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Thursday, May 31, 2007

So am I excited? I guess so! :D

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Friday, May 25, 2007

(Written 5.22.07)

Iíve spent over a week preparing for today only to not have to do anything! Man you should have seen me bouncing off the walls when I found out no merchants signed up for the training class! Hahaha All that tension was released with a big sigh and a lot of giggles! Iíve since then calmed down and am dragging waiting for my time to head to lunch. And in the long run this may be a bad thing as I feel prepared and not conducting the training meeting is just putting off the inevitable. But I was in a panic when I first found out I was going to be conducting the training classes and now Iíve calmed down quite a bit about the whole concept.

I spoke with Jesseís daughter. Nothing major took place. Sheís coming up here to visit her grandparents this weekend and wanted to see if we could get together. Also sheís spending a week there over her summer break.

(End 5.22.07)

So, itís Friday. And not just any Friday, itís a Friday proceeding a 3 day weekend! Gotta love that! My weekend is filling up fast though. Tonight Iím going out to dinner in Claremont with my friends Tim and Annette. Saturday morning Iím heading over to my moms to go over some of the decoration ideas we have for a luau weíre planning for the ladies of the church and while Iím there my sister is going to cut and color my hair. And I got a call from my friend Erin wanting to plan a time for her, David and me to go see Pirates. So I might do that Saturday night. Sunday after church I will be able to relax. And Monday my parents want me to come over to their place for a BBQ (though I seriously want to be completely anti-social that day but its family so Iíll probably end up going). So itíll be a pretty busy weekend.

This week Iíve started my days the right way. Iíve made an effort to wake up earlier and get some bible reading in, as well as putting on the full armor of God and have noticed a huge difference in how I handled the tough situations that were put in front of me.

Yesterday I got on the freeway at my normal time and before I even made it to Main St. I had a flat tire. I pull over and called my brother and my other roommate Mike, neither picked up so I left messages seeing if theyíd be willing to help me. Itís not that Iím incapable of changing a tire but when I was so close to home I figured Iíd see if I could get some help being that I was all dressed up for work and all. When they didnít answer I put the hair in a pony tail, went and grabbed everything I needed to change it to the tiny donut I have. But luckily my brother called just then. He and Mike were on their way and he wanted me to just wait in the car, which I did.

I get to Americaís Tire and ended up getting two new tires. The reason being was that the flat was a tire that had a picked up a nail and I had recently patched. The tire had too much damage and so it needed to be replaced. The tread on the new tire was at level 13 and my current started at 9 so I had heard that when replacing tires with such different tread it is wise to do them in pairs. So thatís what I did. A couple hundred dollars later and only a couple hours after I got the flat I was driving away from Americaís Tire to go home and change because I did end up getting grease on me.

I got to work a couple hours behind schedule but considering everything that wasnít too bad. I had people scheduled for this webinar so I had that to think about too. It went well! My trainer said I needed to extend the time I showed the live demo and I handled a customerís question with too little information. But all-in-all she said I did fine and that extending the demoís will just be a matter of experience. So Iím extremely relieved that is over with.

The rest of the day was extremely hectic though. We had a lot of emergencies with our payroll clients who didnít upload their file in enough time to get their employees paid by today. But amazingly I was able to leave work on time! As soon as I got home I zoned out in front of the tv for the rest of the night though!

Iíve recently gotten into the series Scrubs. Of course I would, as next season is the last! But anyways, my friend David had season 1-4 on DVD and Iíve been watching a few episodes here and there. I really like that series! Iíve got a huge crush on Zach Braff now. I mean I always liked him in his movies, but something about this showÖ Crushing big time! Hehe

Well itís about closing time and so I will stop my rambling here. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Iím once again baking cookies. I just finished mixing the dough and am waiting for it to chill and the oven to preheat. And Iíve got something on my brain I need to write about.

Why? Why am I so scared that I won't know what to say to Jesse's daughter? Jordan called me last Saturday, the day before the anniversary of her father's death. I was dumbstruck as I listened to her message. I want so desperately to say the reason I didn't call her back right away was because I was just so busy. But I hate to admit that I was really just scared to talk to her because I had no idea what to say. I chose not to call her back till after Sunday. Turns outÖ I forgot to call back all together! Just a few short moments ago I saw that I had another missed call from her at 6:40 this evening. First I was again surprised by the call and now to add to it, I felt totally bad for not remembering to call her back from last weekend. Nervous, but knowing I needed to do it, I called her on the spot. She was in the middle of watching a show so I offered to call her tomorrow after I get out of church.

As I mixed the ingredients to the cookie dough I asked God what I was supposed to do with this situation. Why after all this time have I been put on her mind enough to call me twice? What is it she wants to talk about? What do I say? Why am I so scared? I guess because I have no idea what to say to her. Her dad and I dated a little over 3 years and that was a long time ago. She contacted me on myspace a couple of times throughout the year. At one point when staying with Jesseís parents she had asked if we could get together but it never worked because her schedule was too busy.

It just seems so odd. I ran into Rob a month ago, Jordan called, and to add to the irony Jesse was really on my mind today. He always pops in and out of my mind but today was different. I was at the San Bernardino County Fair volunteering at the photography booth. I was finished with my shift and was trying to find my nephews lego entry in a specific building. I was struck by how the last time I walked through this particular part of the fairgrounds I was with Jesse, holding hands. I saw the stage where he performed with Solid Mind, and I saw the food place where he wanted to grab a bite to eat at. I miss him.


Friday, May 18, 2007

Here are some interesting links I've been sent or found this last week...

Sam - sent me this link which I thought was interesting and then he told me the reason behind why he sent it and I thought it was hilareous...

Man drives his sofa at 92mph

Sam's reason: " :) get it? its a fast *CHAIR* "

LOL!!!!! What a dork! But it made me laugh! :)

Jason - sent me a link he ran across that I thought was rather interesting. It shows you all the uploads to Flickr and where on the map they were uploaded from. Talk about a time waster!


Brian (Preying Jaws) - suggested I sign up for a long time ago but I finally set up my profile this week. It's been hectic so I only have 3 pics posted. But it seems like a cool network of artists. I think I'll recommend my friend Carlos to put up his drawings!

A Chair at DeviantART

Stephanie - sent me this quote over chat that is cheesy but made me laugh

Money can't buy happiness, but it's more comfortable to cry in a Porsche than a Kia.

My niece Amber - had me check out something on youtube that is a bit disturbing! It makes me realize that the next generation of teenagers has a different sense of humor! LOL Or maybe it's just that my niece is on the cheesy side. ;)


Candy Mountain

And I happened upon some more reasons to think Google is the next best thing since sliced bread! :D


Google Loco even more cool when you type in the search window.

Moon Google zoom in all the way! This one I think Sam sent me back in the day but still. Google Rocks!

Alright... I think that's it. Thank GOD it's Friday!

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Well itís Motherís Day. Happy Motherís Day to all you mothers out there. Right now Iím feeling a bit melancholy thinking of Jesseís mom whoís celebrating motherís day on the year anniversary of his death. I canít stop thinking about how hard it must be for her today. Not knowing what exactly I could say or do to even express how much I wish I could help or show how much I care.

After I got back from my moms house I just felt like I needed a walk. I just got back. But as I walked I felt heavier and heavier. Right now Iím just sad. Not sure whatís all on the brain to make me so down but I am.

I found out that none of my pictures at the fair had ribbons on them and to be honest I am slightly bummed about that. But thatís ok. Now I have four of my prints nicely mounted for display in my own house.

Anyways I donít want to dwell on all that.

Motherís Day is a great day to honor our mothers! I took my mom out yesterday to a movie and out to lunch. Itís been so long since weíve had the opportunity to spend time together. Today after church I ordered pizza and took it over to my parents and we watched ďMusic and LyricsĒ which of course is a chick flick. Hehe Itís a really cute movie.

Then my niece and nephew had a plan for Heidi so we wanted to have the house clear but I ended up sticking around to help setup. I was glad I did! Their plan was adorable! They picked everything out! They set up a candlelit dinner with a French theme serving cheese sticks, taquitos (?sp), salad, bread, spaghetti and meatballs and moon cake for desert. They wanted to be dressed up like waiters and serve her. Bailey requested to specifically have three long stem red roses and three sunflowers. It was too cute. I think my dad was thankful I was there to help out. He kept saying they would not have been able to do it without my help. Here are a couple of the pics from their efforts.

Also I talked to Brenda and they got family pictures taken as her motherís day gift. I think they turned out great! Check them out. My nieces and nephews are getting sooo big!

Well I feel better. I have a lot that I want to accomplish this evening so I should get going. Iím going to clean my bathroom and clean off my desk, ship off a couple items that Iíve been meaning to get in the mail for a few days now and hopefully get some quiet time in.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

So... after how many months I FINALLY got my album updated with all the pictures from 2007! woohoo! Go me! Go check it out... I have one last event to add to 2006 and that's my day trip up to Bishop and back with Brandie. I took over 400 picks and decided that's just a little TOO much to upload so I'm picking the best ones, of course that will still leave more then half the pictures I'm sure. Anyways, it's a huge accomplishment for me to have this done!

Also had some issues with blogger not updating my archive page. I had to manually update but luckily blogger has been creating the pages just not updating the links on the main archive page. I got that updated so now if you hit archives you will be able to see from 2/2003 to 5/2007! Wow, typing that out just made me realize how crazy it is that I've been blogging for *that* long!

Well I don't have a lot of time for a major update. So be sure to check out my album. :)

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