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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I was up way too early for being up so late. I've been dealing with some annoying house issues. First was my tub not draining very well. I pulled apart what I would consider the most complicated tub stopper I've ever seen! Finally got to the drain and didn't have much to grab out. Made a makeshift snake to push down the drain and still nothing. I've tried Liquid Plummer and Drano but this was before I got the drain opened to pour it directly in. So I figure one more attempt at using Drano today and I throw in the towel.

The other issue was my laptop wasn't connecting to the internet and I did the complicated rebooting order my brother told me to do. Restart the computer. Shut down, pull the battery out for a minute, restart fully then shut down again. ?!?! Does this sound a little ridiculous to anyone else yet? Now mind you I understand sometimes computers are just that, a bunch of complicated seemingly unnecessary steps. But nothing was working and this was the 3rd day in a row. So finally I got the screwdriver out (lol not for the laptop!) and opened the little hidden electronic box in the closet. That was actually harder then it sounds! That sucker is on lockdown. Part of me wonders if that's why my brother came up with that complicated rebooting order. hehe Anyways I rebooted the wireless router and poof! I'm online on my laptop!

Last night I was wide awake. Too alert to go to sleep and not awake enough to accomplish anything worth while. I was in that zoning state. I knew I would regret my choice to have soda at dinner with my brother and Andie. My mind was going a million miles an hour. I thought I was in the perfect state of mind to write a blog or something but I attempted a short email and had a hard time focusing. I think I finally attempted to crawl into bed at 2:30am.

So today is my errand day for the weekend. I was hoping to be up at a good hour and get things accomplished. I'm up, my eyes popped open at 8 which should be fine but I have a headache and my tummy isn't feeling so good with last nights dinner. I'm not the ball of energy I was last night after leaving work. I think I was just thrilled about the concept of a three day weekend! hehe But I was determined! Last night was grand central for my cell phone from the moment I pulled into the garage at the house. Mike needed my help, Brandie was returning my call from earlier, Andie was calling to let me know she was on her way for our standing Friday night date hehe, Armando kept calling me so I could hear the Three Doors Down concert he was at, I had been text messaging Jerret back and forth for a little bit. And after work I made a goal, get Drano from Target on my way home, try to get the clog to clear and my bathroom was in desperate need of a scrub down. So I got the worst part done, I scrubbed the toilet and used the drano down the tub drain before Andie made it to my house. We took Mike to Home Depot for something he needed for his truck. After that we dropped him off and picked up my brother and made our way to dinner. Then Andie and I stayed up talking for a long while. She was my moral support when pulling apart the tub stopper and trying to deal with the annoying clog. hehe

Today I need to finish cleaning my bathroom and I really should do the kitchen as well. I need to go to the bank and pull out cash for the week. I don't like not having an ATM card. (I had an unauthorized transaction on my account and so I went to my bank and before I knew it he had told me I was getting a new atm card and told me to grab cash because my new atm card wouldn't be here for 7 - 10 business days. Ugh!) I also have to go help my brother with something when he gets back from an early trip to Huntington Park for work. Then my sis is doing my hair. And I have tentative plans to go to dinner with James and Lareen (but I know their schedules are tight and I haven't had any confirmations).

Sunday and Monday I have no major plans but to relax!

There is another blog on its way but I got to get my butt out of this house and get all my running done.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm sitting in my living room watching tv with my brother and we're both on our laptops writing. Today has been anything but a normal friday. I got to work early so I could go with my mom to pick up my dad from the airport. And today the merchant support department swapped offices with the IT Department. When the day was done I felt like I didn't accomplish much, like I was at work on a Saturday or something. It was odd. My pc wasn't cooperating with the move so I still don't have my desk fully set up. My mom got to my work and we made our way down to LAX. The trip didn't take long and I was glad to see my dad. He told us all about his trip to Africa and when we got back to my parents place he showed me his pictures and he got me this really cool purse/bag thing. He was tired and wanted to shower so I left fairly early and spent the evening hanging out with my brother.

Tomorrow my brother has warned me its going to be a long day. The band is coming up and he informs me that the drummer is also coming. Ugh! So tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. I was looking forward to hanging out and relaxing but the relaxing part probably won't be happening. Not sure what I'm going to end up doing.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pet Peeve - Driving into work this morning I realized yet another pet peeve of the drivers out there in commuterville. If you have cruise control... freakin use it peoples! I get so disturbed by drivers that go a certain speed, usually slower then what I have my cruise control set to, so I move over and somehow they have this natural tendency to pace me (pace, not pass hehe). I understand this phenomenon but come on! It's even worse when I've taken a chance getting into the fast lane to pass someone and sure enough slow poke suddenly finds the gas peddle and I've got Mr Speed Racer on my tail wondering why in the hell I chose to go into the fast lane when obviously the guy I supposedly tried to pass was going a decent enough speed! lol Ok so this is clearly a bit of rant. But I can't help it! I commute 5 days a week! (And don't even get me started on driving the Cajon Pass on a weekend with a bunch of drivers that aren't familiar with the flow of traffic. hehe)

My tongue - So most people know that when I got my wisdom teeth pulled they permanently damaged some nerve endings and part of my tongue is always numb. I find that at certain times its worse then others like when I'm chewing gum. How odd huh? Or when I'm chewing on ice I find that not only does it make the numbness worse, I can barely enunciate words!

Anyways, this morning on my way into work I was also thinking about how they cut that little bit of skin that was attached under my tongue which made sticking out my tongue more then a centimeter near impossible for all those rebellious sibling moments when sticking your tongue out was as impacting as cussing at them! lol

Either way, after my wisdom teeth extraction I noticed that the flap of skin under my tongue looked snipped and my tongue was actually able to stick out further then it ever has in my entire life (2 whole centimeters!). Still the dentist office denies this was done for me and to be honest if they would have admitted it, I would have thanked them! It's always bugged me. Ok so seriously, is it tangent night or what? Going back to what I was thinking about on the way to work....

So sometimes I wonder if that little snip under the tongue made this new inability to talk once I've chewed on a bunch of ice. Then I thought, what if, what if they cut that little bit of skin further down so that my tongue can stick out like any normal persons? Would it have required relearning how to talk all together? Because sure enough after the teeth extraction and I went back to work I found that the basic calls where I utilized a script were harder for me for the first week… And if it's Friday after Wahoo's and I'm chomping on a bunch of ice from the soda I got with my meal, I seriously struggle to read that script even now!

Anyways, very random thoughts. But I thought entertaining enough to share. ;)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Awesomeness

jan von holleben

Just thought I would share something that inspires me

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

So I'm sitting with my laptop on my new (yard sale deal) futon in my office waiting for my pictures of the weekend to download on my desktop machine. I have a ton of pictures to post! This weekend I drove all over the place! I put over 400 miles on my car! But it's been a good weekend. But let’s do things in chronological order...

Written Friday 08/08/08

I know… I know... It's been a while. Life has kind of come at me fast and I'm trying really hard to organize my priorities and blogging is sadly low on the list. And so much has happened in the last month I'm not too sure what to really update. I seriously can't believe it's been this long since I've updated!

Vacations - With all the stress going on in my life this topic has crept into my daydreams a lot as of late. This morning on my way to work I thought about scheduling a vacation away by myself, maybe Solvang like I've been wanting to, just take pictures and get some quiet time. But that will have to be next year as the timeshare I have is booked up months and months in advance for Solvang. Though I can go just about anywhere with this timeshare I really think it would be nice to go somewhere unique. My work has told me I'm required to take at least a week off by the end of the year. And right now that sounds really nice but not possible till November.

AAP Examination - I've officially scheduled my AAP Exam for October 29th at 10am! I'm sooo nervous and excited at the same time. I'm concerned about my lack of time for study but I have found that things are starting to sink in. I'm remembering more and more. I do know that the entire month of October I'm going to be studying my butt off! No life for me till the test is OVER! Sorry friends... don't take it personal. I just have a goal!

Events - Ok so I just looked through my calendar and realized how many different events I went to and most I took pictures that I can post!

Edify's first show 6/28/08 - I took a ton of pictures so I'll make sure to go through and upload them. I was very proud of my boys! The band did very well!

OURS show with Jimi 6/29/08 - Jimi, a friend from myspace, had a spare ticket to see OURS down at the Glasshouse in Pomona. It was the first time we got to meet face to face. Jimi is a really cool guy! And he was first in line! Before we were allowed in Jimmy (the lead singer to OURS) came out and I was immediately impressed with how genuine he seemed. He was friendly and didn't seem like taking pictures with fans was a waste of his time. In fact, Jimi asked if I wanted a picture with Jimmy and I decided I did. I felt a little silly and even said sorry and Jimmy was like, there is no reason to say sorry and it may sound odd but he wasn't afraid to get close for the picture. I know some people that barely even let you stand next to them. He put his arm around me and smiled for the shot. And well he was definitely my type so that probably made liking him all that much easier! ;) I was impressed with him and hoped I would enjoy the music.

It was the first time I ever heard OURS. I was really glad I went! All the bands were pretty awesome! The show started a lot later then scheduled and we were wondering if it was because the turnout didn't seem that great. The first band was Plain Jane Automobile and they were great! (Jimi still has yet to send me some of their music from the cd he got while we were there :P) Duke was a really nice guy. He saw me taking pics at the show and asked me to make sure he got copies of them. One shot in particular is my favorite, him singing, looking down and pointing right at me. Though I hadn't quite got my camera settings adjusted for the low lighting I still think the shot turned out cool. The second band was God or Julie which wasn't particularly my style but I got a lot of great shots of the band. Then OURS came on. I was mesmerized within moments. I was very impressed and immediately a fan!

Go here to see the video to my favorite song "God Only Wants You"! If you want to read Jimi's review of the show Go Here. Not sure how well that will work if you don't have myspace.

Here is my favorite pic of Duke from Plain Jane Automobile

Here is the pic Jimi took of me and Jimmy before the show

Here are some of my favorites of Jimmy from OURS

Movie Night @ church 7/2/08 - No pictures, but we got together to watch "Thou shalt laugh" and I got a kick out of it. A couple of the comedians were really funny!

Fun at the Park 7/13/08 - We all met for a picnic at the park. I had a great time and had lots of fun taking pictures! My boys, Eric and Jerret, were so sweet! If they were just a little older! ;) haha

Ladies pool party 7/19/08 - Again no pictures, mostly because a bunch of ladies, at a pool, usually don't like their pictures taken. I enjoyed myself though. I truly relaxed!

Game Night 8/1/08 - I dreaded going. I was tired, had a rough week at work but decided to make an appearance. I'm so glad I did! Ron from church made up a list of words based on books, plays/theater, movies, tv and songs that the two groups (my team and my sisters team) had to try to get through them as quickly as possible. The first team through the words won. My team was great! But we got stuck on "Avenue Q" and "Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite!" which NONE of my team had ever heard of before! lol We got 5 words behind but in the end we were behind by 1 word when my sisters team won. Sure we lost but we almost caught up! I was impressed with that! Anyways, it was a lot of fun!

BootieLA 8/2/08 - So my friend Russ was the one to introduce me to BootieLA last year when we spent the day driving around taking pictures. He had a Best of BootieLA cd, it was an awesome mix! From that point on I attempted to get down there and go with Russ at the first Saturday of every month. Attempted up until last weekend when I finally got to go! I met him at his place and we got there a little late. But I walked in and immediately wanted to get out on the dance floor! That's always a good sign of great music! I had a blast! I let loose! I had been having a rough day. In fact I had been having a rough couple of weeks. Getting out on that dance floor I let go of it all. It was very therapeutic and fun at the same time! It was exactly what I needed! I had a great time with my friend Russ, who sadly is moving to Montana next month. But I plan on going back down for my birthday next month!

Updated 8/10/08 -

Church Pool Party 8/9/08 - I went to the church pool party Saturday. It was relaxing. Michelle and I played pool which made me want to buy a pool table for our extra living room so bad! I haven't played pool in a while but it was fun! Michelle was a really good teacher, as it’s been a while since I've played I needed reminders of how certain shots would work. I won the first game and she thought I lied about not really remembering how to play. hehe Anyways, it was a good time. I didn't really get into the pool, I sat on the edge and put my feet in and that was about it. But it was nice to get some sun.

I didn't stay long because I needed to get home so Rachel and Tom could drop off the futon I bought from Rachel’s mom. I am really happy about it. So far I'm enjoying sitting indian style with my laptop (on my lap)... lol I really wanted a couch for my office but I wanted one that I could use as a spare bed if I had company. But I couldn't afford the one I wanted from IKEA just yet and this one was only 25.00! I couldn't pass it up! And it's in great shape!

Tupperware Party w/ Dixie Longate 8/9/08 - Darla at work invited us all to go to a Tupperware party. But not just *any* tupperware party… A tupperware party where the consultant is Dixie Longate a drag queen! I invited my friend Andie because I know she'd get a kick out of it. And it turns out this was Dixie's last show as he/she is taking her character to Broadway (I think)!

Anyways, Andie and I got down to Corona a tad late. Dixie looked just like she did in her pictures. It was awesome! I laughed the whole time! I got some great pictures and amazingly she did actually sell the product! Of course she was a bit more vulgar then I think any regular consultant would be able to get away with but I had a blast! And I got to hang out with Keith who I don't get to see nearly enough! :)

Meeting up with James 8/10/08 - So most of you may remember my friend James (Mopmonster) from Northern California. We've been friends for years and whenever he's in Southern California we try to meet up. So today after church I went down to his hotel in Burbank and from there we went to Santa Monica. We just walked the pier, talked about lots of stuff, had dinner at Wahoo's and then made our way back. We were both tired from our long weekends so we decided to call it a night and I was heading home before the sun went down. I am glad for this little bit of time to veg before going to bed.

Ok so hopefully it won't be another month before I update again! Night

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