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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finally an update! But not just any update... A gigantic update mostly of pictures! Those of you who have my myspace or facebook have seen most of these pictures. For those of you who do have my myspace and facebook, there are new ones towards the bottom. :)

Where oh where should I begin!? There's just too much and I have plenty of pictures to go with. Maybe I should just let the pictures tell the story.

11.2.08 : My CEO's wedding - Yeah that was back in November! I was really happy with how the pictures came out. I think I've determined I want an outdoor wedding. I love all the green in the pictures!

11.21.08 : Twilight Geeks - Yup I'm a huge fan of Twilight. So a few of my friends went to see the midnight showing of Twilight. :)

11.27.08 : Thanksgiving - I've explained my Thanksgiving on a post below so here are the pictures from that day.

11.29.08 : Brown Family Portrait - This is my second year taking pictures for the Brown family. :) They are a beautiful family so it's not hard to get great shots. But this is in their backyard! Talk about a beautiful view!

12.3-5.08 : My Vacation / Disneyland - I have a Worldmark Timeshare and decided since I didn't have a lot of cash I would go on a local vacation. I went to the resort in Anaheim for a couple of days and also went to Disneyland. One of my bestest's, Andie, came down and went to Disneyland with me. Then we met up with my friend Brandie with her daughter Lexi (first time to Disneyland) and her friend Kari. Good times at the Happiest Place on Earth. :)

12.6.08 : OURS @ the Roxy in Hollywood - So my friend Jimi got me hooked on the band OURS. The first time I saw them perform, a band called Plain Jane Automobile opened for them and the lead singer Duke was just an all around cool guy. He posed for a picture on stage and asked me to send it to him. So this show since I felt I knew him to some extent I sent him some of these pics and he liked them so much he posted a folder on the bands myspace giving me credit for the pics. :) That was so cool!

12.11.08 : Alliance Gift Exchange / Brunch - Because our traditional Christmas Potluck included significant others, Alliance decided to have a brunch the day before the potluck so we could do our gift exchange without the significant others feeling awkward about it.

12.12.08 : Alliance Potluck - We had to get a table for 23. Quite the interesting setup. It was quite relaxing to just sit around and enjoy lunch together. The department directors got up and said nice things about their departments. The CEO got up and talked about the company and was sweet enough to pick me out of the crowd and told everyone how much I've "blossomed" in the company. It was only slightly embarrassing, I felt pretty special actually.

12.13.08 : Gregory & Tawnay's Wedding - I took these pictures as a wedding gift for Tawnay. I was dissapointed in all the lighting and weather and tried to make the best of what I had. I didn't have an external flash which I think was the thing bugging me the most. Anyways, these are the ones I thought turned out ok flash and all.

12.13.08 : Poet Sky show in Pomona - Right after the wedding I was rushed down the hill to go watch my brothers gig... The first time Poet Sky performed since they have gotten back together. So of course we had to go to that! Heidi, Andie and I stopped by one of my favorite places, Wahoo's, for dinner. Then we met my brother and the band local bar near The Wire where the show was at.

12.14.08 : Free Hugs - In 2006 we did our first ever Free Hugs, click here to go to that post. We decided Christmas is the best time to do it so we went again. Sadly this year it didn't get as positive a response. We think it had to do with the cardboard signs and the shopping carts near us. lol People thought we were homeless or something. We'll know better for next year. But here are a couple pics of the troops.

12.16.08 : AAP Certification - It came in! So it's official! I can sign my name Charity Ring, AAP. lol I will say that it felt more fulfilling to have the unofficial pass then when I got the piece of paper. I guess because I had already gotten my promotion and raise. So it didn't change much having the piece of paper. But as my mom pointed out, if I didn't get certified then I would have felt it! I plan on going out with a few of my coworkers to celebrate. We had it planned for Wednesday but with the snow we have to put it off. And with the holidays I didn't want to stress out about figuring out a good day for everyone. So we're hoping to go karaoking January 9th or something. I think that would be fun! Here's a pic of my certification and the card everyone got for me when I passed the test, and you can sort of see the box with my pin in it. :) yay!

12.17.08 : Snow... LOTS of snow! - So it snowed on Monday in the pass and I wasn't able to get to work. But Wednesday I actually attempted it before finding out they just closed the Cajon Pass. Here are some pictures of our snow day! I've never seen this much snow come down in such a short time while living in California! Craziness!

12.19.08 : A random Friday - Like most Fridays, went to Wahoo's but this time Joshua joined Mike and I to celebrate me getting my certification (since Joshua would probably not be joining the group that goes out in January). But here are my two favorite guys at the office. :)

And that evening I met with David and Erin. Great friends of mine that I haven't hung out with since I started studying for my AAP. I got to meet their 6th and final little one, Matthew Elliott. He's such a sweetie.

Holy cow that's a lot of pictures! I'm sure it's more then most people care to check out in one sitting so I'm sorry about that. Hopefully you enjoy them. I'm off to decorate the house with the little that I plan on putting up for the Christmas season. It'll only be up for a week so I'm not doing much.

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