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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

She didnít imagine there could be anything worse then the line of blows she had been dealt. But then it hitÖ


The final blow in a line of heavy blowsÖ She feels herself falling. This blow hit far worse then any of the others. She feels it in her heart, in her mind, in the deepest part of her soul.


Sheís down! She feels tears streaming down her face. She looks up to see her opponent ďLifeĒ anxiously waiting to see if he has finally won the fight. She looks for her support. She sees them. Can she get to them fast enough? Sheís weak. Sheís scared. She cries out to God.

The countdown beginsÖ

Friday, August 25, 2006

Weigh In - 8/25/06

So Iíve finally gotten back on track with my dietÖ Iíve lost 2 pounds for a total of 28 pounds lost since the beginning of this diet. Iíve been fluctuating between my last weigh-in and three pounds above for the last couple of months. Last week I finally got back down to my last weigh-in and stayed there. This week I went down two more pounds. I have not been able to get back into working out as of yet. But the last couple of weeks Iíve been really sticking to my diet.

This week has been an emotional rollercoaster. Iím tired of constantly battling my emotions and keeping my attitude positive, but itís the life that I have right now. I found out Monday that I donít have all the required units to start the Bachelorís program at Azusa Pacific this time around. Thatís a bit disappointing. So I have to figure out how to get the classes I need and get them done this year and try to get into the program next year.

I had two interviews Wednesday and the first one for San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools in Apple Valley was the one I really wanted and I didnít feel the interview went that well. So the other one down in Colton for the Rialto School District went a lot better but again, none of my references got a call yesterday so Iím guessing I didnít get that one either. Itís very discouraging to go through all these interviews and not get anything. I keep questioning what Iím doing wrong. In the end I have to realize there is more to it then just having a good interview and so Iíve just got to trust in God. I know He has a plan for me.

So my goal today is to get the kitchen straightened up. I have two card tables of knickknacks that I need to put away since Iíve pretty much figured out what is going where and those are just leftovers.

Tomorrow Iím going over to my friend Rachelís to see the new place all set up. Iím looking forward to it.


I am almost done with my knickknacks in the kitchen. I pretty much have the house ready enough for my birthday BBQ planned for next weekend. My dining room has nothing on the walls but otherwise is done. I have one wall in the living room thatís quite bare but nothing that I currently have seems to work there so I will leave it bare.

I was called today for two more interviews. One for Aflac (yes the one with the funny duck commercials), apparently they saw my resume online and want me to come in for an informational interview. Iím not exactly sure what that means, I kind of feel like its going to be a sales pitch or something. But then again they are opening an office in Victorville and it may very well be something I would be interested in. So weíll see Monday. Then just a few moments ago I got another call from the Rialto School District for another interview for the District Office. Monday is going to be a busy day. I have the interview down the hill for Rialto at 11:00 am and then the interview for Aflac at 1:30 pm in Victorville, and then at 2:30 I get to go to my sisterís school and see her work and take some pictures for her.

Being busy is probably going to be the only thing that will help me get out of my funk. Iíve been pretty down the last couple of days, pretty much since the interviews on Wednesday. Iíve been trying to fight the discouragement but itís hard. I could use some prayer that I will fight the lies of the enemy. The feeling of worthlessness is affecting every aspect of my life. Iím trying to fight it, but it can be so overwhelming that it knocks me down. Pretty much this morning it knocked me down and it took a while to get back up from that. I am doing so much better. My mom prayed for me and I had encouragement from Sam. Shortly after I gave it up I got the calls for the interviews, ironic how that always seems to be the case.

Anyways, thatís all for now.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

I figure it's time for an update.

Joh Hunt: I had a great interview yesterday that I felt really good about. They said they would be making a decision by the end of the day and calling the references as soon as possible. I haven't heard from any of my references so I'm thinking I didn't get the job. But that's ok. I still felt good about how I did in the interview. I haven't accomplished my applications for the week. I've been too busy with other things. Other things = Going back to school, my sister and my birthday BBQ.

Going back to school: I am going to go back to school for my Bachelor's Degree. Or at least thats my goal. They have a program at Azusa Pacific that will take care of everything and I will be able to go to school Monday evenings from 6-10pm so when I get a job it won't get in the way. The program lasts 15 months. And so I had to get my unofficial transcripts from VVC and bring them over to the Azusa office to see if I meet all the requiremnet to get into the program this year. According to my friend Leserlie (Leslie) who works there I am missing one class that I should be able to take while on the program. But the only other thing stopping me is if some of my classes that were transferable when I graduated with my Associates Degree no longer transfer. So I have to wait to hear back from them. I also need to get my FASFA filled out to see how much financial assistance I can get.

Heidi and her ex: So apparently her ex will let the kids go to a Christian school but Heidi has to pay for the whole thing. Which is scary for Heidi. Also he lost his job so he wants to take her back to court and see if he can reduce the amount he has to pay her. I'm really getting frustrated at his antics. I had a nightmare this morning about him. It really sucks that this whole thing is happening. I feel bad for the kids. I wonder what he is going to do. They offered to let him resign and he chose that instead. But either way it's not a good sign. Something is obviously happening in him to cause him to be let go, and then him doing all these things. But Heidi started Cosmotology school and she's doing great! I knew she would. It's definitely up her ally! I can't wait till she realizes how great she really is.

My Birthday BBQ: So I've planned a Birthday BBQ for the first weekend in September. I'm inviting a TON of people so I've been working on letting everyone know about it. I really just wanted a reason to hang out and show off the new place. Though financially I haven't been able to sink as much money as I would like into the house. But that's ok. It'll still be fun to get together with all my friends. :) I think I'll even be able to meet my friend James in Northern California in person for the first time! I've known him online for I believe 8 years. It might be 7 though but still... Crazy! I'm excited. I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of everything though. I think I'm going to ask people to bring their specialty and maybe I'll provide the meat and fixin's. But that still is going to be a pretty penny!

Well Brian and I are going down to IKEA to pick up a kitchen table so I guess this is it for now.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Life is good! Gosh so much has happened since my last post! I canít imagine being able to give it all justice. But here it goesÖ

Job Hunt Ė The job hunt is going well. I did not get the two jobs I interviewed for at Victor Elementary the week before. But I have been told (by people I know that work in the district) that getting an interview means I was in with the best of the best and thatís a good thing in itself. Also most positions are opened to people in the district first and all they need to do is pass the tests and they got the job. So I might have been more qualified but it really doesnít matter. The first interview I felt I was trying too hard to make my experience fit the position. The second interview I felt solid about my experience matching perfectly! All of their questions were exactly what Iíve been working with. Last week I was so busy with interviews and testing I didnít get ANY applications filled in. But so far this week Iím on track. I have applied for 3 positions and its Wednesday, 2 more to go. I have an application that I need to fill out tonight and turn in tomorrow morning. Friday I have a test down in San Bernardino. I will keep looking for other jobs to apply for. If anything I would like to make up for the lack of applications last week.

Events Ė There have been plenty of events the last week or so. I left with Thursday the 20th. Friday my friend Ludek came over and I really got a chance to get a hands-on feel for the Nikon D70. He even let me take it to a local park and try out the different lenses! I am seriously feeling the Nikon is the way to go. But when Brandie comes back from Savanna, Georgia I might ask her if I can barrow her Cannon for a day to see if I still feel that way. Anyways, it was a lot of fun playing with the camera and hanging out. He ended up taking me up to his place in Phelan that is still being built and it was getting dark and the place was locked up so we were using a flashlight and the neighbors went out of their way to come over and check on the place! We were both quite impressed with that! Hehe

Saturday the 22nd was my momís birthday and surprise party. It went off without a hitch! She was totally shocked and in the end I believe she felt special. At first she was upset my dad was rushing her home after the movie so when she walked in to find the house full of people she didnít quite know how to respond! Haha Once it finally settled in I could tell she was really enjoying herself. I am glad we were able to do it for her! I was kind of bummed that the timing was so off and not a lot of people were able to make it. But it was a nice time. After everyone left and my sister and I straightened up, we took my mom shopping but I ended up getting a couple interview outfits from Lane Bryant. Eventually we got back to the house and had ordered pizza and watched a movie called ďShop Girl.Ē I was pleasantly surprised by it and decided right then that I needed to add it to my DVD collection. I got home LATE that night!

Some of the ladies at the party -
Linda, Flo, Heidi, Michelle, Emily and Vicki
The kids - (top to bottom)
Emily, Tyler, Ian, Katie, Bailey and Megan
My sister and I waiting for my mom to pull up
The Birthday Girls - Linda and my mom

My mom, Linda and Leserlie all have birthdays on the same day. So a bunch of us ladies decided to go down to the Candlelight Pavilion dinner theater in Claremont on Friday July 28th, they were showing ďCinderellaĒ. It was a great performance and they did some cute things to get the kids involved. They sold crowns and wands to the little girls and at one point in the show when the Fairy God Mother is turning Cinderellaís rags to a beautiful gown she acts as though she doesnít have enough wand power and asks the little girls to wave their wands to help her along. It was so sweet! But my favorite part was when they were looking for someone to fit into the slipper they ended up going out into the audience to try the glass slipper on the little girls! It was so cute! My niece Megan came up after trying it on and made sure to let us all know it wasnít really made of glass! (Gotta love kids!) My favorites were the evil step-sisters. They were the comedy relief. And afterwards the cast went outside and you could get their autographs and get pictures taken with them. It was a great night.

Our Table - My sister, Megan, my mom and I
Megan and my mom
My Sister
A cute picture of Meg
Cinderella, Megan and Prince Henry

The biggest event of the weekend was that SAM came into town for a day! I had found out the week prior that Sam had a business trip out in Sunnyvale CA. and was trying to work out how to get down to see his family and friends and pick up his car. I then suggested that he ask his work to fly him into Ontario the weekend before his business event and hang out with his friends and family, pick up his car and drive up to Sunnyvale and when he was done their drive home to Rhinelander, WI. He was quite surprised at the brilliance of the suggestion. ;) haha Anyways, so Friday night while I was at the dinner theater he came into Ontario. He called and said he had landed and his brother had already arranged to have Samís car when he picked him up at the airport. He drove to his parents in Yucaipa and surprised his mom (his dad knew he was going to be there). So he spent the night at his parents on Friday night.

Saturday morning Sam came to pick me up so I could spend the day with him while he made his rounds to visit everyone. Our first stop was Davidís house. Sam called him when we had gotten to the garage door and asked if David had gotten the package he over-nighted to him. Of course David does exactly as planned and while heís on the phone walks out of the house to look for the package only to look up and see Sam standing right there. It was great!

Sam and the kids -
Kyle, Nathan, Lillian and Risa

So we hung out with David and Erin for a bit and found out more drama about linkLINE. Itís like all I hear anymore is negative. I hear NOTHING good about where that company is going and Iím more and more grateful Iím no longer apart of it. I had already called a couple days prior to ask David if he wanted to go see a movie, and this way was able to confirm heíd be hanging out at home. We went to see You, Me and Dupree and have to say after the movie we all walked out at a bit of a loss as to how to get over the waste of two hours of our lives. Sam had a list of places he wanted to eat for the day since he didnít have good food in Wisconsin. We went to Rosa Mariaís for lunch/dinner. After that we said our goodbyes to David and Erin and went on with the list. We stopped off to see Mike, Davidís brother at his work in between Davidís house and the movie. Sam wanted to stop by and say hi to his friend Heidi. Then we dropped off at his parents place to say hi. Then off to Moreno Valley to go visit Carlos and Nancy. We met them at Starbucks and there was a Baskin Robins nearby so we got ice-cream and hung out at Starbucks. By this time it was 10:30 and Sam had to drive me home and still make his way up to his auntís place in Barstow where he was staying for the night. I got home at 11:30 and he called me to let me know he made it safely to his auntís at about 12:30.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Sam had invited me to his family reunion up in Barstow. I had thought I would only get to see him Saturday. But he had found out that the family had wanted me to come! So after church I made my way up to the family reunion. I knew a lot of the people since Sam and I had dated but there were still a lot that I had never seen before. It was freakin hot though! I didnít get nearly as much time with Sam as I would have liked but I got more time with him then I expected since I knew he was there to visit his family. But I was able to hang out a couple hours after everyone else had left and say my goodbyes. We both realized it wasnít as hard to say goodbye since we talk so often.

Ludek and me hanging out at the Reunion

Sam and Me at the end of the night

Well itís now Friday, August 04th. I havenít had a chance to post this. Itís my brotherís 34th birthday today. Happy Birthday Brian! My birthday is exactly a month from today and I will be 29! Craziness. Sam is somewhere near Cheyenne, Wyoming. Iím listening to Bright Eyes ďLover I Don't Have To LoveĒ from the Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground Album. Heís a pretty amazing writer! And well there is still more but I feel this post is long enough. And I have plenty of laundry to do yet.

So goodbye for now and I'll try to upload some pictures from my recent events.