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Friday, July 27, 2007

Oceanside - So last weekend I went down to Oceanside. It was an absolute blast! I was non-stop the whole weekend but it was too much fun! Friday morning Rachel and I drove down to Holly's place in Vista. We drove around and then went over to the Del Mar horse races. I'd never been and won 30 bucks! $5 on one race and $25 on another. Now with how much money I put out I think I broke even but still it was a good fun!

Saturday we slept in and took our time getting ready. Holly had to work so Rachel and I drove around. I went to pick up the new Harry Potter book at Barnes & Noble, we went out to lunch and went to a few more stores. We ended up at the coast and took pictures. It was fun because we had to do a bit of climbing and we had the giggles at the same time. hehe Made for a fun time!

After Holly got home we went out to dinner and then to a bar where they had live music. It was cool, it was an older blues band.

Last night - I went down to my laser appointment in Irvine. And then made the extra trip down to Laguna beach. It's so beautiful. I've recently realized how much I love the beach! Jerry had planned on joining me down there all week but alas his work didn't give him the opportunity to leave the office till 8:15... I was looking forward to hanging out with him before I went on my trip. And I know he really needed to get away... The timeframe I usually get there is the best part about the beach! The sunset! So he wants a rain check for when I come back from Fiji. I didn't mind going alone. (I have done it before when I met Kyle and Michael who seranaded me - see June 13th post) And the beach is so theraputic! Jerry called me when I was at the beach and I couldn't help but rub it in that I was there and he wasn't. hehe I know... I'm evil. >:-)

This time I brought my camera. So here are a couple good shots...

Fiji - It's been a hectic week getting ready for my trip to Fiji. I've been non-stop on the go for a couple of weeks now. Thursday night I went out with Jerry. We had a great time. The next morning I drove down to Holly's and Sunday drove straight over to my parents place for my moms birthday. Monday after work Jerry stopped by the office and I showed him some tips on adobe photoshop and dreamweaver since he's interested in getting a website up. Tuesday I was able to get all my laundry done for the trip. Wednesday was midweek service and a trip to the new SuperTarget for things I needed and also a few things Brenda asked me to bring since Fiji didn't have them. Last night I went down to Irvine, then Laguna beach and on the way home stopped by my sisters so she could cut my bangs since they are WAY too long. I spent a few hours prepping my stuff to pack and then got to bed after midnight.

So I leave for Fiji tonight! My parents are picking me up from work tonight at about 6:00 and we head down to LAX. Our flight is at 11:15 this evening and it takes about 10 hours. Apparently we will arrive in Fiji at 5:45 on Sunday morning. How odd is that? hehe I was up late last night packing and getting everything ready. I am pretty positive I have everything I need.

A Date - I know Law of Attraction works, but for some reason I'm still amazed at the fact that I got asked out on a "DATE" by someone who doesn't read my blog! haha (well at least I don't think he reads my blog!) What a trip!? For those of you who aren't regular readers, a couple posts ago I wrote about men and my slight annoyance that they don't just ask me on a "date" they label it as a "hang out". Anyways, thought I'd share that.

I think I'll be able to get online now and then in Fiji so hopefully I'll be posting updates!

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

As some of you have read in previous entries, my friend Jason (yes, you're being mentioned by name... again!) sends me some random video links. I thought this clip was appropriately humorous as I am a huge blogger and would feel as the livejournal dude did, "I feel like cntrl+alt+deleting myself" LOL!!! And some of you have even heard me refer to wishing I could edit>undo or cntrl+z something I had just done... I'm a complete computer geek. What can I say!? :)

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

So Tuesday night was a very productive evening for me. I got home and immediately set up to print out the benefit dinner tickets. Once I got those printing I seperated my laundry and got 5 loads done! I then went to start baking cookies for my midweek bible study. Turns out the ants liked my cookies and infested the few I left on the counter. Luckily I did put some into a container and so not all my work was lost.

Tonight I'm going out, not sure if I'd call it a date but I will say I have a bit of a crush on the guy. I'm looking forward to it. We've been getting to know eachother for about a month and a half now. I met him through work and we met in person sometime in the beginning of June and we've talked outside of work quite regularly (every couple of days or so) since then. He's a great guy and worst case is I have another good friend. I get the impression the attraction is mutual but lately I've come to realize it takes more then a mutual attraction for something to become more then just a friendship. So for now, I'm enjoying him as a person and a friend and I won't lie there's a faint hope that it could turn into more.

Well I'm gonna enjoy the rest of my lunch break relaxing! Tomorrow I'm heading down to Oceanside. :) It should be an awesome time of relaxing and hanging out with Rachel and Holly. Holly has to work Saturday but I want to pick up the new Harry Potter book anyways. I've even reserved myself a copy down there. I know... Silly. :) hehe Sunday is my moms birthday so I'm leaving Oceanside in the morning and will be back to help with a bbq at my parents house for my mom. So I have a full weekend but I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Bye for now...

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lalalalala! Yes this is the kind of mood I am in! It's been an interesting week, emotional to some extent. I was in a funk for some reason. I know part of it was holding onto something I needed to let go and I did that Thursday night and Friday I was doing great! Should I actually be surprised? Probably not, but I still am. hehe

So none of my local (Ontario, Ca) friends were available to hang out Friday night to keep me company so I could avoid "Vegas Traffic" so I went to Lane Bryant to buy some crops and shorts and light t-shirts for Fiji. I bought a lot of clothes but I desperately needed them. I also bought a bathing suit for a trip to Indio I was gonna go to with a bunch of girls the same weekend I'm now leaving for Fiji. So I've already got that taken care of. :)

Fiji - Now that I know for a fact Fiji is happening I'm getting more and more excited each passing day! I've been checking weather reports, finding out about the electrical outlets and what I can use out there with my electronic stuff and of course blow-dryer and stuff, though with the humidity blow-drying my hair might not happen unless itís a nice dinner out in the evening or something. I hear my brother is setting up for us to stay at a resort! I seriously can't wait to get out there! I need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And like I've been saying, I can't wait to take pictures!

Harry Potter - So I got to see Harry Potter! Not only did I get to see it, I was able to see it a few hours before the people crazy enough to go to the midnight showing! My friend Russ works for EA Games and his work apparently rented out a theater for a private viewing for their employees and their friends. I was at work on Tuesday when he messaged me and asked if I wanted to go. Sure I had to drive to Marina Del Rey but I was all for it! But I didn't head out till 5pm and the movie started at 6:30 and I knew there was traffic. I only missed the first 20 min of the movie but as soon as I sat down I knew exactly where they were in the book. I liked the movie, though I felt like I had seen it before. I think it was because Sam sent me a link of some screenshots from the movie.

I ended up getting the audio book for book 6 Friday night and hopefully I'll be up-to-date for the final book to come out next weekend.

Oceanside/Vista Ca. - Next weekend Rachel and I are going down to Vista Ca. to stay with my friend Holly, Rachel's sister-in-law for the weekend. We're going just because we never get to hang out with Holly and I guess we're also going to the horse races. I've never been so it should be an interesting experience and a fun time with Rach and Holly and of course I'll be taking pictures.

Benefit Dinner - So the planning for the African Benefit Dinner is fully underway! I've been trying to stay on top of everything and I feel like I'm losing ground. I've lost focus on the deadlines and timelines. I was supposed to have the tickets printed and ready for distribution today and haven't completed them yet. I have the paper to print the tickets on and have a numbering system to keep track of the ticket sales. Being in charge means that yes, I delegate but I feel unorganized as far as keeping everyone on track with their assigned tasks. But I'm sure in the end it will all come together like our last event did. The only difference this time is I'm in charge of this one and I really do want it to go smoothly.

The benefit dinner is on September 15th, only two months away! We booked the same venue as the last event but this time the chef has actually worked with us to design a menu with an African theme! We will have some fairly standard food, but we wanted to make something special and he's all for working with us at no additional cost!!! I'm really excited! He's even testing the recipes before the event itself. We've defined that it's going to be a black and white semi-formal affair. Now I'm not requiring the guests to wear black and white but those who are involved will all be in black and white. I'm even hoping to get the men into donated tuxes like the last event. My next task is to make sure the people in charge of getting donations for the raffles have their lists of businesses that donated last time and understand their deadlines.

We're still looking for a band to perform during the dinner. I need to see if I can get some of my prints from the last trip printed either on regular photo paper or canvas and we'll be raffling them off. I'm not sure how to locate someone that does prints on canvas but I think that would look nice. We had an artist down the hill that specialized in African art that allowed us to display his paintings and I'm hoping to get his pieces to display again. Sam and I were responsible for the photo part last time. We set up a display and I took pictures and he printed them on the spot for me and we handed them out to the guests. We're hoping to do the same thing and I have a professional that has said if we pay for materials she would donate her time. I think that would be awesome but I just have to book her and make sure the church can afford to pay what she's asking. There's so much more, it's a large undertaking and I'm doing my best to keep on top of everything.

Men - I think I've come to the conclusion that I want a guy to ask me out on a date. Yes, a real date. Not just a hang out, but "hey, can I take you on a date?" What's with men? hehe When I went down to see Harry Potter with Russ we talked a while afterwards. We talked about all sorts of things but we touched on why men don't do much of the pursuing these days. Now I didn't say they don't "hunt" as their animalistic personalityís posses them to. But I realize that "hang outs" are just dates with another label. Think about it! Men have less pressure to ask a girl to "hang out" then "go on a date". The thing is I'm the kind of girl that would like to be asked out on a "date"! I'm fine with the concept of being friends and hanging out and having those hang outs possibly turn into a more romantic thing. And to be honest I have very rarely been asked out on a "date"! Most of the guys I have dated have started out as friends and turned into more, and believe me I'm all for that! But I also know that I have met a few guys and noticed (probably more then ever) a mutual attraction between us but none of them have yet to ask me out. Why is that men? Help me out here! :)

Well I know I said Iíd post pictures of the 4th of July, but those will be posted another time. I have to get ready for a leadership meeting where I have to give a status report on where weíre at with the benefit dinner.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Rough days - Yesterday was a rough day.

Someone read my blog and somehow felt the need to misrepresent what was written. Not sure if the person who read my blog did it or the person they told, who then used it against me. Either way, I felt attacked and kind of taken back that either party felt it was their responsibility to hand out accusations about me without actually *reading* my blog correctly! I thought about clarifying what was actually written but then wondered what the use would be, they obviously read what they wanted to read and therefore would only hear what they wanted to hear. I kept going back to what my friend Jason reminds me "what you think of me is none of my business". That's a tough one for someone who is a "people pleaser" through and through. But this is something I've had to learn.

It's more like it's been a "rough week" then just a rough day yesterday. Yeah I did have a week off from work. But there were other dramas going on in my life. But I think yesterday was the straw that broke the camels back. I lost it on my drive home. I was hurt and angry. I felt very alone and kept thinking how can I be so down? Why do I feel so rejected and abandoned?

An incident between two close friends happened last weekend that impacted me probably more then it should. It was the attitude of one of them in particular as he took something further then he should have and wouldn't back off even when I asked him to. I was pretty down about the whole thing. I have been hurt by him before. It's sadly a cycle we've been through twice and this last time I had been, what I thought, extra cautious not to get too involved. Unfortunately even though I was careful I still felt a sting.

Great Friends - God reminded me (as I drove home last night with anger and disappointment at the people that I felt I could trust) that though some of my friends may have let me down, there were other sweet people that have been there for me this last week. It's odd, the people I didn't expect to let me down did and the ones I didn't think were really friends came through for me when I really needed them. Half of them not even knowing how much their actions meant to me.

On the 4th of July my friend Armando from Vegas texted me. I was debating on whether or not I wanted to go out in the heat and go to a BBQ. I found out he was home so I got online and we had a nice chat. We haven't had that many opportunities to chat. He was the one I was gonna go with to the Roger Waters show in Vegas. It was nice to chat with him. He's the only person I've really done video chats with well other then Sam but Sam and I don't talk very much anymore accept the occasional catch up chat while at work. Either way, Armando is a cutie and is always so flattering.

Jerry called me last night as I was almost home from my rough day. I wasn't sure if I should talk to him in the frame of mind I was in. But it proved to be a good thing. It's always nice to talk to someone and get your mind off your troubles. He's a sweet guy, very uplifting and encouraging and always has been since I've gotten to know him over the last few weeks. He seems like my own personal cheerleader. :) "If Charity can't do it, no one can!" hehe

Shortly after I settled in for the evening my friend Peter called and had me laughing so hard I was crying! Peter is from Washington and I know him through work. He's flying down to visit his friend in Santa Monica and we're all gonna meet up and go to Disneyland or something. He's a great guy, very considerate and sometimes trips me out because his many voices and tangents sound very much like Jesse and I'm usually rolling the whole time begging him to stop so I can catch my breath! But I thanked him and told him that he had no idea how much I needed his call and he said God works in mysterious ways. hehe How very true.

As I talked to him, I realized how blessed I was to have such great friends. And that I didn't need to feel alone. Today has been quite the opposite of yesterday or even the whole week! I have a lot of events coming up.

Fiji - And remember how I mentioned there *might* be a possibility of me going to Fiji... Well it's official. I will be going to Fiji! I can't wait! The pictures! Think of all the beautiful pictures I'll be able to take! Yeah this is an opportunity of a lifetime. Again the financial burden is going to be tough to swallow... I may be gagging for quite a while afterwards, but honestly I've decided to accept that! I mean I could have possibly waited till I could afford to go to Fiji but it's highly doubtful I'd have the whole family there to enjoy it with. My sister is not able to make it. We're all hoping for a miracle because it would be a bummer that she would miss out. I'll be leaving in the evening of Friday July 27th and coming home early morning August 7th.

Wisdom Teeth - I'm sure some of you are curious as to my experience. I had written a post Saturday because I was feeling so well but never completed it and then took a turn for the worse Sunday. So here's the bulk of my experience and I'll add a little more to the bottom.

*the below was written Saturday June 30th*

Well I survived! Hehe (Like itís a rare occurrence huh?) My wisdom teeth are out. My jaw hurts. Iíve got chipmunk cheeks and itís hard to talk for any length of time. But honestly Iím feeling great today! So hereís the lowdown of my experience with getting my wisdom teeth pulled.

I got there at 8 am and wasnít brought back into the room till about 8:30. The doctorís assistant put something over my nose and just told me to tell him when I started to feel weird. Turns out it was laughing gas. I told him when I started to feel it but also that I didnít like the feeling. He turned it down and told me to breath out of my mouth. He hooked me up to an IV and asked a few normal questions. I could hear my monitor beeping.

My doctor came in and I liked him immediately. He was funny. Most people make comments about my name, but he said he liked it, and I told him I liked it to, and he was like, okÖ Iíll let you keep it then. He also got on my good side when he didnít believe that I weighed what I weigh. Haha And then he asked the typical health questions. Asked if Iíve ever smoked pot, I told him no. He didnít seem to believe me, he asked in another way, so when was the last time you smoked pot. When I told him I havenít ever he decided a horror story would get what he thought to be the truth out of me! Something about how the hallucinogens in the stuff they were giving me would be affected by how much pot Iíve had. When I told him the only time Iíve ever been exposed to pot was being hot boxed in the nosebleed seats at a concert I think he finally believed me. He was a great doctor.

I donít remember having to count to three. I just remember him walking away and hearing them setup around me, but nothing more until mid-surgery. I woke up slightly and felt him working on my lower right jaw. I moaned a couple of times and then I heard him say, up her 5 more ccís and thatís the last thing I remember till they told me it was time to wake up.

I walked to another room and my mom came in. They told me then I couldnít go back to sleep till the evening, which really sucked because thatís all I wanted to do. My mom pulled the car around back and I got in. I hated the feeling of driving. Iíve never been one to get motion sickness but I didÖ All the turns and bumps made me want to puke. I actually had to have my mom pull over once so I could. We got to her place and I knew I needed drugs asap so I had a couple bites of yogurt so I could take the meds, but that didnít stay down so I just took the meds on an empty stomach. The nausea went away after that and I stuck to the rules of icepacks 5 min on one side and then 5 min on the other.

Today I STILL have chipmunk cheeks! Who knows what would have happened if I didnít use ice! I hated the taste of blood. And my tongue was numb and still is! I asked if this was a normal side effect because I didnít read anything in the post-op side effects but they said I could feel numbness in my tongue for up to a month! That sucks!

*end of post written Saturday June 30th*

Turns out they disrupted (the word they used) a nerve on the bottom right side and it affected the feeling in my tongue. So now they say that the numbness can last from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on how "disrupted" the nerve was in the process of extracting the tooth. So it sucks... I can't stand not being able to feel the whole right side of my tongue. I've bitten it so many times its all red. I'm just hoping the healing will be closer to 2 weeks then the 6 months! (haha ya think!?) But I had my post op appointment and they said everything is healing fine. I can't stand the bad breath but of course they say thatís to be expected as I have a wound in my mouth... (Yeah 4 to be exact, still doesn't make stinky breath ok) I've been chewing gum but like I said, I've bitten into my tongue so much I chew gum as carefully as possible these days.

Well I'm off to go hang out with my friends David and Erin. I'll post a blog about the 4th of July and show some of the cool shots I captured with the slow shutter and the sparklers. :D

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