a decent hour. hehe

Sunday I went to church, took my nephew with me shopping at Target and Longs, had dinner/lunch with the family and then made my way down with my sister to Burbank to pick up the games from my friend Russ. As I called him he had thought I cancelled for today as well and made other plans, as I was at hwy138. Luckily he reworked his arrangements and had us meet him at a BBQ he was at. We hung out for a couple hours and made our way back home. I went to bed fairly early.

I woke up this morning to loud rolling thunder and rain! It was amazing! It was 5:30am and my alarm had gone off and I normally press snooze a few times but I was refreshed and awake so I just enjoyed the sounds and smells of rain! :)

The weekend is already over! I can't believe it's already over. But it was a good weekend. I had a lot of fun. My sister and I are going next weekend to see a Dracula Ballet! :) I'm looking forward to it. It should be pretty interesting. It's down in Montclaire so it's not too far of a drive.

Well I should get back to work.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I am having a VERY productive day at work! It feels great! But the first part of my day was quite the opposite. I guess I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and then my drive down to work with my dad seemed to be going ok but then suddenly as we pull into the parking lot something happened and I got offended by something he said. Most likely as he would say "taking it to personally" but even now that I'm in a good mood I still feel the way he said it was to make a cut so to speak and it did. But after a couple hours at work I decided to make it right and apologized for taking it personally if his intention wasn't to make a cut.

So anyways, I just found out that my nephew, whom has come across as blaming my sister for the breakup of their marriage, has finally stood up for my sister in front of my brother-in-law!!! It made my heart so happy to hear that. I know it's been killing Heidi because she's constantly getting the coldness from Bailey. So for him to stick up for her was awesome! I was so happy for her. She spent Monday - Wednesday down at my brothers place in Oxnard and she said it was a great time to get away and relax.

And tomorrow is Friday! PAYDAY FRIDAY! It can't get any better then this! Well ok... it can... But still things are going really well. I feel a freedom in the last couple days. With everything that's going on I appreciate the little things more. The beautiful sunrise, the opportunity to accomplish everything that's meant to be accomplished in a day and still have time to write a quick update in my blog.

So tonight I don't have any plans. I may actually go through pictures of Sam's bday party and post them. What a concept. hehe

Well I should get back to work for the little bit that I have left

Thursday, October 06, 2005


My sisters marriage - is over. This last weekend we found out that my sisters husband is still cheating on her with the same girl. He was caught at a restaurant by my best friend Rachel and her husband Tom who happen to be good friends with both Heidi and Jeff. This is it for Heidi. She plans on getting legal counsel, though Jeff threatened that he was going to file for divorce last monday. The kids found out Monday afternoon. Jeff came over and with both sets of grandparents there to be a support to the kids, Jeff told them that he no longer loved mommy and loved another woman instead and that he was going to leave. My dad who was witness to this said it was the most heart wrenching thing he's ever witnessed! He said it was the sound of hearts being torn out and ripped in half. It was so emotionally draining that he couldn't understand how Jeff could continue on the path he was taking knowing how he was hurting his children. :( Heidi has not been alone since this happened. Rachel and Tom spent the night Saturday night, Heidi and the kids spent the night at our house sunday night, she plans on spending the night with Jeff's mom (who even thinks her own son has lost it)... and so on... The whole thing is sick and saddening. I feel like this is all a dream and that there is no way a man I could respect turned into this! And I can only imagine how my sister feels! She told me the other morning she just feels like she's going to wake up from this horrible dream but it's not a dream. It's her reality. Jeff has lost all his sense. I am sickened by the whole situation.

And as the week has progressed since this has happened I have found myself feeling more sorry for Jeff then anything. When he opens his eyes, *if* he ever opens his eyes, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes as he sees what he has done. That in itself could break him. I know God can do his work. I still have some hope that he will turn from his sin. But right now my life is devoted to my sister and those kids! Jeff needs to break and it isn't going to be a fun time for him. I do feel sorry for him. But I know God will never leave him and will continue to try and draw him back.

The Place - So last Thursday at noon the church had no options. By 12:45 we had unlimited possibilities! It's amazing how God moves! Basically we have some property but don't have enough funds to build a church. We had hoped to sell the property or even trade it for rent at a location for a certain amount of time. Well no one was biting on those opportunities. The place we wanted isn't available until Dec 1. So we really weren't sure what to do. Turns out the guy we currently rent from called my dad saying that he was willing to work with us and whatever we do please don't move! So basically begged us to stay at our current location. He said he wouldn't make us pay double our current rent but would give us a deal, still higher then we are currently paying but reasonable. That was option 1. He said he would even trade the property for half cash (50,000) and we could rent where we're currently at for 2 years rent free and couldn't stress enough how they didn't want us to move! So that's option 2! Then the person we were trying to go through to sell our property called my dad 20 min later and said that he had two offers, one too low and another one he felt would give us what we're asking, which means we could sell the property, rent the current place till dec 1 then move to the larger location and with the money from the property pay for rent for 2 1/2 years. This location is larger and more pricey so it wouldn't last us as long. That was option 3. When our current landlords found out about our offer they said they were in no position to make a true offer that day but that we could stay there RENT FREE till they come up with an offer! Goodness! Talk about a miracle! My dad had just taken his lunch break and prayed soley that God would open the doors for us to find a place to have church. And within minutes the doors were WIDE open! The cool part about all this, is we're in a win,win,win situation. No matter what direction we make out with a good deal! hehe :-D

So that's a HUGE weight lifted off our shoulders.

Work - Well it's been overwhelming and I am starting to get a handle on things. But considering that I'm at work I should probably go for now. I will update more another time.