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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Check out my new sunglasses! My very first pair of perscription sunglasses. :) I love em!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Weigh in - 4/21/06

I only lost a pound since my last update. But to be honest I am more thrilled with this one pound then most. Easter killed my diet! All that good food and candy! :-P I actually gained weight and then lost it again and an additional pound on top of that. But I'm only counting it as 1 pound. :)

Anyways, I'm at work. It's Friday. I am feeling free. It's gorgeous outside. Totally perfect weather! I came into work late and found it really hard to actually come in because it was just so nice outside. I had my windows down and I was listening to great music! It was just a relaxing time. There was no traffic since I was coming in late. But I just feel a sense of change coming in my life. It's spring time and I just feel excited for what is to come. I don't know exactly all that will happen but I'm getting an idea and I'm thrilled. :-D

So I am bummed I haven't had any chances to work on uploading some pictures. My life has been busy! I have been getting to bed an hour after my bedtime on a regular basis. I am running all day and after work. I am definitely looking forward to relaxing tomorrow morning. But my brother Shawn and his wife Brenda are coming in to town and we're celebrating his bday Saturday (his bday is 4/24/06) but he's having to go down the hill for the Azusa Street Centennial.

I don't have much time for an update. So hopefully soon (crossing fingers) I will have time to update my page with the pictures from events over the last few months.

Bye for now!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Weigh in - 4/7/06

Well I've lost an additional 3 pounds this week. For a total of 14 pounds! My alarm didn't go off this morning so I didn't have time to measure. I am very excited. I think my ticker is such an appropriate symbol of my weight loss. It's a very slow process.

Ok for a better update...

My sister's marriage - Well it looks like it's over. Jeff has done a countersuit (? Not sure if thatís the right word) for a divorce. They went through mediation for custody and got 50/50 custody though Heidi gets the kids a day or two more a week then Jeff. Also Jeff has announced this week that he's engaged to his girlfriend and that the kids are going to be getting to know her better since she's moving in with him. This is happening before the divorce is final. I'm sad and sickened by the lack of morality Jeff is showing. But should I really be surprised? He had an affair... I was really sad to find out that he was in fact engaged (I had my suspicions) because it was just confirmation that Jeff will not be coming back. He will not be coming back to his physical family or his spiritual family. He's marrying another woman, who doesn't even believe in God.

My Weight Loss Ė I think thatís pretty obvious. Thatís the one thing Iíve been keeping updated on my blog. I have lost a total of 14 pounds and 17 inches (based on multiple measurements throughout my body). My clothes have been fitting undeniably better and I have definitely gone down a size in my jeans. The last couple of weeks I have been using ďUltimate CleanseĒ which is a natural cleanser that you can pick up at any health food store. I am also taking Flax Oil in gel capsule form for my borderline high cholesterol levels. Flax Oil is all around good for you, the list of benefits is impressive. I have not gone to my doctor since starting my diet or the Flax Oil but I switched doctors and am waiting on the new cards to come in the mail so I can make an appointment. I have been exercising on average 4 nights a week. I am still just using my DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) Extreme as an exercise program. It seems to be working though. I get my heart rate up and itís fun. I even have DDR Extreme 2 that I havenít even opened so Iím sure I wonít get bored any time soon.

My Debt Ė My debt is paid off! I know I wrote about that before. But I have been trying to figure out what to do with my extra income. Do I put it all into savings? What kind of savings account do I set up? Do I invest in a camera? Do I invest in something else? Do I put some into a car allowance and the rest in savings? If I put it all into savings do I save up for a down payment on a new car? What new car should I get? Do I get a used car? Do I get a brand new car? When do I do any of this? What is my credit score? When do I check on my credit score since I just recently paid off my debt and reopened the card? Do I try to open a Providian Credit Card so I can see my credit score any time I want online? Do I keep the balance of my current credit card the same or request that it be reduced? So with all these questions running through my mind here are the absolutes that I have come to.

A car allowance is wise if it is about what I expect to pay as a car payment. This can be used as a down payment when the time comes and will also get me used to having a car payment again.

This means I will require two savings accounts. I believe in my research opening two ING savings accounts will be best. The interest level on ING accounts are much higher then a standard savings account. So I will have a savings account and a car allowance savings account.

Ironically the car I have now fallen in love with is the new Honda Civic. YesÖ the exact same car that I have owned twice over. My first car was an 83 Honda Civic, silver. My second (current) car is a 96 Honda Civic, silver. I am not sure if I would get silver but I definitely love the new look. I know they are reliable and have been good to me in the past. But this would mean buying a brand new car as apposed to a used car (which was my original plan).

I desperately want a camera. I wonder if it is a wise investment. I know I have wanted a camera for a LONG time. But that is a lot of money to put down. I can use my credit card but do I really want to get myself back into debt? It would definitely be the kind of debt I could pay off in a few months as apposed to a few years. Though if I keep that mentality it would be too easy to go crazy and buy everything Iíve ever wanted on credit. Itís been something that I have never been able to settle on. So I guess that means I wonít make a decision on that one just yet. The other issue is that I havenít decided which brand of camera I want. I originally had my eye set on the Canon Digital Rebel SLR but now a lot of people are recommending the Nikon D70 SLRÖ I have not held the Nikon and havenít had the time to hunt one down to do so. I guess until I can confirm what camera I would get then that should be reason enough not to decide on investing in a camera just yet.

I believe being patient for May will resolve all the questions on my credit being updated with all the correct information. So Iíve pretty much decided to wait until May to check my credit score. Once I get my credit score and confirm everything is up to date, and then I can apply for the Providian Card.

I think that's enough of an update for now. I would say I've now overanalyzed enough of my life to make even me happy. Hehe For now this will have to do. There is so much more but I donít have the time to update further.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Weigh in - 3/31/06

I lost only a pound in the last two weeks but also measured the different parts of my body and lost an additional 7 1/2 inches throughout! For a total of 17 inches! So I'm definitely losing the size but not the pounds. I was a bit discouraged, I'm not sure why. My clothes fit so much better and I am thrilled. I went to wear my size larger jeans (only because they were the only thing clean, I thought) and they were just too big, even never being worn after washing. So I went into my closet and found another pair of jeans the smaller size and I'm wearing them now.

I was surprised that I could have hit a plateau so early on but was told that you reach plateaus when you hit a weight that you were at for a longer period of time. I am not sure how true this is, but I am currently at a weight I was at for a long time. So we will see. I have been sticking really well to my diet. So letís hope I can get past this plateau.

A lot has been happening in my life in the last couple of weeks. Itís part of the reason for a lack of posts. But I donít really have a lot of time to go into detail. Iím sure later this week I will have time.