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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a week, what a week! It's Saturday and I've had a very awesome day! I slept in, ran an errand or two. The day was gorgeous! One of those days when you drive with your windows down, the music blaring and you're just so happy to be alive!

Later in the morning I started to finish up some cleaning in my bedroom when I heard something fall in my shower. I walked in to see a plant my parents had gotten me for Valentines Day had been blown off the windowsill by the wind. At that moment I decided to transport it into a bigger pot, I've been wanting to but just hadn't taken the time. I went into the garage and found my potting soil and picked out the new pot. I have a few. I started with two that needed to be put in larger pots. It's a very therapeutic feeling to have your fingers full of dirt! I didn't hold back, allowing myself to get fully submerged in the task. Before I knew it I had every plant I owned outside and repotted, and my jeans were totally soaked! Sitting on the ground with a hose will do that. hehe I went through two bags of potting soil. But I'm thrilled to have it done! It was a great feeling! I felt so domesticated! hehe Mike wondered where they all came from, apparently he doesn't go into my room too often.

Yup! I'm even posting pics of some of my plants! My favorite is the 2nd from the left

Here they are, these are the ones I repotted

I just looked down to see the wedding invitation to Turtle's wedding. I'm very intrigued by the idea of a Gothic Wedding. I am excited to go. Not sure if I'm going to ask someone to go with me. I can't imagine any of the guys I could bring as my date really wanting to go, but what guy wants to go to a wedding ever? We'll see. I have to RSVP by mid April. I should know by then. I'll probably just go alone. That way I can enjoy the wedding through the lens of my camera. I will have people there to keep me company but I'm somewhat of an outsider in my old goth crowd. I do love my friends, especially Joe and Ericka!

Iím listening to Bright Eyes. It totally fits my mood. Iím very reflective at the moment. I am looking forward to just spending the evening dusting and enjoying my redecorated room. I plan on toning down the knickknacks. I find that I donít like the type of clutter that I have going on right now. Iíve wanted to go through the stuff in my garage and maybe do a garage sale, but I know itís not going to be a big one, so Iím not sure what I should do. I have a couple great items from PartyLite that Iím sure people would really want. Iím just not sure if Iím ready to get rid of them. But what am I ever going to do with a chandelier? It's beautiful, I really should just figure out how to put it up!

Iíve been doing some research online. It started with Drew and I looking up ďEaster BunnyĒ on Wikipedia at the midweek bible study. Wikipedia rocks! This week Iíve found myself researching anything Iím unsure about. Last night I even researched a very taboo topic that I just realized a friend of mine is into. Iím intrigued at the reason behind it. He hasnít shared much with me, nor has he confirmed (nor denied) Iím accurate in my assumption. But I chose to research it anyways. There are a lot of misconceptions, and Iím glad I looked into it myself. All the questions and reservations I had are no longer there. Itís still not something Iíd be into but interesting none-the-less.

Going back to the fact that Iíve been researching more and more lately, I think something just hit me. Oddly a situation with another friend which I wasnít very happy about at first may be the main reason Iíve taken to research. Interesting, I hadnít thought about that! Early in the week I was talking to a friend and I felt I was spanked (and not in the fun way!) by him for not understanding certain things like the stock market. I was so not expecting it, it came out of left field and at the time I felt attacked. Since then weíre ok, he called the next morning apologizing because he felt bad I misunderstood what he was trying to say.

And the topic in question that day STILL doesnít interest me. But it did open me up to realize I probably should put some energy into learning about the things (even financial things) I donít understand. I always avoid the unknown, especially when my circumstances (or should I sayÖ finances?) are so bleak. In some respects I know what took place that night was not my friends fault. He only cared about me enough to share his advice and concerns. I think I was already doing everything in my power to avoid the unknown with my finances and well he figuratively slapped me on the face with it quite unexpectedly. That night I took some much needed quiet time with God. Itís the first time Iíve taken any quality time to share my heart and cry out to the Lord.

The next morning I happened to visit my friend James blog and guess what was linked just that morning? Yup, financial advice! Anything I was questioning listed in this resource page he posted. So I guess my researching actually started with that! Crazy how God works huh?

Well Iím going to go enjoy more therapeutic activities. Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Poet Sky is in my living room practicing. Eirik is here with his drums. I must admit its quite loud being out there but sounds really good in my room. :) It's the first time Eirik has set up his drums and played with the boys, usually it's just Foe, Strav and Brian. I sometimes feel like I've stepped back in time since Poet Sky was originally formed back when I was in highschool!

I just got back up the hill from going to see Brandie and her new baby. Alexis Antoinette is sooo beautiful! She was born March 15th @ 12:56am; she weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces and was 19 inches long. She's doing well but still in ICU. She and Brandie both had an infection. I was not able to hold her, but she's absolutely beautiful. They are hoping both Brandie and her will get to go home tomorrow sometime. Brandie seems to be a natural mother. I took some shots with my cell since they wouldn't let me take it with my camera. :( I'm looking forward to the photoshoot with little Alexis and her proud parents. Here's one of the only clear shots I got with my cell...

So when they said it would snow this weekend I kinda of chuckled thinking, yeah maybe in Phelan, but yesterday as I sat in my car in the Stater Brothers parking lot in Victorville, sure enough large flakes were coming right on down! Pretty crazy!

I've been taking more and more random pictures in the last week or so... A friend of mine in Utah has started the Project365 and I've always wanted to do something similar. I'm tempted to start. I am worried that I will get sidetracked and stop shortly after starting. I'd really like to challenge myself to take a picture every day but maybe what I could try is a picture of the week? Or maybe best pics of the week? Because I tend to have a hard time picking just one favorite shot when I'm in the artistic mood. Hmmm... I think I like that idea better then every day. What do you guys think? Should I make a "best of" post every week? Or should I challenge myself to post a new picture every day? I have a livejournal account that I don't use much.

If you don't have myspace you haven't seen a couple of my recent pics... Specifically Rashaell's wedding, the rooftop of my work building and other random stuff... Here are a few...

This picture is completely illogical but I still love it - 2/12/08

Fischer Wedding - 3/2/08

Rooftop of the Alliance building - 3/7/08

Beautiful blooming tree in my front yard - 3/8/08

I have started placing my bonsai tree in the windowsill of my bathroom window so it gets morning light. This particular morning as I was getting ready I noticed a neat shadow of my bonsai tree on my bathroom door. I couldn't help but take a couple shots while getting ready. 3/12/08

This was taken in my neighborhood today - 3/16/08

That's about it for now. :) Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Well it's Friday! I wouldn't have thought this week would have turned out as well based off of earlier in the week, but all-in-all no complaints. I got my new phone! It was waiting for me when I got home last night. I charged it and got it activated this morning. Jerry was the first to call me on it this afternoon! So far he's the only number I have saved. I figured, why do all that work when I can just go to a Sprint store and have them import my contacts from my old phone. I plan on stopping by a Sprint store after my sister trims up my hair tomorrow morning.

I was allowed to get on the rooftop of our building at work and take some pictures of the sunset and well it's a pretty cool view with the planes landing at the Ontario Airport. It was my last chance to catch the sunset before we close up since this weekend we're changing our clocks ahead. I've always thought the view from the roof was cool and my supervisor was willing to let me sneak up there for a bit... Yay! Not only that but she was even sweet enough to let me go back up when I was the only one there to be on the phones! When James found out I was going up there he asked if he could join me. Heís a new guy in the IT department but he also enjoys photography.

This weekend I don't plan on doing anything but stuff for me! I've been so busy doing stuff for others I haven't taken time for some of my own projects. Now mind you this includes cleaning. I have said it before but cleaning is very therapeutic for me. I'm really looking forward to going through and getting everything organized. My room is very homey *when* I have it clean. Though with my schedule it rarely looks as good as I like it to. Go Here to see some pics of my room when it's sparkling...

Brian and Rashaell's Wedding 3/2/08 - So I took pictures of Brian and Rashaell's wedding last weekend. It was miserably windy! The lighting in the church was really rough to work with. But I think I got a couple good shots. This is one of the things I've wanted to complete this week but haven't had the time. So my goal is to get through the pictures and hopefully post a few of my favorites this weekend sometime.

Monday - I stopped by my parents to give my mom a piece of the wedding cake I was told to take home. My mom's been pretty sick for the last week or so and she wasn't able to make it to the reception. My niece Megan had just gone to Hearst Castle and wanted to tell me all about it. I got home later then I expected and my night was pretty much done.

Tuesday - Was the "Hell Day" of the week. Within an hour a lot took place. I had taken my usual lunch walk but it was unusually hot and I was pretty warm when I was coming back into the office, so much so that my coworkers mentioned that I seemed quite red. I had a few moments left of my lunch break so I go to play with a lens James has for his camera. I couldn't figure out how to adjust the settings to really get a good idea about the lens and what it could do. My alarm on my cell went off telling me it was time to get back to work for a staff meeting. I run back to give James his camera and as I'm shutting my phone to turn off the alarm it broke. Flustered, I put it on my desk to figure out what happened later. I get in to the meeting and was immediately used as an example of what not to do in a situation. I will say my supervisor did give a disclaimer she wasn't picking on me, but that it was a really good example of something we need to be careful not to repeat. ButÖ I really didn't appreciate being blindsided by a mistake I was unaware that I even made, in front of a room full of people. I would have liked to have been told prior to the meeting. It really wasn't that big of a deal. I think because of all that just transpired within the few minutes prior, it didn't make for an ideal situation. I think the straw that broke the camels back was that she then proceeded to give kudos to my other two coworkers about their hard work, not saying they didn't deserve it, but it just didn't quite seem like a level situation. I honestly just wanted to go away, catch my breath and maybe scream. hehe I kept telling myself ďI donít fight against flesh and bloodĒ. I wasnít upset with my supervisor; I was upset at the circumstances. Satan knows where to get me and I think he hit them all in less then an hour. Once I cooled off literally (and well emotionally) I was fine. I could tell I was just moody that day.

Oh, huge blessing: I checked out my options for a new cell phone was able to replace my exact phone for only 25.00 no activation fee! (I didnít have insurance) Just had to wait for it to be delivered which was expected to be 3-4 business days.

Later that night my brother Brian sent me some content for a site he has been having me work on and well I really need the money so I put aside my hope to get through the wedding shots to work on the site because the sooner I get it done, the sooner I get paid.

Wednesday - Work was blah, but nothing horribly annoying. I had ordered the new phone and had jerry rigged my broken one to be able to use if needed. After work I went straight to bible study, I had a great time visiting with everyone, but there went another night.

Thursday - After being 2 Ĺ weeks late I finally started! (Sorry male readers) I am not sure if it was stress or what but my body just didnít want to cycle and I felt something was slightly wrong, I had been extremely sluggish and lethargic for the last couple of weeks. So on a very rare occasion I was very glad that my monthly bill had arrived. Haha I know that sounds so wrong! But I had a great day at work and was in a fairly positive mood.

That morning Jerry had called me before work, and oddly enough we both were thinking about seeing what the other was doing that evening. We decided I would stop by after work. Itís been a couple weeks since weíve been able to get together so after work I dropped by his place. We had a good time playing around with his website. I was in a pretty good mood all day. I get home to find that my new cell phone I ordered Tuesday night had already arrived! I was thrilled!

Friday - has been an awesome day! Itís been the best way to end a week. Iíve been upbeat and energetic. Other then my emotional rollercoaster conversation with my mom on my way up the hill, itís been a great evening too! My poor mom witnessed a gamut of emotions. I talked to her about my week on the way up the hill. She and I talk on a fairly regular basis and well since my phone has been busted we havenít been able to talk that much and I made up for it with venting about it all at once!

Finances were the biggest topic; they are really tight right now. Iíve been a really good girl and cut back on A LOT of stuff. Though ironically you would think it would make things look financially brighter, but it sadly seems worse! So Iím trying to trust that God will supply all my needs. I have noticed a couple things. I seem to have a never ending bottle of facial toner. Every time I think Iíve used the last of it, I still see the same amount. Itís been like this for the last two weeks. So hey, itís not wine but it works for me! Same with my gas, Iíve been getting 40-50 more miles per tank the last couple of fill-ups. I also had to get an oil change last week (I had pushed it off as long as I could) and because of their mistake I got a free air filter. So things like this prove that God is blessing my obedience with my finances, but itís still really hard. I keep declaring that ďMy God will supply all my needs,Ē ďHe has good plans for my life, plans for prosperity and not failure.Ē My church has been talking about using our Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. It seems odd at first but I feel a difference speaking it out of my mouth, rather then just thinking good thoughts.

Anyways, Iím getting tired. I'll post pictures tomorrow or something... Goodnight!

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ok so here's the deal if you want to call me...

My cell phone is busted...

I can receive incoming calls but only while using speaker phone. I have yet to try a headset (I hate those darn things!).... I can make outgoing calls but it's extremely difficult to do.

I have a flip phone... The flip... flopped.. (hehe yeah well you try to have a day like mine and still attempt to be humorous!)

Also please don't be offended if I'm kinda MIA over the next couple of days while I wait for my new phone to arrive. Yes, I ordered a new phone online and it should be here in a few days, I'm hoping by Friday. And yes I know I could have ordered a phone in the store but with the price comparisons and my lack of funds, this is the *ONLY* option!

This could be good therapy for me though! hehe I live by my phone!

Oh and texting is absolutely impossible!

Love ya all! Chair

Yeah a new post is definitely needed but too much going on to do so right now... Hopefully soon!